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Tetracyclines Pharmacology Mnemonic for Nursing (NCLEX) | Antibiotics Side Effects

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Study this Tetracyclines pharmacology mnemonic and other NCLEX mnemonics with Pixorize.

Tetracyclines are a class of broad spectrum antibiotics in this mnemonic video we will teach you an easy way to remember everything you need to know about tetracyclines for the nclex let’s get started today we’re visiting this little boy’s driveway where he’s learning how to ride a bicycle this red shiny bicycle is our symbol for the drug class tetracyclines

Because tetracycline and bicycle both have cycle in them get it plus this boy’s bicycle still has training wheels attached to it so these four wheels can help you remember that we’re talking about tetracyclines because tetra means four tetracyclines are easy to recognize because they end with cycline some common tetracyclines you might see on test day include

Doxycycline or minocycline just remember this bicycle when you see a drug ending in cycling this little guy has been outside riding his bicycle all day and now his mom is calling him in for dinner he’ll definitely need to use that hand sanitizer she’s holding you know how kids get when they’ve been outside all day dirty plus who knows how many times this guy has

Fallen while learning how to ride his bicycle yeah hand sanitizer is definitely a must here by the way here at pixer eyes we use hand sanitizer to symbolize antibiotics because they are both used to kill bacteria tetracyclines are a broad spectrum antibiotic meaning they can treat a really wide variety of bacterial infections just remember this bottle of hand

Sanitizer to remember that tetracyclines kill bacteria not viruses or fungi next let’s talk about some side effects of tetracyclines this boy has a really bad sunburn from being outside riding his bicycle all day especially in a hot sunny desert like this you can use this boy’s sunburn to help you remember that tetracyclines cause in other words it makes the

Skin more sensitive to the sun so people taking tetracyclines are more likely to get sunburns educate your patients to wear sunblock and protective clothing when outdoors and if possible to avoid direct sunlight uh-oh this boy has taken another tumble causing him to face plant into the dirt dirt has gotten all over including in his teeth this boy’s dirty teeth

Are here to symbolize tooth discoloration if tetracyclines are given to children it can cause permanent discoloration of their teeth usually a gray or brown color for this reason it is best to avoid tetracyclines in children this tooth discoloration can even happen to a fetus if a pregnant woman takes tetracyclines during the third trimester we’ll talk more

About pregnancy later but for now just remember the dirty teeth for tooth discoloration this boy’s mom is all ready for dinner if only her boy would just wash up and come inside she is holding a glass of milk to try and convince him to come in but it doesn’t look like it’s working this glass of milk is our symbol for well milk just like this boy is saying no to

The milk patients taking tetracyclines should avoid milk and other high calcium foods the mom also has a bottle of tums tucked under her arm prepared for any indigestion after dinner but once again the boy is saying no use this bottle of tums to symbolize antacids since tums are a popular brand of antacids right and like before patients taking tetracyclines

Should avoid taking antacids both calcium and antacids can bind with the tetracycline drug and prevent its absorption in the body so best to stay away last but not least take a look at that tarantula there on the boy’s bicycle tire the big tarantula scared the boy and that’s what caused him to fall off the bicycle into the dirt i can’t blame him that tarantula

Does look scary here at pixarize we use a tarantula to symbolize that a drug is teratogenic or toxic to the fetus we mentioned earlier that it can cause tooth discoloration in the fetus but more than that it can also impair bone mineralization because of this tetracyclines should not be given to pregnant women all right that’s everything for tetracyclines let’s

Quickly summarize tetracyclines are easy to recognize because they end in cycling like doxycycline or minocycline tetracyclines are a broad spectrum of antibiotics and can treat a wide variety of bacterial infections tetracyclines can cause photosensitivity so patients should be advised to wear sunblock and avoid direct sunlight tetracyclines can also cause tooth

Discoloration in young children tetracyclines should not be taken with milk or antacids as they prevent drug absorption and finally tetracyclines are teratogenic and should not be given to pregnant women thanks for joining me in this mnemonic video i’ll catch you in the next thanks for watching for more videos like this one subscribe to our channel and check out

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Tetracyclines Pharmacology Mnemonic for Nursing (NCLEX) | Antibiotics Side Effects By Pixorize