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Starting The Pill

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Hi it’s dr. lewis again and i want to do this video on how to start the pill because i know that sometimes people forget what i say in the office and this will help you remember what day to start the pill first of all remember that a lot of pills come on just a piece of cardboard and it looks something like this i put a made a big one for you and this this pack

Of pills has three weeks of active pills plus three more days and in the last week and then four weeks four days of duds or just your sugar pills and older birth control pills they come with three weeks of active pills and then one week of sugar pills and i call them your duds extremely old pills can come with three weeks on and no duds on the bottom so remember

Why do i think it’s good to be on the pill number one you can control when you have your period you can even decide if you want to have a period so that’s really the coolest thing about the pill and it’s totally healthy not to have a period when you are on the pill secondly it lowers your risk for certain cancers it’ll lower your risk for cancer the lining of the

Uterus it lowers your risk for colon cancer and the longer you’re on it it lowers your risk for ovarian cancer one year is good and five years is better to lower your risk of ovarian cancer by half so that’s another really good thing okay so let’s start on how to take the pill there’s two ways to start one is to wait until the first day of your period and that’s the

First thing that you start bleeding is the first day of your period and start the pill that day the second way to start the pill is you wait for the sunday after you start bleeding so if you started bleeding on wednesday that coming sunday you start taking the pill if you start bleeding on saturday then the next day you start taking the pill if you start bleeding

On sunday then you start taking the pill so let’s say we use this pack and you want to do the easiest way which is to start taking the pill on the first day of your period and you started your period on wednesday well all the pill packs come with these stickers on the days of the week but the different day for each week each a different strip for each day of the

Week and you just stick it on if you start your period on wednesday that’s the day you start taking the pill and just take a pill a day like nothing’s happening let’s say you get down here and you start bleeding again you thinking whoa that’s not right you still take a pill a day like nothing’s happening go down to the next week and start taking the sugar pills

Well let’s say you start taking the sugar pills and nothing comes out don’t even think about it just open the next pack and start the next wednesday on your next pack and eventually you’ll get unto the schedule of having your period down when you’re having your sugar pills so that’s why a lot of people want us to do a sunday start the sunday start is really popular

So that you won’t have periods on the weekends so what you do is you start your put your the birth control pill you put the strip on so the sunday is on the first day and the sunday after your first day of bleeding is when you start taking the pill not the last day the first day of your period you’d start the sunday after so if you started on saturday then the

Next day start taking the pill same thing if you start on wednesday then you can wait for the coming up sunday if you start on saturday i mean on friday you wait till that sunday coming up and then you just start taking the pill and hopefully you’ll have the periods like tuesday through friday maybe is when you should start having your period and should be done

At least by that weekend so that is how you start the pill so the last thing i want to remind everybody are the are the top 4 questions that we get about taking the pill number one what do i do if i don’t have a period when i’m supposed to have when i’m taking my sugar pills the answer just go right into your next pack i didn’t have a period for 25 years and i

Took my sugar pills nothing came out and i started my next pack so you would just see a lucky duck if that happen the second question number two what if i start bleeding in the middle of a pack if it’s especially when you first take the pill you can bleed in the middle of pack until your body regulates to the pill cycle so if you start bleeding in the middle of

Pack you just take a pill a day like nothing’s happening going to the last week whether or not you have a period you just start the next pack don’t go by your periods just go by the pack once you start the pack the third thing is what if i’m not feeling that great starting starting the pill like i don’t really like how i feel or even though the birth control pill

Is supposed to lower your risk for acne what have you started breaking out more well don’t stop in the middle of the pack or you’ll screw up your periods for months so what you have to do is call ahead and say i don’t like this pack can i try different brand and finish this pack and then start the new brand on the pill schedule don’t wait for your period to start

The next pack of the new or brand on that schedule the last thing i wanted to remind everyone is that you’re only supposed to gain six pounds at the most if you do gain weight on the pill and i’ll just be honest i weighed myself all the time when i started the pillow because i thought i was going to gain and i might have gained a little bit but i went back down

And i stayed the same for the rest of my life so six pounds is what the books say would be the maximum you can gain from the pill you

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