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Streamer w/ Tourette’s vs Jubilee Tourette’s Video

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Good video needed more anikichad though tbhwyf

Let me see the tourette’s one but i’m gonna catch a tick aren’t i okay it is what it is it’s right here you you’re a piece of i don’t like you know i all right i don’t know chat it bothers me when people laugh at my tics when i’m with my friends we laugh at my tics because they’re funny you know i haven’t hung out with anybody that has tourettes in a very

Long time i forgot how it’s it’s never it’s never quiet it’s never quiet with these it’s not required with these at someone rather than with them again using common sense like somebody you you you you first um i went to a restaurant like a couple weeks ago and wow i was ticking pretty bad wow off and the table across from me so like laughing it’s so

It’s so it’s so bad it’s so bad there’s 14 it’s a chat it’s okay for people with tourette’s to say the n word if it’s a tick if it’s a tick you can’t do anything about it i have that tick and um you know it depends on the the context of the situation love that there’s no black people i mean i feel like it’s kind of harder to find black people with tourette’s just

Because of how the black community goes around treating uh certain conditions verbal ticks sometimes show your true feelings in my case yeah or you’re tall like it’s things like that hey this ramen is good as it’s absolutely weird heal for tourettes like sometimes i will say what i’m feeling but most of the times it’s just coming from somewhere in my brain that

I have no idea dating is hard i think it can be yeah has anyone ever lost a relationship because of um tourette’s it’s just my other you know terrible personality traits not the giraffes yeah naturally i feel like i don’t know how you feel about this but in my opinion having a partner can be a plus because doing saying the weird things is 100 percent harmony

And you feel more comfortable sorry if that sounds weird um i get what you’re saying but it’s not um thinking that it would be good to be with somebody in that way because it’s funny i wouldn’t be offended about that you know what i mean i would be a fan i would be offended about that i’m in my last relationship she was really great about it but every once in a

While like she would send me a talk of somebody with tourette’s yeah um laughing about it and i don’t know why but it always made me feel some type of way even though it wasn’t me like if it’s you and me i’m fine with you laughing at my tics but i don’t know it’s there’s a it’s a very hard thing to uh uh balance right laughing at or laughing with yeah laughing

At or laughing with but i can i can say ha ha ha confidently that um the people like have dated it’s never been like a real issue like significantly you know what i mean it’s because of my disability yes that’s true i had to drop out of school due to my tourette syndrome i was asked to leave her in classes i was asked to leave a starbucks once at a tourette

Convention i was asked to leave a place and all of us had tourette’s but i was the only one with coprolalia or the only one with damn um and then i also can’t keep a job because i yeah get yelled at by the customers yeah yes same same same same sam except they wouldn’t give me disability so i work now i can only work jobs that are at night ah um i i only work

Jobs that are either at night or i never have to deal with customers precisely because of what she’s talking about actually like ever since i started playing sports i was really good but the coaches dropped out on my tickets it’s always just like hey it’s been a while since you had that one he said something about me and that’s why i wouldn’t play so i had to

Transfer schools like three times i always get a football and like i couldn’t play the first five games he’s not kidding like i said i’ve talked to this guy his tick tock he does like backflips and he’s like super athletic like less than my opportunities to get offers you know it was a dream of mine but like after that i was like the thing is like even if you

Have very minor ticks it just makes it just makes so much harder just it’s so funny how something so little uh just changes something so major in your life i don’t know how to articulate and get out it can be dehumanizing for a person to fixate on one specific thing and constantly refer like i’m not joking when i say that i have to tourette’s all the time it’s

Just like not something i think i like i actively try to not think about it even when i’m having ticks um so if somebody is with me and like even if they’re laughing about it or and they’re pointing it out a lot and it just like i don’t i i don’t want that to be any anything that defines me you know i mean i wish i was born without tourette’s three two one

Go yeah no i literally agree it’s such a thing um like not to invalidate um what other people say like i have friends that like stream and that i also have tourette’s and um um like talk about this and say like oh it’s not it’s just a party it’s made up and like i understand that like a lot of what i’ve gotten on the internet and has been because of the

Tourette’s like i’m not under any illusions about that but um i would 100 sacrifice all of the internet nonsense to to not be for me personally so embarrassing i don’t know how to say it without like invalidating other people but like for me it’s so like god right now they’re chill but on a bad take day it’s it’s just murder you just feel so helpless um

Like i i don’t know how to describe how exasperating not being in control of your body is but i would absolutely i i i get why other people say they wouldn’t but i would absolutely i don’t want it i don’t want it i mean i’ve had it still seven so like it it’s been hard you know and i got brain surgery for it finally i have like like fifty percent better but i

Used to be like a long time just like body movements like twitching when i walk only way extended i was high as just smoking weed all day and like after surgery i stopped smoking four months but i would like wow why not like i’d like to experience life without tourists without having to be freaking taking pills like twitching out uncontrollably i’ve told this to

People and they don’t understand but like i don’t know what it feels like to relax yes no one yes holy holy like damn he just like me for real dude he he’s just like me for real damn even though i go through all of that turmoil and all that stress and all of the honestly trauma because of it it’s made me the person i am today what did i say i what did i say

It’s always that exact line and it’s valid fantastic but i i can’t hang know way more about myself and my mental health and being socially aware of like the person i am and i think the pros definitely outweigh the cons yeah a lot of cons physically for myself but i’d rather for the sake of humanity in people and advocacy in loving people i’d much rather deal with

This so that i can be there for everybody else every person with tourette’s and i’m not even joking when i say this it always has some unique talent all of them are the nicest people and they have a really good outlook on life i wouldn’t trade the friends that i’ve made in the community for anything that’s good i feel like my ts has given me so much more empathy

For people and i feel like it’s such a part of who i am you had a friend in middle school yeah that suddenly had a tick attack that lasted three hours to the point where she couldn’t even stand up and started crying yes i’ve it’s so like i i feel pathetic and uh admitting it but i absolutely it’s it’s so frustrating it’s so i’ve absolutely cried i’ve absolutely

Cried because of a tick attack as a full grown adult man it’s it’s it’s it’s i hate this i i like literally i appreciate when people tell me that i make them feel better about their tics um ah um so i don’t like to say negative things about it because i don’t want to make people think that it’s super bad for me so it should be super bad you know i don’t

Want to influence people if they feel good about it but i hate i’m sick of it dude you know that is officially a wrap yeah and we brought you some jubilee merch too i don’t want jubilee merch oh yeah pay me give me money so much oh and i’ve been looking for new stickers can i take a picture with all of you actually yeah yeah um i shake too much to take it so

Do you think you can take it give me money the i want your merchandise for give me money pay me pay me pay money they gotta invite me to the next one hey jubilee let me let me hop into the next one hopefully we’ve left you with some good memories so until we meet again stay cool bang

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Streamer w/ Tourette's vs @Jubilee Tourette's Video By Aniki