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SUSPICIOUS Everyday Skill If You’re Too Good | Ask Reddit

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What everyday skill becomes suspicious if you’re too good at it i once had a neighbor catch me while i was taking groceries out of my car and asked if i knew how to open lock doors as they locked themselves out by mistake went over to their door took out a credit card and shimmy my way in no more than five seconds probably bittersweet for them my boss locked herself

Out of the shop last week and i did this we’re getting new locks in a security system now but if you had told her how easy it is a week ago she wouldn’t have given a seeing as believing a couple of years ago i locked my keys in my car in a walmart parking lot i went in and asked if they could help me two employees came out with a jimmy but one guy made a bet

With the other that he could unlock my car in under a minute he then proceeded to unlock my car in 15 seconds i told him thanks you must have a lot of practice to which he laughed and walked away in interrogating someone without them knowing i was at a school thing and one of my girl classmates really liked a guy that was too nervous to talk to him she asked me

To figure out some of his info and i ended up getting first name last name school hobbies and great level she was happy but more than a little creeped out about how casually i did it i don’t think it’s really an everyday skill but being able to tell somebody by the sound of their footsteps when friends or family approach my door i know who’s about to knock i love

Creeping them out by saying come in name here as a guy being good at doing a brow in one hand while making out with a girl if you do this too smoothly she may suspect that you are a player best of fumble at it clumsily until it pops open but don’t fumble so much you ruin the moment it’s a delicate balance picking up on small details and remembering them for months

My friends are always like how do you possibly remember that remembering someone else’s schedule had people get a little freaked out when i ask how a specific appointment slash task is going when i remember them telling me about it days prior walking silently it’s always a good skill to have to be able to be quiet in a moment’s notice but do it too well and you

Start appearing behind people and freaking them out how long have you been there type things meister’s parents house has hardwood floors that everyone just stumps around on i don’t like making noise when i walk so according to them i sneak around the house and scare them unintentionally sometimes locating children so by an incidental combination of being a gear

Head and at one time a tow truck driver i am a little more observant when it comes to cars than most i also have a knack for numbers and memorize things unintentionally i stopped mentioning to people that i saw their car somewhere or other the movies for example it’s awkward explaining that i know your plate and can’t spot your pos sentra from across the parking

Lot i look at license plates i don’t know why but it’s every day for me but for some reason i pretty much had the license plate over a girl i like memorized it was easy to remember and we worked the same place together every day so i saw it a lot one time i almost slipped and said hey were you driving out of today and almost mentioned that the truck’s license plate

Looks just like hers apparently knowing drug names i once told somebody that they could mix ibuprofen and acetaminophen because they don’t with each other and they thought i was a drug dealer for the longest time yes why do people think this is so weird i’m not going to learn 30 brand names when it has one chemical name and unless there’s something special about

One brand over the other in terms of effectiveness eavesdropping i just passively listened to other people a lot when i’m alone even if i’m doing something else it gets really embarrassing when you bring up up information you’ve heard from their conversation forgetting that you weren’t involved or when you laugh at a joke said by someone across the room my previous

Grammar frustrated me getting over bad feedback slash negative events i have a rule that if something bad happens at work i can be upset for 20 seconds then move on you’re not let it bother me except to fix it if needed people seem to think that makes me a bit psychopathic anything borderline fancy with twirling knives i carry and use my pocket knives quite often

And have picked up ways to easily handle them the people either assume that i’m full weeba serial killer cleaning blood from things every woman special in moms should have some ability here but be able to help someone clean up after an accident or injury and get surprise looks and side eyes hubby’s in the ega branch of the us military within a month of marriage

His whole shop was bringing bloody uniforms to our house touch football and kitchen accidents but thank god for baking soda remembering names oh hi beth remember me we sat on a benched together for like five minutes about a year ago get maced the genuine kindness my father was such a good soul and people were suspicious about kindness sometimes i had a boss who

Was pretty much mr rogers it took a while to get used to it we still work with each other sometimes and i still occasionally think of him being a sarcastic ass when he’s definitely not noticing details about people i have moved around a lot and worked in a lot of industries one being in tourism if i’m a tour guide and i notice a particular brand of clothing and ask

