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Story Time: My First Time Trying Lean (Promethazine w/ Codeine)

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Story about my first time trying lean back in 2007 when I was a youngsta. Back in the day we used to call it “Boe” Not lean or dirty sprite.

Know he showed me the bottle the where the lean was that but it was like a little a bottle like this brother left from the one what’s up y’all due to the youtube community guidelines if you are under 18 get the out what’s up guys it’s your boy xo coming back at you another video today’s video guys it’s gonna be uh gonna be story time about my first time trying

Lean and my experience with that so uh let’s uh hop to the video so uh this was this was a while ago bro like it was like back in 2007 2008 so it was like over 10 years ago and bro like i still kind of remember that bro i was like um i think i was like 12 11 years old bro i was like around that asian bro for me i was like young stunning bro like man

It’s crazy bro i was like a little ass kid doing like this bro i remember that day me and my mama uh we had one to my cousin’s house and uh my cousin’s house uh one of his friends you feel me was was at his house and so for me when i walked in there i’m like oh from i said what’s up to both of them and uh they was talking about um they were standing by like

Different kind of drugs and like about weed pills coke or crack about like that bro and um lean got brought up but um but back in the day bro like back in that time like we didn’t use we didn’t call that lean or dirty sprite or none of that but like we we call that boat like people used to be like oh i’m sleeping on boat or i’m leaning on bowl people used

To be calling that ball from we didn’t call it lean dirty sprite or none of that bro i remember um i remember my cousin’s friend was talking about how you could find that at uh your mama’s or your grandparents medicine cabinets and for ohio usually it’s like a little orange uh container like the ones you could prescribe at walgreens and that in the label

It should read prometheusine codeine and like it should have promethean codeine on the label and it should be purplish that the liquid is dark it’s like purple and sugar he said when you find that that that some good bro he said that he had found some before and he had took like nine spoon shots and that he was he has he was tripping and bro at that time

I i had found that kind of weird how medicine go get you high or you feel me good have you tripping balls you feel me how he was describing this so i’m like free me uh what the it sounds it sounds interesting you feel me i’m trying to try that i remember i was trying to i remember i told myself when i get to the house bro i’m about to go through my mama’s

Medicine cabinet and i’m gonna see if i can find somebody bro if i find this i’m about to drink the whole bottle that night bro i’m like man like i was kind of feeding for that bro i’m like man i’m trying to try this you know live um i remember me and my mama we ended up leaving and we went to we went to the house and uh i remember when we got to the house

And i waited so everybody wanted to sleep bro i remember i stayed up till like um 12 for one in the morning like i stayed up in hella late bro and i remember once everybody was asleep i made my way to the kitchen and i opened my mama’s medicine cabinet and i started going through it for me the medicine bottles i started reading the labels and and mostly

It was just like like hella weird type of names and bro none of them said prometheusine codeine or no like that bro and none of them were like like purple you feel me none of the medicine but like purples or not like that so i’m like man that’s some bro i got kind of mad and i went i went back to sleep disappointing issue so uh like three or four days

Later had passed and i get a call from my cousin he called me he’s like he’s like bro uh what you doing this weekend i’m like um bro if anything probably should do homework anything for me at the house he’s like bro i was at my granny house uh last week and uh i went through her medicine cabinet and and uh i found some i found some some some boat through me

Just like i found some permitted scene codeine and he said uh he told me he was like uh i had uh he told me he had took some shots uh he told me he took like five or six uh spoon shots and that that had him tripping yesterday bro he said that yesterday that the the day before he called me he said he had took like five spoon shots and that had him tripping and

Bro he was on like he was on like the whole day bro like he said that he felt like he was tired and bro like but he he was like like the whole day it was hella tired and bro she was glued to the couch so you feel me i’m like oh you help i’m up there you feel me i’m going up this saturday i remember a friday had came i was at school for me friday had came and

Right after school uh when my momma picked me up i had told my mama my mama can you drop me off at my cousin house she’s like yeah that feeling is cool so you feel me we made a way over there she had dropped me off i got down went to my cousin’s room and shout out so i’m like what’s up bro for me so what’s up and uh he showed me the bottle the where the lean

Was that but it was like a little a bottle like this bro uh the one’s for wagons and and uh it said uh his granny name on it and uh it said uh prometheusine coding on it and but i remember it was like this full and it was purple bro it was like dark and but i remember like oh like like this actually found some real ball bro like goddamn like that’s

Crazy bro so you feel me me feel me i was a little bit too excited to try that so quickly i pulled me like two or three spoon shots and i just took them down that she tasted like straight medicine bro i should taste it nasty but like i had to want to give me a water bottle so i can take the flavor out of my mouth and bro so i’m like oh yo we about to be

Leaning today so uh after my seven or eight a spoon shot that’s when i like like starting to feel that like like on my knees and bro like when you start feeling buzzed you feel when you start getting like drunk and you start feeling that in your legs and shaking me up you start like feeling like feeling kind of like like buzz and bro that’s how i started

Feeling that i’m like oh like i’m starting to feel that you feel me like bro like last week well she was talking about that and now we got some ball bro i remember um we was in my cousin’s room we was chilling right there we was watching tv bro we was watching movies and shout out i don’t really remember what movie was watching bro i can’t really remember

