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Struggling to get pregnant. Early ovulation/ letrozole

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My struggles to conceive baby#3 has been the hardest struggle of my life. By the way, The laughing in the background is my husband watching a show.

Here we go guys today i will be talking about my uh letrozole and also about ovulation on my last video i talked about my symptom what happened in the past uh three days i started letrozole on cycle day three and today i am on cycle day seven i just took my last dose of the choose all the first two days i didn’t have any symptom at all everything was normal

Everything was fine so cycle day three came around and i started having some hot flashes in my face some crips in my breasts and cramps in my uterus or ovaries i’m not really sure so yesterday i took my second last dose of lutrozole at eleven o’clock and uh around seven o’clock at night i started with a headache i mean head pounding headache i went to bed with

It i decided not to take um anything for it because i read they say if you take tylenol or advil one or the other you might interfere with the literals all so i didn’t think anything so i got up this morning i could hardly get up to get my kids ready for school i was in agony i had this head-pounding headache you know and it was everywhere in my eyes i could

Hardly open my eyes so i didn’t take anything i kept drinking a lot a lot of water and now it’s 12 15 and i have a little bit of pain still going on here but i’m used to headaches i have had migraines over the years many many times so i’m used to it it’s not the big deal it hurts i just want to stay in bed i just don’t want to do anything but it’s worth it so

Today i will be talking also about ovulation ladies since i’ve been trying to conceive this baby over a year ago i’ve been doing my ovulation test regularly i’ve been checking my cervix regularly so i know exactly when i ovulate i also chart with the fertility friend and i have a pretty good idea on when i ovulate i’ve been ovulating psycho day 12 or 13 for the

Past year i think once or twice i had an early ovulation which was on cycle day 9 and i had a late ovulation on cycle day 18 or 19 but after that it was always consistent cycle day 12 or 13. so after my doctor prescribed me femira and they called me with an appointment to go have my follicle check on cycle day nine so i called them and i said i ovulate on psycho

Day 12 and 11 11 12 or 13 i can’t really remember right now and i said is it possible to have it on cycle day 12 you know when it’s very close to ovulation then i don’t know for sure it’s big it’s working it’s not working so they reschedule for next monday everything was fine until yesterday i kind of felt something you know in my uh uterus usually when i’m

Ovulating i can feel a little bit of pain very distinct pain it’s not the same as when you have your period it’s not the same when you have gas when you bloat it it’s a very distinct pain so i decided to do an ovulation test i did and it came back light positive and i was thinking oh my god yesterday was only cycle day six for god’s sake so um i said okay i’ll

Wait another day i didn’t check last night because i was stressed out i i didn’t want to check and see it was positive or almost positive i went to bed thinking about it but i didn’t do it so i got up this morning i did another one at 10 o’clock this morning and oh my god ladies i’m not sure if you can see it it is you can see it it’s not clear enough sorry

About that but you can take my word for it guys it is almost positive i mean in cycle day seven by the look of this i might be ovulating in the next 24 to 36 hours so what i did i quickly called the the clinic and tell them what’s going on and i didn’t find anybody i left the message begging please could you please pretty please please please please can you

Reschedule me again for thursday because i’m having a weird cycle i’m ovulating in the next 12 who knows hours and soon after that they called me i i think within five ten minutes maximum they call me and say yes your doctor will see you tomorrow thursday april 15 at 11 o’clock in the morning and i was doing my damn so happy because right now i am anxious i am

Confused i am i don’t know my emotions all over the place i don’t want to be happy because i’m not sure an early ovulation is what i’m looking for so i’m wondering is it because of the literal that i’m ovulating early or what’s going on and uh i don’t know how big my follicles will be on cycle day nine so i don’t i don’t wanna stress about it because uh only

The skin will tell us exactly how big the follicles are i can you know go crazy as much as i want to but it’s not gonna take me anywhere but i am so scared you know if the follicles are like 10 or how mature a follicle will be on cycle day nine so if i ovulate tomorrow or friday i don’t know i will also talk to my doctor about the you know trigger shots if the

Follicles are mature enough if he wants to do that too because i was thinking of just doing the lucha ball and go with my baby dance and see what comes out of this but right now i am confused i am anxious to find out what’s gonna happen this cycle so anyway that’s what’s going on that’s real life ladies you all know it the struggles are real you know the ups

And downs the roller coaster you know they don’t stop until you get the bfb and so many people have been struggles for years for months and months and months and it doesn’t get easier you know whether you’ve been trying for five years you’ve been trying for a year or two years i mean even if you’ve been trying for two three months if it’s what you really really

Want the struggles you know the pain you know it’s still the same so i am a little bit down i would like to just stay calm and try not to stress out but you know what it’s in the head you know you can say to yourself you know to breathe and relax and it will happen but you know what it’s easier to see than done so anyway guys i will let you know tomorrow what’s

Going on the size of my follicles my fingers are really tight tightly crossed and hoping that i’ll have good news tomorrow and if it’s not you know what it’s going to be another cycle another bummer so if it doesn’t take if it doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen and i’ll move on to my next cycle so anyway you guys have a great day and hopefully i’ll make another

Video tomorrow and let you know what’s going on in my life have a great day guys bye

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Struggling to get pregnant. Early ovulation/ letrozole By Praying for baby #3