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Supplements for Pain, Inflammation and Muscle Spasms

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We recommend these unique and natural products to help with pain, inflammation or muscle spasms.

Today we’ll show you several unique natural products to help you with pain inflammation and muscle spasm hi my name is dr. corey m roland of bloomington wellness center today we’re standing in our wellness store it’s a collection of products that we put together over the years to help deal with many of the conditions that people come to our office with so today

We’re gonna demo a few different products for you and show you what some of them are like so with some of the main concerns that people come to our office with our pain in fellate inflammation muscle spasm so we have a number of supplements and products that we like to use or encourage our patients to use to help deal with that one of my favorites that i’ve been

Using for many years is mild calm my own was an herbal muscle relaxer that helps to reduce muscle tension and a natural in a safe way you there’s a couple different versions of this one this is mild calm and we have another called mild calm p.m. the pm version is used sometimes as a replacement for some of the over the counters that that people will use like tylenol

Pm for people with pain yet have struggles sleeping at night adding an extra component to the value of the the muscle relief that mild calm provides that will provide a little bit more sleep aid as well it’s something that folks will use on occasions of episodic pain or muscle spasms some people have chronic tension that they just live with on a daily basis so we

Can recommend this and both scenarios dosage varies based on each individual and the problems they might be dealing with one of the other concerns that a lot of people come to our office with is inflammation it seems to be the root of a lot of pain for a lot of people and other problems as well so we have a couple of different products that we like to recommend to

People to help them manage inflammation one of my favs is over here opc extra opc and stands for oligomeric proanthocyanidins it is a combination product that provides people a very high level of antioxidants antioxidants taken in high doses reduced levels of inflammation it is a safe and healthy way to reduce your levels of inflammation another one that we’ll use

Is over on the set inflammation flu maze is an enzyme based anti-inflammatory used often more in the acute situations when someone might have a severe disc issue or a sprained ankle they may use this for a period of time where the opc may be used in an episodic use often that’s used more in the long term treatment of chronic inflammatory states this would be more

Of an episode moving on from that there’s there’s a number of other things that we can recommend for reducing pain and inflammation and and some topical analgesics or handy ones from from time to time we use biofreeze a lot a very popular product and another one that we would typically use for topical pain relief is an essential oil this one here is a peppermint

Oil blend which gives a real strong pain relief on the surface in addition to those topical pain relievers the the good old-fashioned ice pack is as useful as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever as most anything so we recommend icing to people in all sorts of situations from chronic states to acute inflammatory ones so we can’t recommend using ice packs you

Know nearly enough for people so as you can see we have many options for pain relief muscle spasm inflammation among many other things as well so please stop into our wellness store ask questions we’re here to help you thank you for watching this video if you enjoyed it please subscribe and share it with your friends

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Supplements for Pain, Inflammation and Muscle Spasms By Bloomington Wellness Center