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Ten tails cut off all the tails of Kurama and the Eight-Tails, Neji’s death, Kurama vs Ten Tails

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That’s you he doesn’t have those kinds of emotions of feelings he can’t be sensed it would be a different story if you tried it while engaged in sage mode though right all you’ll see is how immeasurable it is i had planned to capture those two before the ten-tails fully revived they’ll interfere with the jutsu madara you just want to test out the ten tails power

Don’t you but first and guy over i can heal him up later on listen up first we keep our distance and see what movie got a problem with that nope in fact i feel kind of happy there was no time to see his moves damn it it’s all you girl persistent i’ll give him that you gotta be nice and close we focused too much on the ten tails we left one octopus leg behind

But and tales tale naruto you really are a lot like me octopops it’s longer than before but that’s the limit that hurt fool me fo sure comes with a correspondingly large cost untrained already it’s meaningless to create shadow clones that’ll split up your chakra even more you were always just a motley crew anyway huh he’s saying it’s pointless to merely

Increase the number of heads if all of them are empty everyone actually shall eventually just end up like me you needn’t worry everything will go as planned so just disappear along with the risk of the world what he missed i can’t believe he shook off my byakugan aided spot-on mine transfer in just two seconds bill jami jutsu we’re here naruto you know what

Emily you worry too much guy-sensei do not tell me you only stay here adora me a sensory water sphere will maintain its original shape we better second company is also arrived third company has arrived you called that hiding the world’s greatest most invincible super-duper ninjutsu you know we’re gonna stop the both of you with this jutsu you’re wrong your side

Will eventually attempt what we’re doing anyway get it through your head already hope doesn’t exist in this world it is pointless to argue a theories or isn’t something during war good idea okay we’ll call it after we’ve erased all of you this world scatter kakashi told us the masked man is obito uchiha but there’s no time to be shocked so first will impede their

Movement by destroying their vision jail by laser circuits ah along with the large volume of air point dust just stirred up by the gail styles but fort them from even sensing us at all and since their sheer bulk prevents them from hiding wave it’s a shikamaru’s old man like father like son else attack hidden stove proceed now after shutting down their senses pour

In the quick line lettuce i’ll find you two will add water to the mix fill up the pit and rapidly stir up the quick line dry it with the heat of fire style immobilised unbelievable without stopping ten-tails we wouldn’t have the chance to go after obito and madara however it’s best to assume that ten tails power can’t be some obi token stuff through all moves and

Jutsu but according to intel only for five minutes this open there clinging to doesn’t exist allied shinobi forces down just like their very lives at this point so this time they after us after ten tails well they would actually need to stop the ten tails then we didn’t immobilize ten tails we can’t target those two we have to find a way to stop that thing and

Be prepared to move and we get the plan from hq which specializes in immobilizing in oeg lick me up with kakashi roger kakashi it’s me reinforce your body with it using husky arm ourselves what despair my comma we won’t be in time good power unbelievable please listen to me calmly i have a plan to stop ten-tails our final act shikamaru were in the middle of a

War just like father said you are the key to our whole plan naruto neji rotate clockwise people die but if we’re defeated and lose this war the same as my father did hinata just know this the hyuga are the mightiest among the leaf i suppose this ought to do until the next transformation but afterward not just hosted within a corpse as a mere reanimation blowing

Yourself up as well is that i’d get caught in it and die too in short you’re in a very delicate position right now where you’re entirely at my mercy oh well so beard thoroughly cuttings to do can’t keep relying on you geniuses it’s my turn here’s a few more damnit hurry there’s a critical injury hurry naruto so remember he hold more than one life may have

Also have been one of them long ago why would you go so far for me even give up your life because after all unlike me you’re not a failure nanji your comrades i’ll never let my comrades die no matter what happens said i’ll never let my comrades die those were your words nikki’s really dead and all of your flippant words and ideals will become lies your mother

And father are gone your master jiraiya to obito the only thing that awaits you is naruto will fall shortly which will break the will of the allied forces you hold more than one life do you understand what he meant to you are not lies for he stored them in his heart and lived them out till the end it’s all of us we all hold those words and feelings in our hearts

Then just discard those words and feelings neji’s had to have been for nothing so please minded joey of course it’s more than one don’t forget about me either i know that i’ll clobber you and take over your body for good this time damn it left the future to you and died it seems naruto makes him uneasy enough sorry protecting me alliances my territory it

Wasn’t just mom and dad either yeah and edgy thank you too strahm ignitable let’s do this yeah

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