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Hello my name is tony – bob i’m 30 years old from rancho cucamonga california and i’m submitting myself and my family which consists of my father milton sawada 62 years old my mother lillian sawada 57 and my little sister gillian sawada 25 i believe we would be a great asset to your commercial and campaign just because we all have different personalities but we’re

All energetic in our own way speaking of that some of the hobbies that i love to partake in and i be might be a little different from everybody else that is auditioning but i love to travel and i love to partake in daredevil activities when i’m with traveling within the states or outside the states so right now i’m being certified as a skydiver i chi act here in

Spain and in peru i’ve done whitewater rafting bungee jumping this last year i even partake in the run of the bulls in pamplona in spain so as you can see i’m a lot different from a lot of different people from all the other people some of the hobbies i do love within myself and actually hanging out with my friends is one of them on the weekends we love going to bar

Hop to beach hop i enjoy going to the movies by myself if i can i know it’s a little weird but i lie i’m a huge movie buff so i like putting myself and giving all my concentration into movies when i go my friends would tell you that i’m spontaneous energetic i’m the person that when you walk into the room i am smiling ready to make everyone else smile my family is

The same way we’re very very close my family’s huge let’s start off the back i’m a very proud after latino i am peruvian black and spaniard and we have family from here within the states all the way to south america to europe we are everywhere but my family that is here which is my grandma my hands my uncle’s from my mom’s side we’re very close my cousins we had

These traditions where it doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday graduation quinceanera we all get together for gatherings at least once a month and when we get together it’s just one of the best times we laughs the best food when it comes to proven food spanish food we have different wines we have music we dance it’s always a good time with my family and we’re very

Close we do certain trips together as well and actually my parents we went to europe at one time then we travel within the states to see how many stay so that we can go to like florida nevada arizona whatnot so if i had and i will say this sincerely if i was put in the position where i found out i have hiv or aids the virus the one person i would have to discuss

This is with my father me and my father have a bond like no other he is the one nurturing and encouraging person that i know and with something so sensitive delicate like that i know he would be the one to understand the information hold on to it say something encouraging words but at the same time to make sure that i’m alright he’s the type of person that will

Put himself in his feelings aside to make sure that that person he’s speaking to in front of him is comfortable is welcomed and i know for a fact was something like that my dad would show me the utmost resupport and with that being said the support that i think that he would send me is pretty much he would be with he would be there with me when it comes to the

Checkups with the doctors listening doing helping me with the research about the actual virus the pros and cons what i need to look out for what i need to change up in my lifestyle and he’s also the one that when it comes to family a lot of our family members listens to my father they come for him for guidance and advice he’s the one that if something like this

Drastic happened to our family he would be able to communicate that with my mother my grand parents my aunt and uncle’s my cousins in a way where they would listen with the information that he’s been he was told he would give some encouraging words tell my family to support me in any way or form and then from there you know we would go on with the process of what

Would happen next the second person i think would follow that is my sister me and my sister also have a close bond those are the two people that i know that there would be no judgement at that point of time if i shared them this particular information but with any of that i feel like my family is just very caring very understanding and it would just be supportive

Of me in every way of the path of this journey so i hope to hear from you soon

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