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SUPPLEMENT REVIEW – CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

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In this week’s Supplement Review, we will discuss CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Hello everyone my name is dr jacob wilson and welcome back to our supplement review of the day which is going to be cla now before i start i just want to say definitely support the channel by liking it liking this video sharing the video and subscribing to the channel right that’s the best way you can actually support this channel and spread the love so today again

We’re going to be talking about cla which is conjugated linoleic acid conjugated linoleic acid what does it mean to be conjugated linoleic acid well conjugate linoleic acid is a fatty acid it’s polyunsaturated what does that mean well you know saturated salt at room temperature right like butter and you know unsaturated is basically liquid at room temperature what

Makes it liquid well you basically have these bonds okay these these essentially bonds carbons that are bonded to hydrogens okay fatty acids are long chains of basically hydrocarbons but carbons can sort of double bond and when you double bond it makes it more of a fluid structure and when you have more than one double bond like two or more it’s polyunsaturated

Well cla not to be technical but basically you have a single bond at least one single bond between two double bonds and that makes it cla or conjugate and linoleic acid now that’s not really important to understand but the main thing is i understand is that cla could be a good nutrient partitioning agent um and could help with that metabolism so what do i

Mean by nutrient partitioning well basically you ever see those guys lawrence ballinger is a really good example if he eats oreos he eats it he digests it and go directs directly to his muscle and he gets a pump okay and really the fat in the middle of the oreo doesn’t go to his fat okay it just gets burnt up in the muscle that’s the nutrient partitioning we’re

Partitioning nutrients toward muscle and away from fat okay so how do we do that well it’s an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase and what it does is when fat circulating around the blood it basically is an enzyme that chips the fat off of these circulating globules of fat and it chips the fat off so it can go into fat and get stored as fat well turns out that cla

Inhibits lipoprotein lipase and fat tissue so this means that you can’t it’s not as easy to partition fat toward fat tissue because you’re stopping this enzyme which is basically taking fat off of these large globules in the blood into fat to be stored so if you’re stopping that process it’s harder to store fat you’re going to be more like lawrence ballinger so

That’s one way it helps burn fat and i think that’s real important also in one of our supplement reviews we talked about l-carnitine but it actually seems that it increases um the carnitine transport protein in mitochondria as well so that can help you take fat fatty acids and put them into the mitochondria to be burned to fat so all that said does it work well

Studies show a low to moderate effect of cla on fat burning in fact a meta-analysis actually showed anywhere from point two to point four five pounds of fat lost per week 0.2 to 0.45 pounds of fat loss per week on cla and that’s dose of pennant the 0.2 was around 3 grams a day and the 0.45 was around 6 grams a day so i recommend anywhere from three to six grams

A day when i’m actually trying to get lean i will take six grams a day um also it does seem there is some evidence that cla could be good for like raising testosterone because cla inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen so if you’re a guy inhibiting that process might help you raise testosterone levels a little bit more so it might make you more hard

And dense a lot of people are saying 0.2 pounds of fats nothing doesn’t help me or even 0.45 well think about this for a second if you if you gain a very little amount of fat every day after the age of 25 it adds up to about a pound of fat gain per year after the age of 25 okay and so think about this just something small little changes over time okay can add

Up to big changes over a lifespan so i think when you’re talking about bodybuilding or training it’s a long game so i think that taking even stuff that results in small moderate changes but they’re consistent changes i think are good for your for your replitra so again cla good nutrient partitioning agents might help with fat loss three to six grams a day and

You’ll lose a small amount of fat every single week and it also may help with testosterone levels and keeping you more hard and dense thank you so much guys again make sure that you subscribe to the channel hit the like button and share this because the only way we’re going to help a lot of people we work really hard on these videos we spend a lot of time to help

You but our goal is to help as many people as possible and the best way for you guys to do that is to share this and subscribe thank you so much guys i’ll see you next time you

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SUPPLEMENT REVIEW – CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) By The Muscle PhD