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Tennis Elbow Tenex Procedure by Dr. Tyson Cobb: Doug’s Testimonial

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My name is doug greer i am 49 and i teach the severe emotionally disturbed students at local high school for about five years i’ve had tennis elbow and both tennis and golf elbow and i’ve been going to my regular doctor for shots of cortisone when they were all really quick fixes and when i went recently to go to him to get another shot of cortisone because it was

So sore and golf was getting ready to start doctors said i’ve had too many and it was time to have something more done so he referred me to dr. cobb and sitting with dr. cobb i i was asking about they took an x-ray and he told me that i definitely needed some surgery to relieve the problem and when i talked him about it i asked him about waiting until october

November because you know i’m not very good at golf i still love to golf and and he had said well there’s a new procedure out and the procedure is called 10x and it’s something that has very little downtime if any at all would you be interested and i said oh yeah anything that could alleviate it and without any major disruption in my arm and he explained the

Surgery to me and so i decided to go for that when i woke up from the surgery i felt very rested and relaxed and yeah you know my left elbow was wrapped and it was sore but there was a difference in the pain it was not the sharp intense pain that i had been feeling for a long time so i knew there was a difference the next day with my wife we took the wrap off

And looking at the little piece he had over the cut and the three drops of blood that were there with no stitches i was i was still flabbergasted even though i was told that’s what to expect and my pain level was not very strong and you know i went i had the surgery on a friday and saturday i took it easy and i went back to work monday and didn’t have to take

Any time off except for the day i took off for the surgery and what am i concerned it’s how long i’d be out for golf and like i said before i’m not very good but i love golf and the doc said you can go when you’re ready so when my regular saturday morning golf called me and said we’re ready to start this year the next week a week in a day after my surgery i said

I’ll give it a try i told him i would start slow and if i had to leave the course because of the pain i would and he said okay and i golfed 18 holes and then i entered a golf outing of my club the next day and golf to another 18 holes so in 24 hours i got a little more in 24 hours i golf 36 holes and the nice thing it was definitely sore from the surgery it was

Still i had still some soreness i did not have to wear the brace that i’d wore for so many years when i golfed and after i was done golfing and went from a pain level of numbers from a 4 or 5 of a soreness to almost a zero so a week after i had the surgery my pain level was gone since my surgery i have recommended dr. cobb to five of my friends and told them to

Make an appointment and go meet with dr. cobb and see what he can do for them

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Tennis Elbow Tenex Procedure by Dr. Tyson Cobb: Doug's Testimonial By Tyson Cobb