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Stop Getting FOOLED By SARM Companies

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What is up guys and welcome back to another video coming at you today with a quick one well hopefully a quick one we will see how far this goes as always the very first link down in the description box below is a link to my pay hip store where you can buy my anabol guide my sarm guide or you can buy both of them for a discounted price these guides are all

About real world application how to use them and how to use them correctly those guides will cover 99 of all of your questions and if they don’t simply shoot me an email and i will answer them for you that is one of the pluses when it comes to both of these guides if you buy the guide and it doesn’t answer your question well you get me as a customer service

Rep for life i answer all of my emails within 24 hours so simply shoot me an email incremefitness and i will make sure i get you straight now since we are talking about sarms i’m going to remind you guys the only place i use for sarms is my old supplement store back in lancaster ohio beyond max supplements right there on the screen i used to own that

Store so i know their sarms are legit i vouch for them and they are real people so all you have to do is give them a call they ship same day they have high quality good prices and if you ever have an issue you don’t have to email somebody or try to get a hold of somebody online you simply call the store and you talk to them they’re actually real people all

Right today we are talking about how to not get food when it comes to sarm companies i get emails like this quite often a lot of guys are just flat out confused when it comes to dosing and what they’re looking at on the bottle milligrams per milliliters milligrams per capsules a lot of guys don’t really know what they’re looking at or nor do they know what to

Look at and they generally just don’t know what this means and how it correlates when it comes to price now i’m not gonna call out any companies uh that’s not what i’m about and that’s not what i want my channel to be about you guys are hopefully smart enough to figure that out next time you are shopping that’s what this video is for today just so you have some

Knowledge and you have some power when it comes to sarm shopping and you know that if it’s too good to be true you know why and you know what that means now just because one company has 50 caps instead of 30 caps or 50 milliliters instead of 30 milliliters that doesn’t mean you are getting more you need to look at what the total milligrams are in that actual

Bottle it doesn’t matter whether it’s liquid or that it’s capped you need to know what the total milligrams are that is literally the only thing that matters when it comes to this stuff obviously quality and you know that whole thing i know that but when it comes to dosing that is what matters the total milligrams in those bottles or in those liquid or the caps

Or whatever total milligrams in that one unit volume of caps means nothing and volume of liquid means nothing if you guys watched my last video which was the anabol q a i talked about milligrams per milliliters and how a lot of guys don’t understand that you need to realize that just because there’s multiple milliliters that means nothing you need to know how

Many milligrams are actually in that milliliter or how many milligrams are actually in that capsule now in my opinion 900 milligrams per bottle is the gold standard when it comes to sarn for most sarms 900 milligrams will last you 45 days at full dose if you can’t do the math i will do it for you that is a little over six weeks so you buy two of them and there

You go then you have a full 12-week cycle some companies out here are charging 50 a bottle and some companies out here are charging 80 a bottle usually a lot of people right then and there will say well the 80 that’s way too expensive i’m gonna go with the 50 bottle but what they aren’t paying attention to is that the 50 bottle has 300 milligrams per bottle

And the 80 bottle can have 900 milligrams per bottle so although it’s 30 more you are getting three times as much obviously if you guys can do math that is a lot better deal so to recap pay attention to the total amount of milligrams per bottle volume of liquid doesn’t matter and volume of caps doesn’t matter if you have any questions whatsoever shoot me an

Email anchor fitness and when you email me you get a response from me not from my secretary not from my sister not from my girlfriend not from my dog you get an answer from me the man himself when i’m typing back and calling you homie and bro and dude that is me talking all right so give me 24 hours or less and we’ll get back to you guys as soon as

Possible all right guys i am out of here i told you i promised this would be a short one and i think i finally came through on one of those promises as always i appreciate you i love you and i will see you at the next video see you guys

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Stop Getting FOOLED By SARM Companies By Ryan Ankrom