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SUB TO MY TWITCH OR DIE! (HE GAVE ME MONEY!) Deepwoken Trolling & Funny Moments

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Do not go by yourself when you play deepwoken. Took a fatttt L. anyway, subscribe to

And this guy gives me a twitch prime of course i’m letting them go what the yo no shot dude where the hell did you guys go alex i got no clue bro fort merritt is where we’re headed lionfish tearing us apart though damn homie jumped off the boat hey here how’s it going man great now my boat’s smoking man and you’re back there dying to a lion fish jesus i’m

Reading my book you send my ass out here and then die on me oh i don’t know where i am fishes at level 20. i’m so dead what are you doing hey bro i gotta go get out of here then once used i’m oh my god oh yeah power increase stub i don’t even know where to go when i’m done with the water yo what when you successfully dodge you’ll automatically dodge the next

Attack yes sir oh my see this this is this ain’t it so i just got dodge it now i automatically dodged the next one right i love vigils where do i go i don’t know this dude just drove my boat died and it was like good luck i’m sorry it’s cool no worries man you’re gonna start stopping i know i am are you kidding me bro i mean i was doing okay too and then

They were just like i want to give him a second one hey um welcome to the stream you’re right my boy one fish two fish three fish dead fish unlucky okay i can’t believe i automatically dodged the second attack that’s such a good card dude it actually feels so overpowered it’s all thanks to frank giving me free luck yesterday i’m almost there yes sir more luck

That’s what i’m talking about can you join yeah x-men smart cues name in the chat do it now we’ll see who the is this guy hey police welcome to the stream there’s the follow i promise yes if this guy gives me a twitch prime of course i’m letting him go what the yo yeah no shot dude hey you’re good to go bro you can you can walk right out of here bro what a

Goat dude holy no way what a champ yo dude you’re a goat bro damn thanks for the thanks for the sub i mean like i feel kind of bad but thanks for the song yeah we’re we’re sloshy dancing out here bro yeah we’re good we good now grip him shut up i’m not like that unless you hey here i’ll grip him if you sub wait where the did you guys just go your friend

Fling me bruh no shall you kill you are you good hey it’s like it’s like a pokemon npc when you’re walking down the path and they’re just like hey we got a battle your friend fling hey yo what’d you just do to me i know what what have you how do i get out of here you just looked at me and went into the shadow realm yeah hacks i don’t know man i’m not sure i

Mean i i guess i am i’m in the shadow realm i’m in like the mirror i’m in the stranger things dimension bro i don’t know i’m in the upside down right now i did not think this was a thing i’ve i mean i’ve never seen this before that bell is weird i got to admit this is a bell it is kamui bell you go into this dimension and like one step in there equals i think

10 steps in the overlapping oh no not this again can you come guys guys not this again guys guys i i’m there’s gonna be lionfish out here guys i can’t do this again oh my god i i can’t do this again hey what’s up man how did you find me hey thanks g yeah i’m here let’s go take me up you did let’s go we’re out of here let’s go dub yeah so it’s like the nether

It’s like one step is like a million or something right i i didn’t talk about some of the stuff you said i thought i thought it sounded good no but we didn’t talk about your other email i would be fine this guy’s trash my hero let’s go that’s what it’s all about oh what a good timing hat i softened him up for you man hell ah i probably just got so much luck

From that dude holy i said the stream before i died let’s go by the warriors of beijing damn all right guys we’re gonna switch games

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SUB TO MY TWITCH OR DIE! (HE GAVE ME MONEY!) Deepwoken Trolling & Funny Moments By powEnvy