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Stribild |Antiretroviral therapy|side effects|elvitegravir|cobicistat|emtricitabine|tenofovir| HIV

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Care so what is our topic and medication of choice for today our topic of choice today is dry build so stride build is a four component medication that contains lv tech review so this medication all together with the four components that is contained with are used to help treat patients with hiv infection so this medication usually is usually taken as a one tablet

Daily with food and the dosage contains about 150 slash 150 and another 200 300 milligram of the four components that’s inside the medication so what are some of the side effects to look out for why you’re taking stri build so some side effects of stride build includes nausea as well as diarrhea it may cause headache fatigue rash as well as abnormal dreams so

What are serious side effects that you want to look out for or reach out to your doctor for immediately while you’re on this medication so this side serious side effect include cloudy urine as well as dark urine stomach pain lightheadedness severe weakness tiredness confusion pale stools appetite loss as well as yellow skin so all this serious side effect may be

An indication that you might be having some kidney or liver issues while taking this medication that is why you want to seek emergency help immediately while you’re on this medication that way they can draw some blood labs and do some blood work and see what’s going on and how well your body is tolerating the medication so what are some other pointers that you need

To know why you’re taking this medication as i said earlier this medication is recommended to take with food also you don’t want to combine this medication with our with an horrible medication called saint john’s worth because this medication can affect how the striabilt medication works in your body also this medication should not be taken together with antacid or

Any vitamin supplements that contain magnesium calcium aluminum as well as iron supplements together at the same time so you want to make sure that you’re separating it about two hours before or six hours after while taking this antacid and the um striabil together so you want to take the medication two hours after taking the antacid or multivitamin supplements

You can take your medication or when you take your medication you wait about six hours and then you take your antacid or multivitamin supplements all right so this medication can worsen hepatitis b infection in patients that also have hepatitis b so you want to make sure that you’re opting for another treatment option that can help in treating the hepatitis b as

Well as the hiv infection also this medication is not recommended in pregnant patient as it may cross the placenta and get to the baby so you want to make sure that you’re reporting to the antiretroviral um pregnant patient registry in order when this pregnancy happened and give them more information that way they can monitor any side effects that occur or any

Complications that occur while when you were taking the medication and you know if you were taking the medication during your early stage of pregnancy all right and the phone number for the antiviral on pregnancy registry is 1-800-258-4263 again that’s 1-800-258-4263 thank you very much for watching i hope i was able to help in terms of what to look out for

While taking stride build we look forward to seeing more of you in our other videos make sure you hit that like and subscribe button down below that way you can get a large any time we post other medication videos that are pertaining to what you’re currently taking all right thank you and stay blessed

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Stribild |Antiretroviral therapy|side effects|elvitegravir|cobicistat|emtricitabine|tenofovir| HIV By DEMIRxCARE