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Terrence Keene as Creon

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Hello terence keane reading the part of creon you’re here to plead for her life or have you decided to respect my authority i follow you to hell and back dad i’ll always be your son no matter who i’m supposed to marry good sons are supposed to respect and follow their fathers that’s all a man can ask for loyal sons if his sons won’t respect him who else will

More girls will come along you’ve had one you’ve had them all but this one spit her out if she can’t respect the laws of thieves do you think she’ll respect your marriage no if i say she dies she dies i won’t look like a liar to my people i won’t let a woman undermine my authority but it all falls apart all respect for me will be gone it’ll be anarchy no

I’m going to defend my authority you have your reasons and they make sense i’m not here to argue with you good but other men have theirs you see i’m on the streets every day and i hear what the people say dad they think she’s innocent they’re saying that she deserves a statue for what she did they’re against you on this i i’m not arguing with you it’s just

You know i love you dad and i care about our reputation too that’s exactly why i’m asking you not to just ignore everybody else and act like you’re the only one that’s right i just think that’s a dangerous path a wise man would be flexible he knows that he has learning to do but he doesn’t think that makes him look weak like kind of like when a hurricane blows

Through the trees that bend with the wind are left standing but the stubborn ones crack and get destroyed and you’re the 20 year old wise man that i should be listening to dad forget my age just listen to what i’m saying you’re encouraging lawlessness dad you know i wouldn’t plead for a criminal so now she’s not a criminal then you don’t respect my authority

To most of thieves she is not a criminal so let’s let the mob rule our state huh no they won’t tell me what to do and i sound like a child this is my state to rule and i don’t want you to be the ruler of empty streets and burnt buildings oh you’re already lost i should have known that girl has you on a leash i’m not ashamed to be in love with somebody i hate to

Have to break this to you once again but you’ll love a corpse you’ll marry a corpse right well if that’s the case she won’t be the only death under this roof how dare you threaten the life of your father do you even hear me you know i knew you would come to argue with me on this i knew it you’re a woman’s slave somehow i raised this i’m talking to nobody

You’re going to be controlled by women your entire life that’s who you are you know what i’ll have her executed right in front of you that way when it’s over you’ll come out of the other end of man no you won’t because you’ll never see me again get someone else to listen to your rants you

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Terrence Keene as Creon By terrynyc