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Tegan and Sara This is your magic Instagram live

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– With tegan let’s see if we can do this this time i’m just doing a little housekeeping here live with tegan oh my god you guys remember last week when we tried to go live with tegan and it was just like a nightmare hope an acht mauer hopefully that will not happen this time hopefully i i’m cuddled up oh let’s see okay we’re gonna say yes it’s up to my rabbit er i

Couldn’t get closer to my router without cuddling it so let’s see if this works we can make this happen hello ie alright take two wait a second did you have you had a haircut since last week no does it look like great my haircut is holding up great it is it is good job good job have you i think i’ll be sure to tell my hairdresser if i ever see him again i forgot

He gave me that it’s holding up it really is it’s looking awesome you know what’s that i just i i showered after dinner and then let it dry naturally not a lot of people know this but i actually have curls in my hair yeah alright yeah so yeah you’re embracing your curls in quarantine yeah i guess i am embracing my curls in quarantine yeah how are you okay i was

Wondering if you have seen um there’s this there’s a site a profile or whatever an account on instagram called butch hair quarantine no but this sounds fantastic it’s so good it’s just like pictures of just like masks butchy people like growing their hair out in quarantine and then lots of pictures of like iconic cisgendered men who have sort of like long hair

Butch vibes is really funny okay i’m gonna check yeah it’s cool um thanks for trying again after the debacle last week oh it’s fine i mean what else do we all have to do other than trying to figure out our situations yeah just repeatedly try to connect with one another yeah exactly all night for me yeah i sort of wanna just like jump into things just in case we

Get weird like i felt like oh god i had so many i wasted my 10 minutes with you last time just kind of gabbing about like my hair or something i don’t know but i wanted to ask you a question cause i was thinking about how um you and sarah are so you really are icons and it’s like one thing to be iconic as an artist just in general because your music makes an impact

And but like you guys are queer icons and that carries such a different sort of weight and almost responsibilities and i i’m wondering like if you have any likes like what is it like to meet with your fans like people must like you must have a lot of like that’s like for you guys you know i always point out that it’s it’s a really exciting thing to be i’m sure a

Lot of artists feel this way i’m sure that you hear the same thing but it’s really cool to make something and then have people connect with it and then come up that it meant something or help them in some way or it just represents a time in their mind so and that never gets we’ve been doing this now for over 20 years and that never ever ever ever gets old and i do

Think that there i was just talking about this actually a few days ago but i’m saying that i think there is something about sarah nih’s music that or our career that extends beyond our music probably because we’re siblings and we’ve always look and we’ve always talked so much about ourselves and shared so much about ourselves that when people approach us it feels

Very personal like it doesn’t feel it’s very rare that someone will come up and and flip out it’s kind of cute when they do but like mostly people are like it’s not uncommon for me to be in the grocery store and someone to walk by me like what’s up to you keep doing what you get like okay great so i feel like that’s a testament to like there’s really no mystery

About us you know like we’re gonna like we’re just kind of like who we are and uh-huh you know so but it is amazing it’s so tremendous it’s such a cool thing to be able to connect with people that you don’t know yeah it’s rad i mean yeah it’s the biggest gift to make our and then have it be worse like get an audience it’s like coolest thing in the whole world i

Love like i don’t know i just i love i love queer community that it can be so casual where it’s like yeah we’re just all queers among queer isn’t semester like in bands and some of us like you know our nurses you know what i mean and it’s just like i mean everybody is so if not everybody i mean some people are super boring but like a lot of people are really cool

And interesting i don’t think you have to be in a bear no don’t i mean like or if you’re a writer or to be something you know public facing human being you know some of the most fascinating incredible humans that i met don’t you know have you know an instagram account you know like you can as people we contribute such different things but it is really cool the

The complexities of our community and how we with it and how look i feel like i meet queer people all the time that are just so cool on mike how are ya i am where i am and you’re like you know like what like for example people always used to bring up our hair like maybe like you guys are like you know trendsetters and hair icons i’m like but who do you think we

Are here awesome like we’re just looking at our own community and feeling influenced like we’re sort of all feeding each other you know so i hate taking credit in fact one time we won an award for her hair up here in canada really yeah at karen it was from cbc which is like our you know npr basic there are people you know yeah sort of thing anyway but i felt so

Embarrassed because i was like i mean really the credit goes star hairdressers but god though i feel like if i ever won a award for my hair iron i just feel like forget it’s always been about my hair i believe arising now oh no i frozen again talking oh i know it’s like your instagram life not me that this happens too you no yes yes i mean i think i’m gonna sign

Off and then i’ll come back on again okay you guys i’m just here to let you know that it’s not gonna happen i can’t i really can’t ask tekin to go through a whole nother thing of like tech destruction like we did last time around she’s so nice she probably would say yes but i would feel like a bad person or a jerk using up their time so i know that i’m talking

Here to like a bazillion like hardcore chica and sarah fans and i’m so sorry that it’s not working like i’m sitting right by my router and i don’t know i just don’t know why it’s happening like this you know i tried to check into my phone to see if it was my phone and my phone seems okay but i know chicken does them without issue and i’ve been doing them without

Issue with other people so um oh god i’m so sorry you guys i know it was gonna be so much fun so thank you so much for stopping by again i’m really sorry that we tried again and it didn’t happen it’s a big bummer so what do i have to say to you well if you are interested in a really cool political leader who is trying of doing a fight to try to get you know rents

And evictions stopped during cove it’d come back tomorrow at 8 o’clock her name is nithya raman and i’m going to talk to her and on thursday i’ll be answering tarot card questions and please come in and ask me a question and i’m really sorry that tia didn’t work out i’m very i’m very i’m very bummed out and i really appreciate you guys being here you’re welcome

For trying again okay all right bye everybody have a good evening it was cute while it lasted right now we know that tegan and sara want a hair award i hadn’t known that before clearly they earned it very humble though giving all of the props to their hairdressers okay i’m just recapping what you already know so i’m just gonna go now by

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Tegan and Sara “This is your magic” Instagram live By Lilgothemo