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Taking My Byetta

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Taking My Byetta And Talking

Take in my byetta taking my by etta people yeah take it and i work before i eat but the reason why i’m taking it early and 145 because huh won’t be around her home to be able to do it later so taking it now taking it now that way i don’t have to take it later so how is everyone doing out there on this fabulous and wonderful and wonderful wednesday wherever they

Are at watching me hope your wednesday has been a good one for yes so far how’s the weather for everybody out there where you’re at hope your weather has been a good one and treating you real good art says here med skin feels like another beautiful fall day another fall day here in michigan just been amazing been amazing so far but things are supposed to change

People yeah things are supposed to change mj r us for this weekend coming up it’s gonna get warm again so this nice comfortable weather is going to be leaving us and going bye-bye no bye-bye oh bugger but it will return yeah it will return that’s warm weather won’t last probably too much longer but just got this up month of next month and that will be it that

Would be it and then our warm weather be leaving us to next year we might get a little indian summer in october sometimes we do sometimes we do so what is up everybody sleep for this up wednesday i hope your plans are good if they are enjoying for me will ya and join for me ah today i had to take my son and drop him off to work and everything did all that great

Stuff and then after that i stopped at the store to get some eggs some good old eggs and then after that came home and made me and my sweetie pie some breakfast and made some hats brown and have some bacon and some scramble eggs for breakfast and that’s what me and her had for breakfast together and then after that we sat around until ten o’clock then before ten

O’clock we left the so she could go get her check at the guardian incorporated she gets a check their she’s got a paid that deals with her money so they wrote her out a check and so she got a check today there but she was supposed to get one back on the third but for some reason something happened and she couldn’t get it yeah she couldn’t get it for some unknown

Reason don’t know why but not she didn’t get was able to get it so she got it today yes he got it today and she’s happy and then that so i took her to go get a cached after that at the bank all that great stuff and then after that took her to the tobacco shop so she could get her some smokes and then after doing that we went through the gas station so i could get

Some gas for my band and did that and then after that we went to her her doctor appointment she had to find out why the doctor told her she couldn’t on the take them her aspirin anymore and i guess he’s got a bad liver her doctor told her a bad lever so this kind of bummed that she heads to stop taking aspirin i guess they prescribed her some medication they faxed

In some medication for her at the doctors when she was there so she’s waiting for that to go through and while that we me and her came back home so she can drop off her medication and then after that i took her and dropped her off at meijer and she’s supposed to call me when she’s all done there and i find her dog for a walk and went out for my walk and everything

And then acted my walk i came back home and just been chillin here and then you see me taking my shot and i’ve been catching up on things on facebook here that i got and everything and somebody asks me about if i would add people to my face but no i don’t just for family and just for family only and my facebook pages so the person that asked about it but you know

I might think about us getting another facebook off just for except fans on there and just to accept fans on there but i decide that down the road if any of you know how it is you know i’m sure you don’t want too many of people that you don’t know on your site then you know they can hack it and everything if it any of you know what i mean but ya don’t accept very

Much people on my site but you know i might decide to do it like a fan base on facebook and let fan people know about it and like other people do like other people do but i’ll keep you posted if i do but just just to let you know yeah just chilling and relaxing here until my better half calls me to let me know when to come get her then i’ll go pick her back up for

Myers then we’ll come back here and drop off of the food that you got and then after that we’ll run off the library so i can use their computer to upload at the library of load at the library and then after that we’ll leave from there and then show called the pharmacies to see if her medication is ready and if it is and we’ll go pick up for medication and then

After that gotta wait to see with my son get ahold of me to let me know what time he gets out from work then i would have to go pick him up and then after that and then him with him back home together well i guess we’ll try to figure out what to have for dinner tonight i don’t know what yet but we’ll figure out we’ll figure out what the op od and all for dinner and

Then after that we’ll be just chilling and relaxing for the rest of the day and chilling relaxing for the rest of the day and by that time i’m hoping the praying our local news will be on and watch your local news like i always do see what’s been happening around our fine local area are buying local area and then after that it will be time for our fighting evening

News and see what’s been happening around this fine world today and that’s fine fine world today and then after that it would be time to turn it to the a&e network so i could get ready to light some some of my favorite shows tonight that start at nine o’clock tonight on the a&e network like duck dynasty that’s one i like and duck dynasty i really enjoyed

Duck dynasty yeah i enjoy duck dynasty how many of you watch duck dynasty diaper comment let me know if you watch duck dynasty but yeah we were watching that that’s all new tonight at nine o clock yeah nine o clock and then after that at nine-thirty the wahlburgers yeah that’s all new tonight and then at ten o’clock donnie loves jenny and then after that lacey’s

A bar so got some great green shows on tonight on the a&e network starting at nine o’clock so if you like shows check those shows out that i’m talking about and check them out check them out if you like reef replays of duck dynasty well you can catch that at six o’clock on they any network yeah check out some duck dynasty reruns if you’re a duck dynasty fans

Yeah i’ll be waiting for all that to happen tonight now be recording duck dynasty anyways yeah i’ll be recording that happy happy happy well kiddies well everyone just wanted to do take your mind mayetta to say hey and i hope everyone out there has a wonderful and enjoyable a wednesday and what’s left of it for some of you you know what’s left of it for some of

You and if any of you out there getting close to going in the thursday or almost stepping into thursday or at thursday’s doorstep and i can add it saying hey thursday open up and let me in hey thursday please open the door and let me in hey thursday up at that door me happy thursday every thursday y’all take care and i’ll be speaking to you real soon hey do me a

Big favor will ya give this video a big thumbs up yeah give it a big thumbs up if you could do that for me also up your news new hit that red subscribe button there right there i would love that also do that for me that way you can share my videos with your family or friends and let them check me out and if they like me well they’ll come and subscribe but please

Do that for me and i would like to welcome a new subscriber to my channel mn vivo welcome to my channel and welcome to my chain i checked out to your channel you got some videos but i don’t see any made by you and see that you get videos from people in there so i encourage you and of evolve to do me a favor man do your own video do your own videos that way you

Could get people to come to your channel and check you out check you out yeah so i encourage you to do that need to do that before the end of 2015 do your own videos i’m sure you got the ability to do it do it and do a new video if you’re in the gaming do a gaming video if you like gaming and i’ll do a gaming video or you know do anything do anything entertaining

They’re like god you know talking and that like a blag like i’m doing or you know if you enjoy sports do a sports video you know if you’d like fetching do a fishing video you know if you might bike into a biking video you know you can get like a gopro and put it on your bike and go bike riding yeah kind of give you some suggestions and if you’re in artwork do not

Work video or have you got any pets and show your pass i like seeing people with their pads i really do or do a family introducing video yeah so i encourage you to do your own video all right before the end of 2015 will you do that for me emin vivo do that for me will ya again thank you for subscribing to my channel i appreciate it well everyone again you all take

It easy and have a good one and i’ll be speaking to you real soon out there

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Taking My Byetta By Timothy Birmingham