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Stock Market | Stocks In News For December 21, 2020 | Sensex, Nifty | Intraday Stocks For Tomorrow

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Hello Dear Viewers,

Hello everyone welcome to my youtube channel my name is mubashir and you are watching my official youtube channel today we’ll be talking about trade setup for tomorrow or stocks in news for tomorrow before we actually begin let me tell you this if you’re new to this channel you can subscribe to our channel and you can also like this video share

This video and also make certain comments about this video about this channel what you exactly like about this channel what you do not like about this channel you can make all those comments without any further delay let’s get straight to the business firstly we’ll talk about stocks to look out for tomorrow and the first talk is lupin company has received approval

From usfda for cholesterol hydrochloride tablets which are used to reduce cholesterol next stock is pvr company will raise up to 800 crore via equity next talk is kpr mills company will invest 500 crores for expansion of sugar mill operations so the organization is going for expansion actually which is a very good news for this organization and you can keep an

Eye on this stock next company is reliance industries company and bp announced first gas from asia’s deepest project project is expected to meet 15 percent of india’s gas demand by 2023 which is again an expansion plan it is a good news for organization you can keep and watch on that next company’s oberoi reality subsidiary even star hotels purchased a hotel

Property in valley mumbai for rupees one zero four zero crore again it’s a good news for the organization you can keep an eye on that next company is exide industries life insurance corporation of india increase stake in company to 5.5 zero percent from three point four eight percent earlier again it’s a very good news for this organization you can keep an eye

On it now in this segment we’ll talk about analysts or board meetings that’s gonna happen maybe tomorrow or day after tomorrow for the first company is affordable robotic and automation this is the company company officials will meet analyst investors on december 21st next company is next digital companies officials will meet analyst investors on december 21st

Next company is finolex industries companies officials will meet co-tech mutual fund on december 22nd in birla mutual fund on december 24th next company is pedalite industries companies officials will meet jp morgan india on december 23. next company is c-e-s-e proposal for issue of secured non-convertible debentures rupees 200 crore will be considered by board

Of directors on december 23rd next company is pc jewelers board meeting is scheduled on december 23rd to consider the issue of securities by way of preferential allotment to promoter sheriff against conversion of his unsecured loan to the company now we will talk about key support and resistance level on nifty and nifty bank if we talk about nifty key support

Level for nifty are placed at 13688.47 level followed by 13616.43 if the index moves up the resistance levels to watch out for or 13802.67 or and 13844.83 now talking about nifty bank key support for index is placed at 30 441.43 followed by 30 1868.17 on the upside key resistance level can be placed or can be looked at nine 30 twenty one point zero three and

Thirty one thousand one hundred twenty seven point thirty seven now we will talk about fis and dii’s data foreign institutional investors which is also called as fis net bought shares worth rupees 2720.95 crores whereas domestic institutional investors also known as diis net sold shares worth rupees 2424.61 crores in the indian market on december 18 as per

Provisional data available on the national stock exchange website now we will talk about stocks which are under futures and options ban on national stock exchange website four stocks which is canara bank punjab national bank sale and sun tv network are under the fno ban for december 21st securities in the ban period under the fno segment include companies in

Which the security has crossed 95 of the market-wide position limit thank you so much for watching today’s video i will be back with one more such exciting video remember guys one step at a time till then take care of your health bye

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Stock Market | Stocks In News For December 21, 2020 | Sensex, Nifty | Intraday Stocks For Tomorrow By Investology. Com