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Synthesis of Essential Drugs | LEVODOPA

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This video is about the synthesis of an essential drug, levodopa. Levodopa is used in the treatment of Parkinson’s patients. It’s a precursor of dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain.

Oscillation reaction in the first video you have  seen the synthesis of aspirin where i have shown   how escalation occurs yeah in this video i’m going  to show you the feeder curve oscillation reaction   levodopa so leave the power where or when   or in patients for the uh the parkinsonism   patients patients who suffer

From parkinson’s  diseases they they lack dopamine yeah the the   the real cause of this uh deficiency in dopamine  uh is really not yet to be uh discovered they   still don’t know the exact cause of it so   is that is by giving them a little bit of   the precursor of dopamine and usually it’s given   in grams

Actually uh for the to the patient what  happens is that liberal part okay can diffuse into   the uh brain through the the blood brain barrier  and it turns into dopamine and that helps in terms   of supplying or providing dopamine to the patient  and helps in terms of normalizing the level of   development in in the brain so now

Let’s have  a look at these and this is oblivious and   we going to start with liberto the name actually  came from the uh the l form of um this drug yeah   uh and what is the l form the alpha will be you  have this yeah in front coming out of the paper   and that hydrogen at the back there all right  and this is actually

You can synthesize  the uh thyrosine yeah you can uh first  like slightly backward so instead of me  showing step by step from starting to the end   bottom so we already have we know what we   want to synthesize we want to synthesize labor  dopa so we’re going to start with starting   material from the bottom here so here

I’m going  to write here we’re going to start with this um   what we’re going to do we’re going to do this this  chloride if you remember that to choose lecture  about the friday curve alkylation yeah you would   straight away you probably uh guess what you’d get  at the end yeah uh in here what we’re going to do   because

This is the friday calf assilation yeah  but what happened is that so this will react with   the um ring here all right so what we’re going  and this photograph escalation is very  specific to the to the aromatic ring okay   so this what will happen is that it will add on  molecule is including the oxygen the carbonyl  group okay

It’s this group if you see it’s like   you know just a simple estimation it is you are  right if you think that it’s just an acetylation   yeah uh is this adding on the astar group um but  if you compare with the first video where you have   the escalation of the oh group of the sales and  acid the difference here is that this

Particular   group the aster group is added to a aromatic group  yeah so what we have here is we’re gonna have   okay so once we have that already this  the n product that we want yeah the drop okay  but what happens is that now we we don’t want the   on the benzene ring here to the  oh group all right so to do that so in

The presence of this reagent what happens  that it will then um the acid delay yeah the this   is a d assimilation you will remove this ester  in the synthesis of liver dopa there are  many ways to synthesize lipid apart this is   only two steps okay two steps all right   so first what happens is that we this we’re gonna 

With yeah acetal chloride and then  so this is the classic photograph oscillation all  right when this compound has been treated with   this acetylchloride you will add on that acetal  group onto the aromatic ring at this point you   is that this is a carbon carbon-carbon bond   reaction whereas in the aspirin the estilation 

Is a carbon oxygen bond reaction okay so in here   the aromatic hydroxyl group yeah so we treat   this molecule with hydrogen peroxide and sodium  hydroxide naoh and that will de-acetylate   estilation that’s the first  step and the second step we have to give our liver dopa all right

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Synthesis of Essential Drugs | LEVODOPA By ACE That Preso with Dr Aisyah