Someone if they’re from a particular place and i’m right to be being observant and leads to a fun discussion if i do the same thing in line getting coffee it’s considered creepy hand washing if you go above the wrists and you’re not a surgeon i’m going to kill you before you kill me having a really good memory i’ve learned that this can creep people out in freshman

Year of high school a teacher accused me of cheating on a test because i finished it too quickly ironically the test was on test taking strategies if you’re too good people will assume you’ve had a lot of it and therefore if you’re good enough they won’t have the brain power to question anything recognizing faces i was approaching the check encounter of a hotel i

Didn’t remember being in before when the desk clerk welcomed me by name i was visibly startled his co-worker explained he’s got freakish memory i checked later that i had been there three years before and his job with the thousands of faces he sees a year that is a little disturbing due to my job property management and me being a flake used to lose slash forget

My keys a lot i gotten really good at quickly breaking into houses and apartments shuffling cards him wanna play cards me sure gamut routine with lightning speed him not for money right unintentional memorization passwords pins garage door codes zip codes just random numbers i remember it all but for the life of me i cannot remember your name even if you said it

Two minutes ago being a very persuasive salesperson oh if someone is too convincing i just assume they’re trying to scam me removing clothes off of an uncooperative toddler being able to count money really fast nice sharpening unless your chef yes i get it people watchers too lying being a good liar means you don’t raise suspicion being able to quickly convert

Between ounce and gram i could easily convert 100 bills into grams run in high heels opening a beer without a proper bottle opener no no i definitely don’t practice this multiple times a day maintaining composure during a crisis do it too much people and think you lack sympathy and are a sociopath whistling i can whistle the android text tone and it freaks people

Out i have very fast reading comprehension people never believe me when i say that i’ve already read it and get frustrated that i don’t take longer the removal of stains i like to use lots of bleach and get the oh you must be used to cleaning up the murder scenes i like the smell of it it was cleaning up a murder scene there are way better chemicals than bleach

I can’t do simple math but i read like lightning i’m also very good with card handling so everyone suspects that i cheat at poker i encourage that because it keeps their eyes on my hands and not on my face tie a noose at basic training i got tasked to help the drill surgeons create their haunted house battalion competition long story my drill asked if anyone knew

How to tie a noose and i whipped out a perfect one in only a few seconds he just looked at me and said private what the not me but someone i know once mentioned to me back in their high school days they were suspected of being a snitch because they would always be inclined to leave right before the bust happened it wasn’t that the guy was a snitch he’d say that

Sometimes he just got the feeling or he knew when a party was just dead some sort of sixth sense for this every time he got around to leaving his buddies would usually follow suit since they were usually the ones dealing anyways i work at a university where students lock their keys in their cars on a daily basis if you are unlocking cars five to ten times a week

Every week for years it’s an everyday talent one of the hardest cars to break into for me was an old saturn something about the way the door fit into the frame of the car made it very difficult being calm people accuse you of being cold if you are not as agitated as they are knowing the precise limits of what the law requires or prohibits being able to measure

Somewhere between five nine inches using some arbitrary references on your hand just an egg my friend asked how long eight inches is my exact reference and quick conversion to centimeters was definitely look at with suspicion knowing where people keep items on their person friend will be looking for his keys or phone and i don’t know what jacket pocket he left it

In butchering i worked professionally with raptors the feathered kind not the clever girl kind and for a while i was prepping on average 15 quail a day from frozen thawed to plucked and gutted and portioned it’s useful in the kitchen too for ducks turkey and chicken i’ve also processed venison before then when people find out that i work at a landfill i fly the

Raptors to keep the gulls out they are suddenly afraid to make me mad i used to be a dispatcher for home hearing fuel in juneau alaska and when is meet people i’d say oh you live such and such street i get an uncomfortable silence from them and have to tell them we deliver your oil i work the ability to get into locked buildings i’ve had my mom ask if i’m a burglar

And also said i am useful for when she’s locked out i once went to a science convention slash thing and they had a rectoscopy simulator there it was this camera snake cable thing that you feed into a ass hole in the middle machine and the screen showed a fake camera feed from the tunnel colon i got such a good score that the woman at the booth said you must have

Done this before i guess it’s called colonoscopy anyway most embarrassing high score click on one of the video on screen now where karen will sue you

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