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Telmisartan tablets ip 20 mg | Telmisartan tablets | Telmisartan 40 mg | Micardis | Micardis 80

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Telmisartan an angiotensin antagonist medicine. telmisartan tablet is used to treat blood related problems it was by blocking the angiotensin receptor in short it is ARBs.

If you want to know about general information of medicine please subscribe your own youtube channel your pharmacist and press bell icon for latest notification welcome friends you are watching your own channel yt pharmacist in this video we will learn about a complete information about an antihypertensive drug that is tell me saturn which is also known as

Delmysaton hydrochloride information including its classification strength brand name by which name you can purchase it from medical store it’s uses in detail side effects doses how to take and at the end of the video we discuss about its contraindication which patient who should not take this tablet to know all these information in detail watch this video till

The end because incomplete information medicine is very fatal and before you start to win the most on this video please like this video and don’t forget to subscribe on channel by default assist so with the rest of time let’s just start the video hello friends tell me saturn is an angiotensin antagonist class medication which blocks the angiotensin receptor

In short it is arbs tell me certain tablet starts working within 3 hours and action lasts 24 hours tell me certain tablet is used to treat blood pressure related problem and it works similar to low sultan which is also an anti-hypertension drug and before this video i have made a separate video about losartan tablet if any of you wants to watch click on above i

Button and link is given in description tell me certain tablet is available in different strength such as tell me certain 20 milligram tell me certain 40 milligram and tell me certain 80 milligram tell me saturn is a zandik name or composition of drug it is available at medical store by its gender name tell me saturn with other that are brown nemo trade name which

Is given by pharmaceutical company the popular brand name which are available worldwide are mccarty’s tablet tell me lex tablet tail press tablet tell me kind tablet telestra tablet tail side tablet and many other and it may be found in area by other name because brand name are different according to area and dr choice you can purchase any of the brand which is

Easily available in having affordable price now we’re moving forward to its users in which disease dr edwards tell me certain tablet is tell me saturn is an anti-hypertensive drug it is mainly used to treat hypertension that is high blood pressure it is a condition when blood pressure rises more than normal which is 120 upon 80. buy that heart and blood vessel

Feel extra pressure on it and the common reason of hypertension and high blood pressure are if any family member has history of high blood pressure high salt right alcohol addiction or any other addiction stress kidney disease and last one is lifestyle it is advisable to monitor your blood pressure regularly after the age of 40. tell me certain tablet is also

Given to heart failure patient when heart does not pump sufficient amount of blood to reach all body parts the symptoms include shortness of breath excessive tiredness and swelling in legs and tell me saturn is also used to treat diabetic kidney disease which is also known as diabetic nephropathy it in this condition loss of protein through urine and swelling

Of the body may occur and apart from all these uses doctor can advise you this tablet in any other disease according to its experience tell me certain template side effects the undesirable effect which may seem during its use the common side effects includes infection of respiratory tract diahoria in long-term use back pain low blood pressure that is hypotension

Edema that is swelling of body and many other if you’re experiencing these or other under this undesirable effect stop using this tablet immediately and consult your doctor for further treatment and never to take this tablet in future tell me certain tablet doses what amount is advised by doctor the dose of a drug is depend upon patient age weight and severity

Of disease but the common recommended dose is initially tell me certain 20 milligram tablet is given to present once a day for one week if needed those increases to 40 milligram to 80 milligram and as a maintained therapy 10 tell me certain 40 milligram tablet or which is required given once a day for one month or longer is required tell me certain tablet can be

Taken before food or after the food and it is advised to take this tablet in morning for good result and many a time some other antihypertensive drugs are given with it at that time tell me certain tablet can be taken in afternoon or at night it is suitable to get best result take low salt diet and do regular exercise now at the end of the video we discuss about

Contraindication which are the patient who should not take tell me certain tablet a woman who is pregnant or planned to pregnant a lactation mother who is feeding to baby kidney failure patient fatty liver patient but when extremely needed can be advised by doctor with those adjustment that’s why always ask your doctor about your medicine history or your disease

History by that he can advise you suitable medicine for you so friends this was a general information about tell me certain tablet i hope you got a lot of new information from this video and like this video if you like this video press like button and share it to friends and family members and if you don’t subscribe on channel yt farm assist subscribe by pressing

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Telmisartan tablets ip 20 mg | Telmisartan tablets | Telmisartan 40 mg | Micardis | Micardis 80 By YT Pharmacist