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Synthesis of Phenytoin

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Hello and welcome to farm information now today the topic is another synthesis that is synthesis of finite joint right now so finite time it’s a it’s a well done drive right it’s a well-known drug and um this is basically the still okay ever since it came into the market and still it is raining like anything right and financial is given to the patient with suffering

From what convulsive disorder that is epilepsy right or caesar disorder there are different you know verbatims which are quite often been used like seizure disorder convulsive disorder epilepsy right so it’s an anti-epileptic drug it’s a primary choice right let me tell you it’s the primary choice and nowadays they’re just uh derivatives phenytoin into phosphine

Joint right phosphine joint right there’s another drug obtained from phenytoin right obtained from finite right so that is all about your the clinical indication in which financing can be given right now coming to this the structure of united so the structure of finite joint phenytoin what can be you know extracted from the name right toeing for height and twin

Toying for high denton and finai for penile right so that means hydrant joined with finite now what is high gain twine so what is hyden joint high dendrine is nothing but it is something like this this is your high end line right this is your hiding joint now where to place the phenyl so here the extra thing that you need to remember is phenytoin pus is multiple

Phenyl placed at position five so here we have to put 166 h5 here we have to put 166 inch pipe now this has become what finite line right so this is hydrogen twin hydrogen is hydrogen join is basically amida zolidine24 diol so this is your hydrogen twine hydrogen join is a five membered ring system contains or containing two nitrogens placed here position one and

Three one and three and if so one three nitrogen and that two or five membered ring system is called as imidazole but let me tell you one thing as there is no you know there is no uh you know pi bonds there is that is placed inside the ring and that is why no longer we can call it as imidazole instead we should call it as in is the amidazolidine right emitter

Zolidine devoid of both the pi bonds not both the pi electrons right because we have four pi electrons and two pi bonds right make sure now so now the thing is that so this is basically imidazolidine so one three meter solid beam two four because this is one if we start numbering from here one two three four and five right so this is basically you need a zodian

If i just say what is found to me there is no phenyl as such in high endpoint right in highlight is basically immediate any one three emitters okay one three you see when you are calling it as emitters no there is no point there is no point in just mentioning the you know uh the number right the number right so we are not supposed to mention the number rather

Simply it’s immediate zolidim two four diol now if we just move move on to phenytoin phenytoid is having the extra things that is penile two phenyls that position five so likewise how the pc name goes five five different so five five di phenyl then straight away you can write hide and join no problem at all but as you know the pectin file that is there in this

Particular structure so that is why five five diphthong then two four die own that’s all right so we are done with the ipc name of what iep is name of phenytoin now the next thing is how this can be synthesized right how the structure of finite join can be synthesized it’s a one step reaction right it’s a very simple and basically pci they have framed a pharmacy

Council of india they have given uh they are asking us to synthesize this particular thing in our lab as well but during this kobe uh pandemic it’s very it’s really impossible to make it in a dry lab so let me let us just satisfy with this weight lab making and all right right sorry dry lab making and all right because they are asking us to make it in wake lab

Right but unfortunately we cannot go into the lab that is why we’ll just make it dry right so so now how this can be made first and foremost the structure that is as usual the usual strategy okay because opting this particular strategy i think that uh we have got so many things right right so this is your p99 right okay now from where this can be broken because

This can be broken as i say this is this is found to be a single step reaction right okay now this can be broken down into two different parts what are those this is the area from where we can separate both the fragments right okay now we have got two fragments so one is found to be nh c double bond o nh right the usual sense says that if we just make it nh2 it

Will become what urea urea what about this what about this right okay for that you might have heard about benzalic acid rearrangement right benzenic acid rearrangement as well as benzyl right okay benzalic acid how it looks actually basilic acid is found to be something like this h5 c6 c c6 h5 o h c o o h and let me tell you this particular acid is obtained

From benzyl how benzyl looks how it looks benzene is found to be h5 c6 c double bond o c double bond o c 6 h 5 right now why i’m writing these two acids and all one acid the other one is die keto compound right okay as we can go we can get this kind of acid from this particular thing where two carbons are holding two phenyl right okay that means it is the two

Carbonyl carbon that is planted with two phenyl right but here when transformation will take place that time in this particular acid you won’t find that both the phenyl rings are found to be evenly distributed with both the carbons right rather a rearrangement took place it is the rearrangement that eventually leads to the production of two eventually leads to

The formation of this kind of compound in which a single carbon is holding what both the phenyls right okay so that means if we can incorporate this kind of reagent into this system we you may land up to this kind of arrangement because if we start up the process with benzema irrespective of despite of knowing that benzene cannot benzel itself cannot provide us

A feature in which carbon is holding two phenyls right but still we know the fact that it is the benzyl that is utilized in making benzalic acid in which both the phenyl is being held by ra are being held by a single carbon right so that means this is found to be the another choice right this is found to be the another choice right okay so with that we have got

What with that we have got both the starting materials right both the starting materials which are involved are both the essential materials materials of the reagents which are involved in making phenytoin right okay so how it goes so first one is your urea like this h2n c double bond o then in h2 i’ll just write it in this way right in this way another thing is

Nothing but benzyl in which h c6 h5 then c double bond o then c double bond o then c six h five and let me tell you as uh uh we are thinking that a shifting has to be taken place right and the shifting has to be taking place in presence of a base you can go after taking sodium hydroxide no problem at all right sodium hydroxide because it is the base that will

Provide the nucleophile for the reaction to occur right until and unless this electron deficient center carbon carbonyl carbon they are not being attacked by some other nucleophile the rearrangement will not take place and if there is no rearrangement forget about the final formation of what phenytoin in which both the phenyl should be placed in a single carbon

That means a single carbon should hold what both the phenyl right so if we just merge what urea with benzyl what will we get what we should get at the end of the show you should get what can i join and during the process a rearrangement will take place and that two impressions of a place right okay and finally we have got what we have got five fight diaphini

Imedazolidine as i said no need to mention the position of two nitrogens why because imidazole itself self-explanatory immediate zone itself suggests that that i am holding two nitrogen which are placed at position one and three right so that is why immediate zodian two four diode that’s all hope you have enjoyed this particular session and all please do subscribe

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