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Synthesis of Phenytoin | With mechanism in Hindi

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In this video we will discuss Synthesis of Phenytoin in detail in easy language with Mechanism and example. Video is useful for B. Pharm, D. Pharm, JEE, NEET, GATE and GPAT Students.

Hello friends and dear students today we will discuss we know – in synthesis just a capsule be coca the heike phenytoin se in aspirin – althea central nervous system pay or easily i do her antiepileptic drug a dope me i’m louis cup yogurt in here a grayskin imam they can ips email to you i 5/5 diphenyl imidazolium twofold ion or a sky structure is he namja bonacic

Knee it is a five membered nitrogen heterocyclic ring japadog nitrogen so tape and a or tca a common p patrick apart patrick auburn pea hopper up camellia hakka a do phenyl ring legged eg or do say or cha-cha position speak though oxygen like i gave oxygen with a carbonyl group like a a or e ck sake jeff an item k structure van jaga i’m gonna see synthesis giveth

Corrine risky sensitive shaker base catalyzed reaction between when jill or joe hey urea hota hai to urea or benzene kalina how our base cupidon spoonski catalyzation govardhan am i a reaction cause sugar cane you hope you have been jilted structure yeah purdue final dinka or those your hair terminal carbons next judaica structure wrote i in dunno exactly nahi in

The presence of naoh or kalina hey ethyl alcohol or lena hampered hydrate iron is casati saad hariri action hoagie to cyclisation hoga or cyclisation k honey could you say a pinacol rearrangement tony cuban sa yeah hopper up kofi no to injure hair vauban jayegi ticket mop emanating one ita happy only c6h5 likley up much recommend pay abaya batiatus key mechanism

Kikyo kiev one-liner joe reactions arco de cría voice tariqas have so many sartet yeah a pinacol rearrangement reaction ho t hair yeah see this comcastic they went to final shifting hoagie up k mechanism kid or on chicas mechanism to our ahimsa much technique if you know to in bangka said i to subsequently hamdi ulukaya hopper been zika structure option tobin

Restructure could you still occasionally crown sle g take a simple sorry structure vinalia banjaluka this case a thumbnail urea cola or urea kg of nitrogen same unique a hydrogen’s book holger kelly clear real cool esprit car say now the hydrogen will attack on the oxygens thicker hydrogen could transfer karna don’t know oxygen cooper don’t know how doesn’t go or

Two pi bond hey carbon or oxygen k which may were transferred or jaga carbon or nitrogen cabbage my oberon each adama tariff you see a satya king you have formation hygge or oxygen cooper caldera hydrogen – oh hoh group by jaga now h + jo up in a pan eat a lot of acid h + eiger whoa jack escaped us oxygen k nonbonding electron gets our junior whopper or oxygen

Que pasaba jewel nikki whether say whoa panic a roof made you have aa sabaha nick negative hydrogen kodaka dj copy oxygen q purchase a key hoh ban jaga whopper or abigail hoh ko kya a bionic leg ah panicky roof made chicken panna cotta bionicle dj chubby bunny nick lega to you joppa carbon dakara half in a benzyl capella carbon who’s cooper cuyahoga positive charge

Q mas a panini glass – skipper no caligari not that positive charge the epilogue aditya positive charge a beautiful aldinger would they cry kedusha cabin-boy halacha once upon a carbon paper shift kreega yoga raga cookie a rearrangement reaction hogyoku mob a positive charge dakara benzene ring co2 eh kawasaki aha say sorry final link oh yeah yeah finical car key

Pala carbon pitch shifter jackie is she calling a bun – final shift or final shift khadija panel a carbon padano a phenyl ring konoha plug a dj bob joe positive charge ever do second peg a kooky one has a ring iniquity oxygen or hydrogen k-beach my job on sabo transfer data oxygen or carbon k-beach make your transfer our kumara positive charge decree oxygen ko aur

Agar a transfer got the hydrogen and camera bionic lega or app coke addict alcazaba sinner tween – even gay finito in a buff it surgically j well been gel cure uri aquatic karana hey hydrogen could shift karna oxygen capacity by electron transfer over nitrogen capaz de hydrogen transfer karenga ohk pass panic lega and then 1 2 finale chef kogi orphan er to in maan

Jayegi i gotta surrender to a question or two comment box my food sugar man shot a negotiation gazania watt

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Synthesis of Phenytoin | With mechanism in Hindi By Dr. Parjanya Shukla \u0026 Dr. M. P. Singh Classes