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Teen Acne: What to STOP Doing

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Hello hi everyone welcome to skincare with higher if you don’t know who i am my name is hiram and i’m passionate about teaching you how to perfect your skincare routine so make sure you subscribe to my channel and to the notification bell so that you can see my videos every single week so teenage acne she’s a not that a oh to the days where it looked like

Someone had pasted red skittles all over my face i don’t miss it at all not one bit at one point i really did struggle with acne i swear my forehead looked like a red blinking landing strip but i’ve managed to find some things that help with acne breakouts pimples anything that you may be struggling with and i want to let you guys know cuz i don’t want anyone out

There to be struggling with the same thing that i had to go through in today’s video i’m gonna be talking all about teen acne and what you yes–you laying there with your double chin should not be doing here’s the thing when it comes to skincare you will see a thousand in one tick tocks tweets or videos talking about how you can get rid of acne and everyone has

A different solution but they’re all wrong no i’m kidding i mean some of them i think are wrong in my opinion there are a lot of recommendations out there that are really going to harm your skin instead of helping it and the problem is that a lot of times these recommendations that people make to help your acne inevitably just end up making you breakout more and

Having more skin issues without you even realizing it and i can’t even understand how difficult it probably is for you i’m sure you are sick and tired of watching all these videos looking at all these posts all these tick talks about how you can get rid of acne on your face and none of them end up working and that’s not to say that my recommendations are perfect

But there are some things that i’ve seen set out there that i’m just like oh no no no no please don’t tell people that that’s only gonna make them have more breakouts and here’s the thing just because it works for one person does not mean it works for everyone and my goal is to get each of you acne free so i wanted to go over a bunch of things that i’ve seen as

Common remedies if you can call on that to acne that you should not be doing also quick tip if you want to see recommendations of what products i recommend or different things about how to control acne you could also follow me on tik-tok i do short videos i’m talking about the best products the best strategies doing reaction videos to common acne tips and tricks’

That’s a skincare by harm and we just hit 500,000 thank you guys also i’m going to be doing more videos about teenage skincare what you can do what products to look for all that jazz so if you don’t want to miss out make sure you subscribe because i see all of you guys on my comments section at my tik-tok and i want to make sure my babies are taken care of i love

You guys so let’s just jump into it number one do not under any circumstance do diy skincare don’t even think about a diy skincare is the very very very last thing that you should resort to and i’m talking like if the world’s minefield not even quarantine would make me do diy skincare the reason why i don’t like diy skincare is because with skincare products

These products are developed by chemists and scientists people that have been researching and experts in the industry for years and creating the best formula they can at all the right percentages when you make a skincare product on your own using what’s ever in your kitchen or what’s ever in your fridge first of all those things are not necessarily formulated to be

Used on the face second of all you don’t know what percentages or how to measure those percentages so that you’re helping and not hurting your skin when you actually make it and third of all most of the things you would be using if it’s like a strawberry or orange or something like that once it actually goes into the diy formula it’s likely going to be ineffective

Because it’s not made to withstand air or light and forth the concentrations that you’re getting of the beneficial aspects are so low compared to skin care products where they’ve been specially formulated to be really really effective so yeah even though you see the very aesthetic tick-tocks for the tweets talking about how you can make your own skincare at home

I would say more times than not this is gonna a great and irritate your skin even more than if you were to not touch it so just avoid it altogether number two and if you’ve watched my videos this will come as no surprise avoid scrubs and fragrance the reason people use scrubs is to exfoliate your skin and exfoliating is the process of getting rid of all the dead

Skin cells on your face that can sometimes build up and seal in the skin which causes you to break out exfoliation is great but scrubs are way too harsh on the skin and usually when we use them especially daily this it’s too much exfoliation for the skin and can actually make your acne and pimples worse but when use a scrub you can actually over exfoliate your

Face damage the healthy skin cells make your acne and breakouts even worse and cause redness and sensitivity which is overall going to make your acne and pimples more visible and i recommend avoiding products with fragrance because fragrance is something that has just added into products to make it smell nice it doesn’t do anything to actually help your skin and

When you have breakouts or acne your skin is very sensitive and a lot of people have allergic reactions to fragrance so it’s something that i recommend is best to avoid because you don’t want anything causing reactions or sensitivity when you’re trying to get a product that just helps your skin number 3 stop tanning just don’t even tan and try to reduce your sun

Exposure as much as possible when i was growing up someone told me i don’t know who the devil in disguise they told me about one of the best ways to get rid of pimples that acne was to go out and tan in the sun because tanning will really help to just like shrivel up those pimples and make sure your skin is even and healthy do not please feel love of god or for

