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Tamoxifen Side Effects

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The good, the bad and the ugly. Tamoxifen has some pretty dramatic side effects. Please let me know if you have others. I will research them and strategies for dealing with them.

Hi everybody its sara it is what is it friday december 1st it’s hard to believe it’s almost christmas i spent last weekend decorating so i wanted to talk about the side effects of tamoxifen i have done a lot of research on the side effects including i joined a group on facebook which has been great and but a lot of that is negative and i choose to stay away from

A lot of negative stuff during this time just because worry and stress and all of that i can really take its toll on you if you’re not doing the right things so here are the side effects that i’ve definitely proven one is hot flashes hot flashes are definitely a thing on tamoxifen i do not have them as bad as some people i don’t know if it’s because i’m not at

Menopause but i do know that the diet that goes with tamoxifen helps number two is muscle cramps muscle cramps are a thing i’ve had a couple i do take magnesium now to deal with muscle cramps because i am trying to do yoga everyday i’m trying to meditate everyday and i’m trying to do a lot of exercise and stay active which is extremely important with the next side

Effect which is weight gain so you will see horror stories about people that have gained weight on spots thin and it is a real thing people struggle with this a lot i have actually lost 12 pounds on tamoxifen because i am doing this seriously tamoxifen strict approved diet which means no dairy no alcohol no refined sugar no red meat there’s a lot of other things i

Use a great website to research things and it’s called food for breast cancer calm which you want to check out if your seriously interested in maintaining your health during this drug i highly recommend that you do because people get anywhere for like twenty two hundred pounds on tamoxifen so make sure you’re doing the right things for your body another website

I love is crazy sexy cancer chris carr she was great and i really loved watching her videos and i bought her book and you know i wanted to use recipes for the shakes because i’m trying to put spinach in my shakes now and do things that are really super healthy another side effect is headaches so i have not gotten any headaches personally i do know that drinking

Enough water is super important when you’re on spike spoon so six to eight glasses water eight ounce glasses of water a day without a doubt that when you exercise you have to drink more than that so make sure that you’re hydrating because if you’re not hydrating it actually interferes with the drug as well i just had this talk with my doctor today about that and you

Know that was one of the things he said lack of sleep is another side effect i did have this side effect when i first started so for me if i don’t sleep eight hours a day i am miserable and i can’t do anything else the rest of the day so i did start taking melatonin which works fabulously your body already produces melatonin so it doesn’t mind that it’s there and

It’s a good natural remedy to the sleep side effect blood clots are a concern on the strength so make sure that you take a baby aspirin every day just to combat that side effect i have not really had any problems with it yeah the last side effect i want to talk about is gas gas for me was horrible the first week i literally do not want to leave my house because

It was so embarrassing every time i moved so i started drinking chamomile tea after lots of research oh what can help gasps natural oop natural things of course i don’t want to use medication as much as i can because i’m already taking this every day for 10 years so that’s my video on the side effects it’s my except it i will be doing videos here and there are

About recipes and things that you can do to make tamoxifen a little easier for you to take and you know look forward to seeing you guys again soon thanks

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Tamoxifen Side Effects By Sarah Hoffman