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Steve and Hafu Lobby’s Opinion on ADDERALL.

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On Steve’s First Day, he finds out who the drug pushers in the Hafu Lobby are. May or may not be from psychostimulant – Adderall.

Talking to people for 24 hours and trying to be entertaining that sounds terrible yeah just being awake for 24 hours is enough yeah that’s entertaining like flipping hell i can’t do that you guys would love adderall oh my god drug that makes you a lot more uh like attention span super focused done not tired yeah wait what adderall adderall oh you love it i’ve

Only had okay i’m really scared of because i have a really addictive personality so i’m really scared of uh drugs in general yeah but i took one fourth of a pill once uh none of twice now one fourth of a pillow twice and it is the best thing it feels like to stay in your life dude i know what you’re talking about i’m scared of how much i like i liked it because uh

You know what you know many of the days where you sleep really well it’s so yeah it feels like like you know how your brand some days you’re playing it yeah do you know when you’re playing a game and you’re like dialed in yes like it’s like that but times 10. like my thoughts are so precise and like everything is just all the gears are working and it’s everything

Sponsored by adderall i wish in america i always have people say one-fourth like is it way more common to say a fourth than a quarter over there like i don’t know it depends on the person i only started hearing that when i started playing with americans i was like wait what i don’t think i’ve ever said any fraction ever just say one fourth okay i’m sorry i

Said i wish i had a d i’m just saying i really wish i could legally pick out her all right listen i like it i don’t take offense unless you’re prescribed a little bit later but i don’t think anyone’s gonna hear this and go back to school who knows but i really baited hafu into being a drug pusher there dude that’s so funny okay the time she took a little

Bit of adderall was the best day of her life that’s amazing you think she sold it really well i was not expecting that that’s so funny um i take adderall every so often i used to take it during the sp7 days i would take it every day as as prescribed but i never won above the prescripted amount uh because it is it is actually a scary drug it’s a legitimately

Scary thing like i quit nicotine well minus yesterday but that’s the first time i’ve smoked in like a year and a half um and wait did chill just come up here because he saw a dead body no dad because i saw yellow but i’m not oh yeah oh yeah i was just like no myth is like outside of storage it’s in storage joe where did you go because you were in cams and then

Lights get called i do lights you’re nowhere to be seen straight down straight down the pipe i saw steven oxygen or the tree no he didn’t with the lights off well steve i don’t know why i lied about that yeah we saw each other um i don’t think it is for so much of this round i’m so i think dk’s dead in like probably weapons then okay what do you mean by o2

I’m sorry uh bottom left side of the map you were in the o2 room uh yeah well um storage like petrol tars with myth and then i left because lights were called that’s the last time i saw him i don’t know i was excited that i was going to have an alibi but i i mean vic janet where are you guys i went to specimen vic was on his way to specimen i was on headband on

My way to specimen i have one lap and one thing i have i’ve chilled five up and talia and this should be okay with it’s tough to say i mean do you think maybe chilled could have vented and gotten into o2 is there i don’t know if there’s a vent in o2 i haven’t you know gotten this map down truth be told you think kafu invited them last night to this lobby um i

Was invited a long time ago bro i wasn’t just a last thought i mean that’s what they call me the passing thought i guess we’re about to find out if child is the uh if he sees a body over there i’m gonna side with him wait a sec why did that just say waiting for dk that’s so strange okay he must have been on it and died on it last round scary i hope this isn’t

Gonna be a cruel twist of fate oh i gotta see who this is oh no who just walked past me they just oh it was who was that who was it bro who no who no i guarantee you there’s a body in specimen i promise you there’s a body and specimen no way i really this up didn’t i dude i saw a little brown feet okay there’s oh i knew it hello that’s two that’s two okay

Child’s body was in specimen the only person that walked past me was taller you came out of specimen yeah i did okay me and who was on the left chocolate is me wait where is who turned on the lights bottom of specimen uh half who turned on the lights i saw her dude i was running to do it at the same time do you know where she went uh i think she went left after

