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Strattera vs Vyvanse

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Strattera and in feta means the better-known being adderall and biobands are used for treating attention deficit disorder now what distinguishes each one of these drugs are the neurotransmitters they seek to influence and bet amines raise dopamine levels it also has other effects as well on norepinephrine and serotonin but it is distinguished by it is ability

To raise dopamine levels strattera on the other hand it again also has effects on different neurotransmitters but it is distinguished by its ability to raise norepinephrine levels so if we want to understand what the effects of each one of these drugs is going to be we have to understand what these different neurotransmitters do dopamine is a very well-known

Neurotransmitter and depending on what part of the body it’s released in it has different effects it has effects on motor activity but what we’re interested in is its central nervous system effects and when released in the central nervous system it can increase goal orientated behavior reward based learning working memory and of course attention and often in a

Simple way it is described and of course it’s more complicated to this but without it making this into a half an hour video it’s to simplify it it’s it is able to activate the reward system of the brain norepinephrine is another very well known neurotransmitter and it is best known in association with the fight-or-flight response so the effects of norepinephrine

Are generally on the peripheral nervous system which basically means every other organ except for the brain so on the heart what it does is increases blood flow increases the volume of blood being pumped on the stomach it reduces and the stomach and intestines it reduces the digestion of food for skeletal muscles increases sugar uptake the liver it increases sugar

Production increases glucagon production basically it prepares the body for action on the eyes and increases tears it so you can see better and it also happens to increase attention so to think about drugs that activate the norepinephrine system so stara it if n theta means activate the reward system through the central nervous system the way that strattera works

It activates the danger system through the peripheral nervous system so very simplified comparison of the two drugs and fetta means increased dopamine levels which activates the reward system of the brain strattera increases norepinephrine levels which activates the dangerous system of the brain so the types of concentrations that you feel both of them you will feel

A heightened sense of alertness but one is associated with reward and another is associated with danger so to describe the differences in attention of the two drugs the describing feelings is always hard to do but i’m going to try to do it anyways so for n theht amine based drugs that are based on dopamine they the best way i could think of describing the feeling

Of concentration on it is a game that you personally likes a game that you play and you want to keep playing that’s it’s thinking like a very repetitive game like solitaire or candy crush there’s a certain satisfaction of completing the level or or any video game that has levels where you can unlock things some of the games are are really really stupid but there is

A certain satisfaction that comes with completing it and getting to the next level and getting to the next in to the next those are the kinds that’s the kind of kind of concentration that you have on dopamine people can play those games for hours and hours and not be on any stimulant medications that’s just because of the satisfaction of the reward and strattera

Tara works different the best way i could describe that type of concentration that’s based off of epic epic nephron would be if let’s say like a bee or a wasp comes out you’re standing there and all of a sudden you notice that there’s a wasp or a bee near you and you feel that that heightened sense of immediate alert even if you’re not looking directly at you can

Almost sense where it is and that kind of alertness is very different from those based off of dopamine it’s more based off of exactly like like we’ve said the peripheral nervous system the the body is alertness so you feel alert but without the without the the reward type of effects and that is why strattera is not considered to be a stimulant most of the time when

People think of stimulants they associate it with you know increases heart rate and all those the symptoms that i described when i described norepinephrine but that is not what makes something a stimulant a stimulant is something that activates a central nervous system so since you don’t get the rewards on strattera it has a lot less addictive potential and that’s

Often why people who switch from m fetta means to strattera often describe is feeling weird because you feel concentrated but it’s not in the way that you’re used to feeling on in fetta means where you have that you have that drive that goal orientation you don’t feel the same way on on something that increases norepinephrine as something that increases dopamine

I hope that gives you a very basic understanding of the differences between the two drugs if you have any additional questions let me know otherwise i’ll catch you next time

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Strattera vs Vyvanse By Sons of Apollo