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Melatonin is a supplement used to help you go to sleep and relax, typically you want the complete opposite before a workout.

All right so what is going on guys today we’re here at the gym and we got some melatonin that i just bought right here that’s magnesium you we’re gonna try going through a full chest day today melatonin is my pre-workout i got cell on the camera he’s gonna be my supervisor just in case just in case anything goes horribly wrong i’ll be honest i’m very scared i don’t

Know how this is going to go but uh there’s only one way to find out and let’s actually do it as you guys can see it’s the same bottle i just bought take this one bro magnet why do you keep bringing up magnesium sealed and i don’t want you guys to think this is like a prank or anything this is the real deal chava it’s sealed and everything i’m going to take two

Of them take two of them ladies and gentlemen no pranks no pranks guys no i’m actually scared popping perch all right get the off me yo i can’t believe i just did that i’m scared we’re gonna i’m gonna go ahead and warm up because like i’m gonna actually try doing a bench pr today like i’m gonna like 2 55 today on bench 255 today it all right let’s go warm

Up i’m gonna go ahead and warm up my shoulders they’re feeling a little bit crunchy right now got people watching me and i’m famous that that’s what they say that’s the word on the street really i’m famous now your little sister your body all the time yeah my sister i’ve been hearing about it at school you know people were like watching your order brother’s video

Like man melatonin takes about 15 to 30 minutes to kick in by the time it’s time to hit the top set on bench i’m gonna feel it so i’m yawning man i’m already pretty tired as it is and it’s raining outside you know it’s you know calms you down when it rains i’m feeling cozy right now i’m like it feels nice man i feel warm yeah i should have warmed up with the bar

And see how this goes oh can you see my balls and like what’s up i’m scared for one reason man when i get sleepy i get very horny 135 ladies and gentlemen nasty this is 145. no this is 155 right 155 on the bar all right all right i’m feeling it chava it’s like this bench feels cozy man this feels weird dude it feels like uh i don’t know it just doesn’t

Feel right like i feel like i should be like hype right now but like i’m like i wanna like lay on the bench to sleep man it’s hitting me hard low-key i didn’t sleep much last night either man do not drive you can’t see it but it says do not drive or operate machinery or consume alcohol when taking this product we want 85 on the bar lightweight barry yeah buddy

Love that guy i’m sleepy chaba takes me home it’s like i gave birth just now all right we’re in the 200 pound range ladies and gentlemen this is 205 pounds on the bar all right oh so we live in a tire the off slap you i’ll have you slap me on the on the uh pop set just right in the face all right that didn’t feel good we’ll put the um what they say

Is up a little bit higher and then we just ah you know the first casualty at the gym the safeties are up a little bit just in case something horrible happens it’s so weird being sleepy an environment where you’re normally like the most amount of like most of yeah like i’m just like i’m tired man i’m sorry man shit’s weird man all right this is uh 75 on the bar

Oh that was good that was good guys i felt good all right all right all right put a five on just take it nice and slow you know are you positive that you want to do am i positive i want to do this we’re already here what the am i i’m committing to this what is this even this is a 235 all right come on oh jesus insane should i just go for the pr right now

This is a pr kind of sort of i’ve hit this before just not on my current body weight so this is a bench pr ladies and gentlemen just do it god i’m going crazy man oh oh oh oh dude just pull out of my hands dude holy what the are you all right yeah i’m good yeah i’m i’m up man dude that hurts i learned not to do stupid things for stupid videos that

We live on around and find out what just happened i down and i found out oh holy i’m so glad i put those safeties up i’m up now dude holy that scared the out of me are you still gonna go through with the whole workout i don’t know i don’t think i am i think i’m done guys i’m gonna i’m gonna re-rack this weight ladies and gentlemen and uh probably gonna have

This kid driving me home to conclude today’s video lessons are you don’t take mello tournament before you uh hit the gym and um don’t around and find out yeah basically all right so i hope you guys enjoyed today’s video and i’ll see you guys in the next one peace

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