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This video was prepared for the students of AdtU considering Covid-19 pandemic. This video prepared only for educational purpose.

So good morning today we are going to see about the next experiment that is the study of anticonvulsant activity using electro convulsive meter now for this experiment again we need to entered then next page click into the experiment now this is the equipment which our body have seen in our lab also electro convulsive meter so what is the use of this instrument

We are giving the two up produce the convulsion scissor or you can say that epileptic seizure we are using this equipment because there is the number of the process are there through which you can produce the convulsion chemical induced as well as de through giving the electric shock so these are the different buttons are there through which you can induce that

Shocked by shock it will be given for a very you can say that a lesser time for only a fraction of seconds as well as the intensity of the electric shock wall so it should be less so this is the principle which is involved of this object now coming to the experiment now what it is again the normal thing whatever we have seen into the earlier case also animals

Are divided into two groups six and ml in each and one group that is test group it should be treated in the finitude now finite wien is the anti epileptic drug what is the mechanism of action of finitary it is increasing enhancing the inactivation of the sodium channel because you know the sodium it is pretty responsible for the excitement clear the excitement

Fun about it you can say that if you see the action potential so in the action potential the graph it is increasing to the depolarization when the sodium channels are opening so fin attained it is reducing the opening of sodium channel that means that deactivation time class it is being more so these are the shocks it will be given 30 milli ampere of course this

Ranges are varies experiment to experiment and for that to second i will see will give the administer the drug so again inter peritoneal root doug was given ok now i’ll click into them one experiment you just observe it first electric shock into the corneal electric shock it will be given and here you can find the three steps tonic clonic and the stupor phase now

How to identify which one is the tonic face clonic phase and the two purpose so i’ll just hold up the video i will discuss the inland for the next enemy so three things we need to you mention it that means time our second it is spent in that tonic face in that clonic faith and the stupor vision here either the recovery or the death let’s recovery of the death of

The animal after giving the electric shock so it is the recovered is there so this doctrine now i’ll show whenever we are giving the electric shock generally stimulus it is given so it is for the point two second find then immediately severe tonic caesar we submix maximal so a maximal extension of the forelimb and the hain limb so wholly managed in limb there is

The extension it is there that is known as a tonic play general it may be the ten to fifteen second it will be dead next is pedaling movement hindley and shaking of the body which is known as a clonal space so it is up to 20 then another’s here you can find this to punch to pi this is nothing but you can say just before that recovery it is the slip like let slip

Like position it will be there and then it is the recover in the upright position now i will show you some of the diagram it is it has been taken from that for your understanding from the youtube link i have also provided this youtube link this is the first phase here actually you can find it four phases are there first face tonic flex ation let this limbs limbs

Odda you can say that flex clear then tonic extension extension look this is the tonic extension phase and this is the tonic flex asian face so i here actually they have given in the software both all both the tonic phase and together okay and next is you can find it that clonus phase here convulsion it means you can say that jerking of the movement twisting all

Those thing it will be there this video link i have already given which is available into the youtube so you can go through for the better understanding and i have also mentioned that the source and it is the forces that lead us to per se stage and then it will be going to recover in email it will going to be recover and here you can find that it is actually how we

Need to table this one tonic flexion/extension clone a stupid recovery or the dead so it is the individual animal time in second again the extension clone a stupor so like this this is the tabular column which we can prepare plate which you can prepare now we’ll just monitor will be so shocked it is given for the point two second and three this is the tonic flakes

Clicked on it flow phases are there this is though is very minimal second in the extension phase and then now it is coming back into the cloners this is the clonic phase confine this this is the clone of phase then it is the recovery stupid phase it is very you can say that lesser time it is given so from this you need to identify again i will just check it this

Is that so toe nasa first phase it is the very last second page in the tonic extra shock that is showing next it is going to the clonic phase and then stupor phase also in this in this particular video it is showing very less time and then it is the showing the recovery so you can note the town and what are the video i have a mentioned in your google classroom

You can find that that we do it is given the different phases it is very clearly yes very clearly so this is our experiment thank you

Transcribed from video