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T3S nekros w/ M.A.S.H and metaxalone

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easy runs how to take and just camp for the the win….

88 me yeah hey hose off hey hose off well it reminds me of something a friend like all ended up dying from cancer but uh he always used to say hose hound hose hound all right let’s find a place to camp then look at michael on eid nazem don’t even turned off critical life support systems i suspected they may try this stand by for support the first you will be up

A bit fledged and its gravity life’s work i’d be messed up i don’t think this place is gonna work but we can try it with that i don’t know if this is gonna work where we can try it i don’t think ability because they come around that corner quick well maybe working well we can always try a different place if you want to move we should probably move now holy shi

I just over here i’m heading to the next spot oh this is a shitty place yeah we could follow them in this tunnel oh no no there’s a door is the fact that you get through the next room alright here’s a good one yeah i’m about down here at this door uh well i might be too high yeah yeah down here at this door where this funny oh where are you ready go on the spot

They’re gonna become mighty close that up there was perfect it’s like at the start like we normally run or like we got the first good run out of yeah we never going to yeah we can actually move up a little closer they can’t come behind us in this spot right i can’t they can’t get that huh a little just let them fall in i don’t know all right let’s move on to the

Next one we need to get support anyway i’m gonna go activate i’ll be right back already i’m activate it oh exactly this will work right here they have to come in what about i got a vault room here i’m heading back to you guys this will be fine right here that’s good great decent enough length of the hall that they got a i got lots of time to shoot yeah this one

Sounds good you’re right this is it’s but only five doors in look like he was doing a ninja what are you yeah now if we all can i don’t if you don’t say here wait until they get a little closer guys yeah nor can that tell them mm-hmm yeah you know i don’t know and i will need the ligon i don’t know yeah we need of a bit closer that’s itching to shoot them back

There damn they me up oh that it was my desecration it did it all right there we go i think i was just out of life we’re gonna have to do something we’re 24 yeah they’re just not coming they’re not coming into that room quick enough no prepare for life support trying to get to the next one this is a much better hallway here all that might hear this all right

Here beauty i don’t see you guys in the maconie mark additional life support has arrived back for that man layin there you go uh where you want to go unfortunately they’re gonna be able to get into but the two ways right here oh i just got up a little behind where are you guys life support where are you oh why this fault room there could work yeah where i’m

At to work too so i’m getting trashed here you gotta bring over here help me now that can get behind us on that other thing over there one other thing the little vault rimmer on the corners better oh true enough that’s hilarious dude you got black energy on everything except for your frost yeah what first energy in my first white if it’s black if you have it

Black you can you can see through it easily yeah but i want to be like a smoke real i want to have a eiffel tower and i think that i think that what the treasure room around the corners would be more optimal all right try we won’t have that side slam thing going on i have a lot of it going on the heck let’s try it don’t we got better here going one waiting for

Them to come in that’s right in front of us it was never mind i was gonna say there’s no way that they could they were coming in on the other way but oh well no it’s just that it was it was short to the right that’s kind of switching up the just sitting there not moving like a jackass and i can pull four days here now we’re gonna pull them in yeah we’ll give it a

Second you slammed it had to get the wall looks like a duck how are you you

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T3S nekros w/ M.A.S.H and metaxalone By acousticability