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Terbinafine, toe nail fungus, home remedies, over the counter on the shelf get rid of toenail fungus

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I had fungus on my toenails, I tried many different topical drugs with no success.

Hi good morning everyone one more video and that’s all i’m gonna do about this toenail stuff this is only my second one but i want to tell you about a little history of the old toenail fungus a few years ago i was swimming at a local pool and i wasn’t wearing any protective footwear when i went had a shower and from there i got a bad case of athletes foot and then

The toenail fungus arrived shortly thereafter now i’m not a doctor so i don’t know if those two worked in conjunction with each other but it it was quite bad and i mean i have a dremel and i was doing everything like dremel in the toenails off and grinding them off and all that kind of stuff i tried literally i would say every over-the-counter and on the counter

Prescription tried some home remedies lemon juice and toothpaste and all sorts of weird stuff so anyway to no avail nothing worked the only thing that worked was this drug called terbinafine there are some side effects that you can have from it apparently one of them is liver damage you once you get on to this drug you have to go and have regular screening done to

Ensure that you don’t have any liver damage aside from that i ever had any any of side effects other than the cleaning up of my toenails no from the last video that i that i have made the left foot was the one that was affected the worst if the left toenail was completely gone and all that was there was one of those great big hard yellow gross callus ii looking

Nails that everybody knows and loves so much on that foot there was the big toe the middle toe and the baby toe throws three toes on that foot and then two toes on this foot the that was affected here was the middle toe and the baby till you can see right now i have this mark in my big toe here what that’s from is i stubbed my toe and i ended a crack in my toe

Nail up the middle of it so that’s what that is it’s got nothing to do with nail fungus but it was quite a quite an owie when i did it but as you can see uh everything has worked out great for me there was a question or a comment made by my doctor which i mentioned in the last video that he said maybe i might have some reoccurring nail fungus so that last video i

Took was over a year ago and i haven’t had anything anything at all return so that said terbinafine term benefit te rb i and i f ine turban effing i hope i got that right but you can look that up and you can see what it does and all that kind of stuff so i’ll also provide a link in the comments below so that you can actually go up ahead and look for that yourself

So again nothing has worked except for the terbinafine and if you do have this nail fungus yourself i strongly recommend that you go and get prescribed the drug because there is no better way to get rid of it than that anyways i hope you enjoyed this video and please enjoy yourselves have a great day and god bless

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Terbinafine, toe nail fungus, home remedies, over the counter on the shelf get rid of toenail fungus By Michael Meservia