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Temazepam Presentation

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Temazepam (pharmacology) info

Boys oh what am i doing in this clinic oh i dropped a bag of concrete on my foot and now it’s pretty sore that’s good all right so i’ve got um jeff coming in he’s a 52 year old smoker he likes to spend his nights at the club probably the reason why he got a divorce you know spend the night with those uh pub chicks um 183 centimeters where’s about 95 kilos i’d

Say it’s about i don’t know 28.84 bmi that’s there bring him in all right um hey ben yeah it’s not bad no but it’s good all right uh we’ll start by uh maybe breaking up your diabetes and hypertension how’s that going yeah i think it’s going good right now have you cut down on smoking yeah i used to smoke like a pack a day now smoking around half a pack of them

That’s good so uh no no serious problems with diabetes that i’m going to look at today no i don’t think so now i think it’s going all right all right and um why are you here to see me um i dropped a bag of concrete in my pool and i think it’s kind of swollen uh there’s kind of warning though let’s just have a look at it hmm i see excuse me one second yeah yeah

No no take the bumper um it’s actually infected it’s looking pretty bad and um i’m gonna try to keep him calm i think we’re gonna have to clean it out but he’s pretty stressed out we’re going to use tamazepam definitely it will keep him calm throughout the procedure so we can back in there i’m going to head down to the pharmacy now to grab some temazepam for our

Patient so if you just follow me this way hey how are you mate hey bro hi hey i’ll see you a sign tomorrow on sale good night we’ve you can choose whatever you want oh that’s great i’ll have that one thanks mate and do you want something hey i just wanted to let you know about the proposal for a bit um i’m just going to tell you some information about it all right

So you’re going to give me some information about yeah just just give me all right i’m just going to give you some information about tamazepam that’s that’s pharmacokinetics in this study in front of me it says that it bounced to plasma protein at the rate of 96 and it also has a short half-life of 0.4 to 0.6 hours and a terminal half-life of 3.5 to 18.4 hours

After a half-life of 10 hours the metabolites were formed and after half-life of around two hours they were excreted temazepam is known to have an anxilotic and hypnotic effects these properties result in a musk and muscle relaxation and reduce the anxiety and the relaxation of the cns which is the central nervous system the reason for these effects are thought

To be association between the sites of the action of gaba and benzodiazepine and finally the potential of gaba may be responsible for these effects zibazapan is completely absorbed by a gi tract and thought completely by plasma protein bound the big plasma concentration is thought to occur after one hour after the dosing that’s it for pharmacodynamics how you

Feel jeff i think this drug is making me feel really calm the mazepack so i’m just going to tape it up for you and you’ll be on your way awesome feels great okay does it feel alright yeah i reckon it feels really good thanks put your shoes on and thanks for coming in and i’ll see you for a review next week yeah before the procedure i gave jeff to mazenpanic to

Calm him down because he does have anxiety issues it did work he was very relaxed he even gave me feedback throughout the procedure saying that he was calm this did have a positive effect and we’ll definitely be using it on more patients like him in the future

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Temazepam Presentation By M Amin