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Stream SNIPERS tried to ruin my STREAM…. Deepwoken Funny Moments

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hey we are back with some more deepwoken. in this lovely video we get some stream snipers being really cringe and trying their hardest to ruin another fantastic stream. unfortunately for them, i am a level 1000 gigachad and their fruitless efforts are in vain. Due to the fact that I am a god tier gamer, them trying to kill me in deepwoken and send me to the depths and beyond is a massive L. However for me, this is a massive W as I gain luck, and free content. We love our snipers!

Give me your soul wait no no say it like say it with confidence mio so more like give me no pow thanks baby because i get no they’re the stream snipers that’s that’s what their guild is give me your soul and it’s follow gimme a soul pound v2 hey it’s a free follow i’ll take it all right give me my big boat oh give me a sec chat thanks for the follow small

Buck appreciate it man you’ll cry oh man don’t cry the calabash pirate has gone afk brothers dude stole my boat this dude attacked me and stole my boat what’s wrong with this guy chad how do i attack him i wanna i wanna see if i can kill him if he’s glitched or like in a combat log state i don’t know maybe his game crashed after he attacked me i’m gonna try

Spawning a dinghy no he’s gone why did i put my hammer away it’s got the same moves as i got i hate hammers dude they do so much damage and i miss oh fire rocks to the deaths it looks like i’m so bad chat hey it’s it’s a hero hey this guy’s we’re getting saved out here i must retreat i can’t i’m so bad chad i haven’t warmed up today i haven’t warmed up

It’s okay i haven’t warmed up today it’s okay chat once i get my warm up you know then we’re gonna be a winner i’m gonna go help that guy once i get my life my health back all right we’re going in was my hammer broken man oh my god thanks you are my hero i can save you from stream snipers oh thanks she i have no idea who this guy is wow hey bro chill total

Why didn’t that work 01100 says can you beat megalodon at power one i can beat it at power 40 sometimes oh the baby also wait look what caleb brought me guys caffeine you guys ready for this being all night stream let’s go says i hear screams and moaning i’m shooting for 24 hours you didn’t tell me that i didn’t even tell myself that until just now i’m not

Chat you ready for some asmr here we go was that good danielle dremet says he gonna fall asleep paxty jacks says you’re gonna need more than that no if one person subs i will stream for 12 hours i just i don’t care about this guy’s hammer i just wanted to join stream i’m telling you twitch pow envy hey if you join the stream you gotta follow you don’t have an

Account all right prove it say the word say pickle in game why’d you jump off the boat say pickle what kind of guy would just say pickle out of nowhere it’s the ultimate evidence frank if he says pickle you drop that man yo dub yo and he gave me a weapon what do you give me oh okay you sure lionfish didn’t put you in i mean this guy are gonna make it bro oh

Oh i made it oh that guy fell all the way down what might the dog be doing which dog the cat i don’t see a cat welcome back circus yeah we switched daniel we like we we’re like and the guys that were with and we got together bro that’s how real teams form bro that is genuine teamwork cecilia’s throat says how did you get tainted thought you weren’t taking any

Else this stream okay uh i’m after says where are you at the hive uh zerus shut up ratio i got tainted last stream bozo i pee myself when i see the dag damn it thoreau says no cap you should make a clash of clans clan i am a clash of clans enthusiast oh hell no hey 1v1 me daniel damn okay oh god he’s so good gg what’s up why are you pushing me oh yo

It’s a spider i’m so bored kale look at this boss it’s the spider look the spider boss but but look at the spider boss i know your board but look at the spider boss okay let’s go chat all right let’s do this leroy oh sorry guys i’m choosing it oh that was easy that was easy as yo what the cat doing get down boy wait what did i just do i could hardly focus

On that hive jungle bro i was like bro i was ripping some stink bombs bro i’m not even gonna lie to you guys i thought i myself like three different times

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Stream SNIPERS tried to ruin my STREAM…. Deepwoken Funny Moments By powEnvy