What movies was watching at this moment bro but i wasn’t really paying attention to the movies and bro i was already like kind of tripping and but i remember i was i was sitting down he had like a little one cereal couch in his room bro and i was sitting down in that and like every time i try to move bro like i just feel held a week bro like like when in the

Dream bro with you you have guys you ever guys dream about like running this and like you should feel hella slow bro like no matter how like hard you try to run fast bro like you just feel hella slow bro that’s how i literally fell bro like i was just glued to the couch bro like trying to move and but i should have felt like slow bro like hella weak like man

Like this got me tripping bro so uh then i had to go use the bathroom bro so i try to get up but every time like i push myself to get up like i felt like some pushing me back back down bro like i just couldn’t i couldn’t like live for my own body weight bro like i was tripping and so i’m like man what the i tried so many times to get up bro i just couldn’t

Get up like every time i got up from the seat brush i felt like something just pushed me back down so i’m like man like bro i’m tripping bro i gotta use i gotta go use the bathroom and i can’t even get up it’s like god damn it was like on some weird high bro like like what the bro like that ass couldn’t get up bro like i feel like some kept pushing me back

Down i remember feeling like i was like in slow motion bro like i was just chilling there bro and like every time i moved bro like i just felt like i was moving like in slow motion bro like like like man like it’s like it’s weird to explain bro it’s just like man like that had me moving like in slow motion and bro it’s like weird and like you feel tired bro

Like you feel hella heavy and bro like if you try to move your arm and bro like you can’t really move probably you should just feel like stuck it’s like a feeling like like way stronger than we like hey stronger than we bro like man like when you sip some lean bro like like when that actually has you leaning bro like that’s just like 10 times stronger than

Smoking fire ass cartridge or a blunt bro like man like that would have you stuck where you should like this bro like and bro like it’s crazy so like two or three hours had passed bro and i still feel me i still couldn’t go to the bathroom bro like i was like literally stuck to the seat bro like man like what the and i was looking at my cousin trying to get up

Too and he couldn’t get up neither bro like we were both stuck to the sea like man like i was just all stuck to the backseat and but we were like forced to watch the movies and bro like i was man bro i had to use the bathroom and i had to take a big ass piss i couldn’t get up on the seat bro then i remember i told my cousin i’m like bro you feel me pass

Me pass me the bottom about to pull me for me put me in the two or three spoon shots and uh he gonna be like like nah probably fill me up we already pulled up a lot i’m like bro nah bro feel me pass me the bottle bro like like seriously bro give me the bottle bro like i’m trying to pull up bro it was like nah bro like you you you already hiding i’m already

High like you mean i’m like bro give me the bottle bro i’m trying to take one more you feel my try at least one more spoon shot if anything so he’s like alright so he passed me the bottle one more time so i took the last spoon shot bro you feel me and man but i feel like last spoon shot like actually boosted up my my high you feel me like that actually boosted

Up my my high end bro and uh man bro like i was just man i was out of it bro my mouth was hella dry and bro um i feel tired and i feel like i was in slow motion bro like i couldn’t really move and bro it’s just like in the dreaming bro in the dream when you try like like when you’re in a fight or something where you trying to run away from something like

Yo you feel stuck bro you feel like you can’t move and bro it’s like man it’s like weird feeling so uh i ended up knocking out right there my cousin’s couch but like i don’t remember how when but i should remember i was right there we were watching the movie next minute you know i worked up and it’s already the next day and bro i walked over kind of like like

Hangovering but like my mouth was hella dry and uh i didn’t really have a headache bro but like my head did feel kind of weird and like kind of like light bro like like on some weird i guess it was like a little hangover from the from the uh from leaning and bro like man bro like that and tripping balls bro like man i don’t even think i got up to use the

Bathroom bro i think i used the bathroom like the whole other day and bro like i couldn’t get up on that seat bro like that’s how on i was bro i took at least bro at least we took me personally at least took like at least 12 spoon shots of that bro like i took yellow spoon shots out of that like man bro i was doing the most bro like i was feeding for that

And uh after that day i never really did sip lean again bro like lean was never really like my thing to do and bro one it was kind of hard to get two be taxing and bro are trying to sell you an ounce for like 50 60 70 bro like that purple that promising codeine i ain’t paying 180 for an ounce but that’s way too much for sure one house that she ain’t gonna

Do to you so feel me clean it’s not really it’s not really like my type of thing to do bro me i have always smoked weed but that’s my thing to do smoke weed and if i’m at a party or if i go to a club or something then you feed me i’m i’m taking a couple of shots other than that i’m no no other anything like that bro so yeah guys that’s pretty much it feel

Me um gonna be the end of my story um i don’t want to encourage nobody to go out there and try lean or none of that or no drugs branches this is basically just a story about my experience about my first time uh willing and all that so you know i hope i hope you guys enjoy my story don’t forget to like share and subscribe and see you guys next time

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Story Time: My First Time Trying Lean (Promethazine w/ Codeine) By LetMarkiieTellit