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Strattera is working for my anxiety and ADHD (2 weeks 25mg)

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Hey there!

Hey guys just wanted to give you an update on my experience taking stratega for two and a half weeks um i’ll just start by giving you some background so i’ve started taking so i got my diagnosis adhd diagnosis in 2019 i started on vyvans then you know a while later um stopped taking it because i just didn’t like dealing with the side effects long term um so

I stopped that and then in september of 2020 i started stratera um so i actually did try strategy before this is not my first time taking it um so i tried in 2020 i started on 25 milligrams had so many side effects but they kind of faded after some time uh so then i progressed to 40 milligrams and then um i did notice benefits on the 25 and also on the 40 but

After taking the 40 for so long um or for a few months back then i started to develop almost like depression that i attributed to the stratera um and it created almost like a sense of or feeling of impending doom um so i stopped taking it for that reason back then um this is right before 2021 that i stopped taking it but you know i started a new job recently

And um you know struggling with some of the same adhd symptoms that i’ve always struggled with um and so i got back on stratera and now it’s been two and a half weeks these side effects i felt the same side effects starting on it but they faded faster than than the time it took the first time i was on it in 2020 side effects that i experienced was number one

I guess trouble staying asleep my sleep was so fragmented even now so especially the first few days my sleep was so fragmented that i felt like i was waking up like every 15 to 30 minutes but surprisingly i didn’t notice too much of a difference in how rested i felt in the morning look okay so another side effect is sleepiness and that’s regardless of whether

You sleep well or not um like the sleepiness i don’t attribute to the sleep issues because even when that side effect faded the sleepiness her drowsiness was still kind of there and but now that’s actually faded away as well um yeah trouble uh staying asleep um and also very very very vivid dreams like it it felt like and i still get this to some extent um

The side effects don’t disappear completely at least not this quick i’m only two and a half weeks in um sorry if you hear background noise that’s my fridge um so side effects i’ve ex okay yeah so i mentioned the trouble staying asleep the vivid dreams another big side effect is constipation and slower digestion maybe that’s just me confusing it with severe

Lack of appetite when i when you first start or when i first started that’s slowly getting better the sleep is slowly getting better you know i’m not waking up as much in the middle of the night um the dreams aren’t as vivid still vivid but not like to an extreme extent when i do take the pill it creates slight nausea um especially if i haven’t had too much

To eat with it so having a full meal before taking it helps um you know i take the pill with my lunch um it’s kind of a late lunch uh so i have my lunch and then i take it so i take it around 2 p.m every single day um when i used to take it in 2020 i used to take it first thing in the morning um i don’t notice a difference between taking it first thing

In the morning and taking it at 2pm um but i supposedly there is a difference um when you first start there might be a difference but i from my understanding after you take it for such a long time maybe a month or two it builds up in your body enough to the point where taking it any time doesn’t really make much of any difference like you could even take

It with dinner right before bed um and it shouldn’t make a difference um in terms of the benefits so my ability to process conversations in real time has approved noticeably my ability to read and comprehend information has also improved my memory is slightly better i’m able to recall things more quickly um what else overall my just feels like my brain

Functions better um oh okay one of the biggest benefits to me which is actually the reason i got back on it um is it’s really really helpful with emotional regulation and anxiety so my tolerance i guess you could say stress tolerance has improved quite a bit um before i used to be almost like crippled with anxiety at the slightest things but now um i’m

Able to tolerate a little bit more compared to before um the time it took for me to start feeling benefits honestly just a few days into it i i noticed the benefit to my anxiety for whatever reason that benefit has decreased just a little bit but my focus has increased um the more i’ve taken the longer i’ve taken it and the focus part of it and the ability

To stay on task and you know procrastinate less and all those things that are associated with adhd those improve around a week and i maybe after 10 days after starting and then now that has been over two weeks like i i can really notice the difference it’s not like it doesn’t it’s enough of a difference that i’m very confident it’s not placebo whereas before

I could have said maybe it is placebo um so yeah that’s basically sums it up i don’t want to stretch out this video too long it’s already at nine minutes plus um but i’m happy to make another follow-up video maybe like uh four weeks um you know depending on the interest if there’s anyone out there who watches this video and would like you know another follow-up

I’m happy to do it if you have any questions i will answer 100 i will read every single comment and we’ll respond to each comment in detail and i will answer all of your questions i’m happy to answer because i watched so many videos about strategy before i made the decision to start taking it back in 2020 and for me i think 25 milligrams is like a sustainable

Dose i felt like the 40 was too strong and i think that’s what caused the depressive the depression feelings back then so i’m gonna stay on 25 just for a long time and see how that plays out um yeah anyways thank you for watching i hope this this was helpful and you know i wish you all the best thank you

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Strattera is working for my anxiety and ADHD (2 weeks @ 25mg) By Struggleberg