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straterra and you

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Straterra? Maybe you’re interesting in starting this medication. Watch this video for some valuable information. Dr. Kevin will explain the pros and cons of this drug.

Hello and welcome to strattera and you my name is dr. kevin mott and i’ve spent the last 16 years working with adhd adults and children helping them to maximize the potential to embrace the gifts of adhd and avd i do want to make it clear i’m not a medical doctor and in nowhere am i giving medical advice i’m not diagnosing i’m not prescribing i’m not telling

You to go on or to get off strattera i’m assuming you’re here because you have gone out and you have started the process of thinking that either you are currently on an adhd medication and you don’t like its side effects or how you feel on it and but you feel like you need to stay on one or that your life is requiring you to go on one now that may be because you

Are having trouble with focusing you may be having trouble with remembering things or paying attention at what are crucial times and those crucial times may be crucial times for yourself or may be crucial times for your job or even at home in your relationship whereas causing you a lot of issues you may be having some organizational issues time management issues

These are all quite common they’re part of the side effect of having a very brilliant mind so let’s talk about strattera in you on the positive side strattera is going to bring in some of all of what’s going on around here for you kind of the craziness because you know the brain comes with some craziness when you’ve got an adhd or an aed impact upon it because of

You think of so many different things they’re different ways or weighing things or different possibilities so you want to bring that in well strattera can help do that strattera can help that focus part of you to come in and it’s gonna help you memorize things so you your memory will get better and so there you go your memories gonna get a little better or maybe

Even a lot better and you’re gonna cut off some of that outside part of the stuff that may be distracting your brain so that you can focus it won’t necessarily be the hyper focus you’re used to because what i found in over 16 years of working with is that there are two settings hyper focus or multitask and when you’re really interested in engaged you hyper focus

Now that might be reserved for video games or racquetball or something that you have taken an interest in and personally are pursuing on the internet but you know that you can focus so now we’re going to look at that from the other side you do strattera it’s not going to increase comprehension and inkay and in a lot of cases there is some evidence that maybe even

That comprehension will get down a little bit you’ll memorize things better but you’re never not gonna actually be able to apply them or i have that better understanding of them so you just want to keep that in mind if it’s strictly just the memory part you just want to be able to take it in and spit it out in the right order then strattera might be for you now

You may have been looking at steerer because it’s a it’s not technically a stimulant though it does create some of the same side effects that stimulants create in your body it does it can actually create some heart cardio issues and it can it does raise your blood pressure so even though it’s not technically listed as a stimulant it acts a lot like the stimulant

Medications do there are also some other side effects now i’m not going to pretend to know the mom off the top of my head here’s a little list i got off of drugs calm you’re welcome to go to drugs calm and and verify it and you know it’s less common more common type of things but a couple of the things that are more common the first list here going on to the next

Page are just things you do want to maybe be aware of you know fever headache nausea shortness of breath stomach discomfort there an inability to have or keeping erections guys you want to make sure that you realize that that can be part of the problem also for women that it may create problems in menstrual bleeding an unusual stopple of the menstrual bleeding

Vomiting so there are a lot of different side effects and you do really want to be aware of them and that over a long period of time we don’t know what the long-term side effects of putting this medication in your body yeah are what i do know that in my 16 years of helping people is that adhd people the adhd truly is a gift and you are here to stand out but you

Have to stand out in the right way you want to join the other adhd years whose names you may recognize like einstein edison graham bell warren buffett robin williams michael phelps the list goes on and on and on these people who are have done and continue to do great things in the world and stand out and at least ones that i mentioned did it without medication so

It can be within you but a lot of times people dismiss the the more natural alternatives or ways of looking at things you think oh i’m just gonna do a fish pill or i’m just gonna you know try a little biofeedback you really need a comprehensive plan that you put together that’s tailored for you to help you move forward you can come to managing the gift of adhd calm

That’s managing the gift of adhd comment i have a free ebook waiting for you if you go to managing the gift on itunes there is an app there that is free waiting for you if you choose to go and take the test that’s on the app i have identified 64 different shades of the adhd rainbow and you are one of those shades and how what your shade is determines some of the

Stuff that you need to do to stand out in a good way last if you’re a facebook person my doctor kevin doc my doctor kevin so backslash my drk evi n come visit me i’m here for you putting out tools and techniques all the time so that you can maximize the potential of your adhd namaste

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straterra and you By Dr. Kevin