The love of me i anyone do not do this sun exposure is the worst thing for our skin you know all the problems that people have with their skin i mean the reason skincare exists all of those things are aggravated and made worse by the sun the sun increases aging within the skin and increase in just dryness makes your pimples and acne worse and of course you can

Get skin cancer and as far as going out into the sun – kind of like shrivel up those pimples that’s just a myth not true whatsoever the last thing you need to be doing is going into the sun because the skin is trying to repair itself and be healthy and if you’re pounding it with damaging sunlight that’s only gonna make the repair process even slower the skin can

Sometimes be a lot more sensitive than we think and the last thing we need to be doing is making it harder for our skin to heal itself and i know that some of you guys may play sports or go outside a lot that’s fine just make sure you use the sunscreen and if you want to know what my sunscreen recommendations are i will link the video in the description box below

I go through all the best ones whether you have sensitive skin dark skin oily skin dry skin i cover it all there but just try to avoid it where you can and when you have to be in it wear sunscreen this is gonna help so much with your pimples in your acne and make sure that they heal way faster number four the best thing to do is have a simple four-step skin care

Routine a lot of times companies will try and sell you as many products as you can get to help with your acne you’ll use it for a few days or a week you realize that it’s not helping in any way and you’ll try to get more products try more things settle for diy skincare god forbid and you’ll only notice that your skin is getting worse and worse when it comes to

Sensitive acne prone skin your skin is really going through a lot of and it needs a simple repairing skincare routine to get you back on track the perfect skincare routine has four steps cleansing serum moisturizer and sunscreen just sticking with those four products can make your skin so much better and make sure that you’re not introducing your skin just so many

Different types of products or strategies that is only gonna irritate it even more if you want to learn more about those steps i will link my skincare 101 series down below it talks all about cleansing treatments moisturizing sunscreen and teaches you how to do each of those as well some of my favorite recommendations five whoever said you need to spend a lot of

Money on skincare to have good skin is a nasty liar do not trust them you do not need to spend a lot of money or get a lot of products to have good skincare a lot of my favorite products that i recommend on this channel are less than $15 sometimes $5 and work amazingly for taking care of the skin while skin care is an investment yes i mean obviously you have to do

Something to help your skin you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get it and i get it when i was a teenager i did not have any moola no sir i was a broke-ass broke so please don’t spend fifty to a hundred dollars on a single skincare product so that it can get you good skin they’re all much better alternatives some of my favorites being the ceo of a salicylic

Acid cleanser this one’s great you can find out pretty much every drugstore it’s good for sensitive skin but the ingredient salicylic acid is really gonna help because it exfoliates your skin by going deep into your pores and pushing out all the dirt oil and dead skin cells so that your skin can really heal itself where the ink ulis salicylic acid cleanser works

Really well and you can find at sephora or if you want something like a toner the paula’s choice 2% pha is magic in a bottle talk about this one all the time because this is the only product that physically made my pores look smaller like i woke up and i was like what the is this sorcery who cleaned out my face or for spa treatment my favorite is the clinique

Acne clearing gel it’s a little bit expensive but you use barely any and it’s the only one that i can rely on to really work like i showed you there’s a lot of options out there to help you get rid of acne and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on them number six stop using your same nasty ass pillowcase okay that’s gross this honestly changed the game for me

When i was a teenager i remember my brother hearing from someone saying that you should switch out your pillowcase every night if you’re struggling with pimples and i was way too lazy to do it until one day i was like okay whatever i’ll just buy seven pillowcases i’ll switch them out and see how this goes and it changed my skin’s so much it really helped clear up

A lot of that acne that i was struggling with the big juicy pimples okay at the gross ones it just really helped control my breakouts and made it a lot better of an environment for my skin and while it’s not the miracle step like i definitely think you need a skincare routine but it can be a great additional step to take to make sure that that’s not causing your

Breakouts and then number seven stop making your breakouts or your acne may feel like you are not beautiful because you are you are a boss ass she’s doing incredible things okay your acne and your breakouts don’t say anything about how cool of a person you are and how much you mean to your friends and family unless you’re like me who has no friends but that’s the

Side point you are beautiful your skin is beautiful and don’t you ever let yourself think that or i will come directly to your room and slap you across your beautiful ass face and tell you to be kind to yourself and those are all of my recommendations for things you should stop doing what recommendations do you have have you previously struggled with acne in the

Pastor do you currently struggle with it and notice something that really helped your skin i want to know about it let me know in the comment section down below remember everyone’s skin is different and some of these tips may work for you some of them may not but my goal is to have at least one of these things help you a little bit in your skincare routine so that

You can see some improvement these turns subscribe to my second youtube channel where it’s focused on empowering you to make a positive difference in the world right now from your phone and again i’m all ready be sure to subscribe to this channel and hit the notification bells that you can see my videos every single week and i’ll see you guys in the next video you

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