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Taking METFORMIN/Glucophage? You MUST Take This Vitamin!

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Millions of people with Type 2 Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, PCOS, and Fertility issues take Metformin/Glucophage and don’t know that it can cause a serious Vitamin deficiency. It’s not that Metformin is not safe, you just have to add a daily dose of this vitamin to prevent potentially disastrous consequences.

Hey this is dr. berry in this short video i want to talk to you about a supplement that’s very important for anyone who’s taking metformin or glucophage to take it’s a vital essential mineral and if you are a vitamin and if you don’t get it you can suffer severe long-term even permanent consequences so let’s talk about this vitamin now if you know someone that takes

Metformin or glucophage for pre-diabetes for insulin resistance for polycystic ovarian syndrome or for infertility issues please share this video with them because they really need this information doctors are very busy we try to remember to tell people to take this vitamin but sometimes we forget and so this is very important to share if you know someone who’s in

That boat now let’s talk about this so metformin are glucophage you may have heard of this it’s a very safe very inexpensive medication that’s first-line treatment for pcos polycystic ovarian syndrome for pre-diabetes some doctors even use it in insulin resistant patients who are not pre-diabetic yet and it’s definitely one of the first-line drugs used for type

2 diabetes like i said it’s very cheap it’s the least bad of all the type 2 diabetes medications in my opinion it’s not perfect but out the reason that i think it’s okay to take for many people is because it works by decreasing your livers production of glucose it decreases gluconeogenesis that’s one of the things that does what it does not do is increase your

Pancreas it’s a secretion of insulin and so it doesn’t increase the insulin level in your bloodstream which is a very good thing it also makes your body’s tissues more sensitive to the insulin that you’re already making so your liver is more insulin sensitive your muscles even your ovaries and then a couple of other tissues in the body may be even more sensitive

To the insulin you’re already making so it’s mechanism of action is very good in that respect but do also to its mechanism of action up to a third of people who take metformin of glucophage if they’re not taking a vitamin b12 supplement they can become either a little bit or a lot of bit vitamin b12 deficient and that’s a big deal if if you’re older if you’re over

50 you’re actually much more susceptible to this if you drink more than one alcoholic drink a day you’re much more susceptible to this because alcohol tends to also deplete your folate in your vitamin b12 levels the deficiency in vitamin b12 the reason we care about is it can cause some pretty disastrous symptoms but if you’re a b12 deficient for long enough it

Can become permanent the damage can be permanent and so one of the very first things most people notice when their b12 deficient is they have a peripheral neuropathy or a neuropathy in their feet usually but sometimes the hands as well described as a pins and needles kind of feeling and some people with type 2 diabetes have this anyway and so it’s hard to know if

It’s from the b12 deficiency that they may or may not have or just from the diabetic neuropathy and so that’s why it’s doubly important for somebody with type 2 diabetes to take their vitamin b12 every day and i’m going to tell you at the end of this video which kind of b12 to take so we’ve talked about the the one of the things which is peripheral neuropathy but

Other problems that vitamin b12 deficiency can lead to is worsening memory and if it goes on for long enough it can actually lead to a certain type of dementia which is can be permanent so it’s a big deal also a vitamin b12 deficiency can lead to decreased cardiac output your heart may just not function as well as it could otherwise if your vitamin b12 deficient

Now there are multiple different b12 supplements you can buy on the market but what i recommend you take is a methylated b12 and i’m gonna put a link down below to one that i know is is safe and reliable the reason i say take a methylated b12 is that there are millions of people out there who have an mthfr gene mutation and they can’t methylate b vitamins so even

If your taking a good b12 supplement if the b12 is not already methylated and you have an mthfr gene mutation then you can’t utilize that vitamin b12 nearly as well as if it were methylated so everybody just ought to go if you’re gonna buy a b12 supplement get a methylated one that way you don’t have to spend the money if money is an issue to find out if you have

The mthfr gene mutation or not okay so i’m going to put a link to the to a really reliable methylated vitamin b12 down in the notes below so that’s it that’s what you got to do if you’re on metformin or glucophage for any reason any medical reason you absolutely must take a b12 supplement and i recommend you take a methylated b12 supplement now if you enjoyed this

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Taking METFORMIN/Glucophage? You MUST Take This Vitamin! By KenDBerryMD