Because i went right so she would have gotten into o2 um no i thought it was orange talia couldn’t have done the hafu kill then i couldn’t play that one off as a dump yeah i also i’m a little bit i think this might be a peak because i not someone that could have killed not someone that could have died how long ago were you in specimen uh like beginning of the

Round i left quite a while ago beginning okay nobody was like nobody was dead until like 20 seconds ago so if you’re saying that you saw her go in there like after i crossed the u and i think it was chilled actually steve um nobody was dead at that point yeah i mean i think it’s tally i’m i hate to be a guy who accuses because usually that just gets turned back

On me but i’m pretty sure i i don’t know how confident are you i’ll go recording why no because if you’re if you’re saying truth or on usually i’m less calm when i’m lying oh my god i think i think we did right okay anyway i think this is it oh that’s going to look really bad for me that’s gonna look really really bad but no i mean that i mean it’s gonna look

Bad but she was for sure because there aren’t any vents in specimen she for sure was a murderer she didn’t have any alibi she didn’t see anybody how weird is that that seems like a weird thing to do i’ll get reactor it oh they already got it nice okay who’s blue i’ve up no he killed in front of me he killed vic vic did the left one and then while i was right

Walking back with vic fighting wait who came right in front of him i just fixed the right reactor uh steve did you see anything you’re going left right yeah i was going to go get the other reactor but then it just got yeah i fixed the right reactor i was going to try and kill just now yeah you did you did uh chocolate bars i will say i saw you and vic er like in

A previous round in weapons for some time left you guys alone so i feel like you could have killed yeah i would have killed him no no i prop please in front of me i i think she picked a random name out of a hat and chose my name because i just picked the right reaction please please please trust me okay he might have done the right reactor but then he went left

To kill the pr to kill vic i mean did you see me at all for anybody please well chuck what were your tasks that round okay we could do like this does anyone claim that uh they did the right reactor i did wheels at the bottom so i have to do that yeah but so no none of you guys said you did it right no because i did it i know but you still so that puts you closer

To vic no you killed on top of the vent the whole the whole of the the floor do we skip on four and can we yes you skip on four taco and snake no is such an easy win though we could just go but it might not be it might not be okay you could just be the greatest liar ah okay bye oh it probably was him though it probably wasn’t i guarantee everyone’s saying oh

You idiots i guarantee you dude it probably was five up okay so what should i even be doing now even trying to complete my task oh he’s coming straight after me let’s see okay cool do you think if five up kills us both right here he’s gonna blame it on us no come in come in okay there’s no way choco is the murderer i i mean it couldn’t possibly that couldn’t

Possibly be the case could it there’s simply no way it’s got to be five up and he’s trying to find his his moment to why would you leave me choco well are you thinking bruv well what would you leave what are you doing no you already steve you know now right you know now i i’m the body is literally at the button i knew immediately when five up didn’t come with

Us he was going to go kill her okay my retort i’m going on my way to lights right now you two went into reactor right you’re not reacting you see yeah what you didn’t come with yeah because cause i i don’t i don’t have to go in there i just can’t buy uh admin table now choco you did leave me yeah because he’s so this is what an imposter would do they would leave

Us go kill the person call something and then wait for their cool down while we go fix stuff so because we’re all the way in specimen and that takes a really long time for us to like get in and get out i’m not sold yet all i’m doing right now all i had to do in that situation i checked vitals to make sure that you didn’t die in there uh just because i know it’s

Her then i left that and i’m on the lights right both of you have to say something nice about me in the next 30 seconds steve you’re my favorite you are you are not beta then that’s all i ever wanted to hear that’s right that’s all i ever wanted dude i’m an alpha male bro i told you dude i told all of you oh steve takes lobbying very seriously okay

I’ll take that arctic that you come then can it hard carried that’s how i did it i’m sorry i stressed you out so much i don’t see you there please believe me please and then they’re like i guess we’re skipping right now i counted two people leaving the top left direction there’s no way there’s a third there was a fourth good luck good job

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Steve and Hafu Lobby's Opinion on ADDERALL. By Among Us Academy