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T4D co-op gameplay w/ AlexN4L, M.A.S.H, and Metaxalone (pt. 2)

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good times and talks while running a t4d with some friends the frames we used were mag p, nova, frost p, and zephyr… its all about the fun and the team play guy… a team that works to gether gets things done while having fun lol…

Hey you guys had to see this it’s pretty impressive look on the outside yeah i took a quick look at the start there it is impressive you’re madison girth and presses us all are you casting that from on top you know on top of this right here actually that one wasn’t from on top this one yeah you might wanna put that down here buddy get on the ground guy down here

There thank you i appreciate that if they made tailwind and i bomb one ability this would be such a better for him like good dive bomb autumn and i or something what do you do with all those mods i assume yes i went out there in the mill this holy i wonder what i can how far i can get my bronze vortex with that just set up that is a good question well they

Just thanked 3 mil fires in top of each other see told you four there he is yeah all right everyone back to the center activating lasers you better give me help her hair i mean step it’s down holy after i boosted my despair is i’m up now more than i was while he’s in the line i stole my father’s room he’s inside the bubble he thought alright alright and that

Was our event for the day physical pestilence and dude they’re just not giving out in the living it malignant or whatever it is i think i got three or four then dude if you guys need one i only have 20 and i wanted to get a little more for this for the market i’m glad i probably at four or five over your breasts hold a bunch of them earlier look at that stack

Of right there below me i just had a really corny joke start in my head when you said what you said i’m still picking stuff up i’m standing here physics and stuff up still there we go so okay i’m sorry that i said that this doesn’t feel like it’s a t4 i’m so sorry really doesn’t go not yet now get there when we get to 15 it’ll start feeling more like it maybe oh

Definitely keep fighting another opportunity to extract will appear soon let’s move some over here oops oh how hard that go out i don’t know what happened i did my apple anthem accident activating lasers on my side so did you guys notice that great glitch that happens when you take out a nullifier in one hit yes it looks like a f cop center yeah that’s it that

Is definitely a freeloading on my side you guys ought to get overwhelming the centre’s let me down i’ll come back like i said around 15 and it’ll start getting a little bit more interesting yeah my direction is 40 seconds it’s just when it takes name of us down so my duration actually increased because it was at 30 hey yeah my despair has your name on it yeah

There’s their sweet a now i got nothing i got mine mod up a bit that the took those shields down pretty nicely hit me each one of these little dudes eleven hundred each in the face it not so much to the left or to the right foot is right in the face right in the back of the face i’m leaving taken them look big heavy machine gun come on good night it’s called

A bomb bar with three bullets you won’t be saying that in like three ways five waves hole in your eye using the dick dick i’m gonna shoot you in the pepper they sway the shooter fugitive in the irons headshot officials and fly it i’m sorry the funniest thing i see this a little while he was turned around getting up and shot him in the butt and he just in this

Much lying like 30 feet nullify their home yeah these i’m not even though these despairs and they’re already beast they’re going to be crazy what’s going on over here so your bubble has been penetrated my bubble sophie doesn’t take long for the penetrated for the kiss started in the ceiling yep that’s why you threw nato’s you granny to get down off my pedestal

And get some amo oh scared me i was like what the was i coming from you need ammo no not now so yeah she was your pile over there i’m still picking stuff up activating laser on my side i wish this thing would go away from above my head what oh i have a freaking mod right in my face who rap move around a bit in my go away i tried it didn’t work then fridays

And refresh stability no ma dressed like that a lot i did um ii gave everything like 200 bucks a minute or so and they’re pretty much like a big cluster for mod just kidding about me at all times talk should i am at a pistol out of this error i’m getting shot i need power we got you big happy help pany iminium it’s a twister

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T4D co-op gameplay w/ AlexN4L, M.A.S.H, and Metaxalone (pt. 2) By acousticability