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Metformin for anti aging on TRT? Metformin: Best TRT Add On or Not? What is the metformin for longevity dosage?

Let’s talk about metformin um in the context of anti-aging or longevity how do you use it you can buy my workout programs as well as other merchandise in my webshop link in the description under this video personally we both use it we’ve been using it for years um the data mostly is inclined for diabetic patients but we know for optima for optimization there’s a ton

Of data as well showing that for longevity like to first of all a prevents near the neurodegenerative diseases like alzheimer’s and parkinson’s disease and beta amyloid buildup in your body i mean in your brain or misfolded proteins um cardiovascularly it improves your lipid profiles it cleanses the microbiome from toxicity and bad microbes that’s why most people

When they get diarrhea they’re actually flushing out the system it’s actually a good sign that you’re toxic and you need to titrate down in order to adapt to it so you can re-uh rebalance the gut microbiome um what else for cancer um oh yeah it’s for weight loss because it activates the ampk pathway which i like to take well david sinclair you know he’s like the

Number one master ph on epigenetics and longevity he likes to take a thousand milligrams uh at bedtime the clinical dose for diabetes is anywhere it’s around 1600 milligrams to 2000 sometimes even higher but that’s typically what people take we i personally take a 500 in the morning 500 at night i like to take it in the morning on a fasted stay because of the ampk

Uh activation which is kind of like a sensor for fat burning and longevity so i like to take it to activate it because when you’re fasting it turns to switch off so this helps to switch it on get me more of the fat burning mode and it just works well for me you know for i’m always the practical guy like why right why take metformin so first of all you know it’s

One of the most well researched medications in the world right it was you know developed back in 1920s or discovered in the 1920s that the research really began in the 50s and so on and you know now now traditional medicine is coming around to it they’re kind of like 10 years late to the party they’re finding phenomenal things you know anti-cancer properties but

Um for me it’s as simple as you know and you and i have talked about this immensely in regards to testosterone and everything else no question that modern society in our modern style living has given us a better quality of life but there’s some consequences to that right like the environmental toxicity and you know there is no other time in history where you have

Had a room full of people developing taste profiles i mean the food industry has spent billions upon billions of dollars you know developing taste profiles that light up our brain the same way that sex does negativity addictive addictive patterns right and so we have become as a society really addicted to certain foods um now not to mention obviously the enormous

Amount of sugars that are constantly being introduced into foods right with names that we can’t even pronounce and most people don’t read nutrition levels like let’s face it right um aside from that you know like look at restaurants umami right like it’s the perfect ratio of fat salt and sugar they call it the perfect taste bud storm that exists nowhere else on

The planet you know in whole form right so you know and add to that also that we’ve been under this low-fat crazed diet indoctrination for the last 50 years which we know when you reduce fat you got to increase what sugars and carbohydrates right um and so that has caused what we have seen now so many people in pre-diabetic and diabetic levels right well which

By the way we like to consider pre-diabetic it’s kind of like you’re halfway pregnant you’re either pregnant or you’re not pregnant right so pre-diabetic markers for us is as good as diabetes it’s literally it’s bogus right so um so so here’s what happens right we we introduce all the sugar into the system we have glycation of sugar into the system which is time

To amount to sort of like putting acid inside of the hoses and tubes of your car right eventually that stuff begins to erode your piping system which is called the endothelial system you’re in the front so your body is so magical that it actually tries to protect you against the assault that you’re causing so then it starts to patch up the walls and to harden the

Arterial walls which then decrease the blood flow which then ends up in a heart attack right so again the reason why we take it’s like well you know i don’t need metformin like i’m not a diabetic and i’m not obese but hey you know i don’t grow my food i don’t have a cook that cooks all of three of my meals in whole form and even if you buy it right i know we have

Something it’s unreal we actually have somebody that comes and cooks their food because we’ve seen that all the oils they use and restaurant even category five best most famous restaurants use you know canola oil so we have somebody that comes to our house and actually cooks right but most people that’s unrealistic right and so you know you’re not gonna cook all

Your meals and whole forms and even if you buy organic it still has like 50 and over pesticides in them right so we do it to protect ourselves against our modern style living that that we’re subjected to right like that it’s just truth like you know if a friend comes from out of town and he invites me to a restaurant you know chances are i’m gonna go right so but

I’ll take two thousand milligrams of that for me so i know i’m gonna eat cheesecake right so and so we do that we do that to mitigate the cost of our modern style living and because look i can’t control what the chef does in the kitchen i can’t control nabisco and all these food you know if you eat anything in a package chances are it has some form of sugar or

Some form of insulin spiking agent or foreign substance right your body doesn’t even recognize that you cannot control so in order to kind of protect ourselves against that we take metformin which is a protection and an aid for longevity right because you know for us longevity is over everything we value our internal health more than our aesthetics like i’d rather

Give up some aesthetics then you know have a a healthier lifestyle and you know that’s also the problem with our modern style living is that we’ve been able to improve lifespan but we spend more of that lifespan sick so it’s not necessarily like that we’ve increased the quality of life throughout that lifespan right so that’s our point yeah i know and there’s a

Couple of things that we use along with that which by the way i wanted to just before i forget there was a study that showed because most of these studies are like earthworms and rats and stuff and i guess i don’t know the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want to make human studies because they might just blow the gasket off you know the society of of like sickness

To get people this is not good for big pharma exactly it’s not good um and one study showed that patients who were diabetic uh taking metformin lived longer lived 15 longer than those who were helping people that did not take metformin and who were not diabetic which then there was like a earthworm study that the earthworm gave me metformin twenty percent longer

The mystery six percent yeah and and the reason why they do it on mice is because there’s a lot of like similarities the way we react but their longevity system is much different than ours and you know it’s kind of interesting if your insurance gets like news that you’re taking metformin they will mess up your premiums if you have life insurance and they find out

That you are taking metformin they could cancel your life instead and it’s like why right so it’s it’s it’s an interesting question it’s an interesting question not only that uh what are you gonna say yeah one of the typical comments or questions i always get whenever we mention metformin for longevity it’s bad for your gains is there anything to that yes i was

Gonna get that eventually but wait let’s stay on the longevity side for a second we also were trying right now spermadine is the next thing because it activates fox03 uh genes which are longevity markers then metformin activates the am keep ampk and um resveratrol activates the sirtuin genes they’re all longevity markers so the more we can activate these longevity

Markers the better for example having leftover nad in your blood that’s not being utilized will also increase longevity because it activates the situation so we like to take a mixture of everything you know to not just focus on one part of the aging gene but rather as many genes as we can activate another thing before we get to the lower testosterone mitochondria

Response which we’ll tell you about that one thing that we’re about to start using a lot with patients again for optimization purposes so they can learn better in real time how to gauge what they’re eating so i’m sure you tried this steven we’ve done it before and we find it useless to be counting calories yes does it work yes if i’m gonna be a bodybuilder and

I’m trying to like target a specific thing but i’m not gonna live my life like that i plan to have a kid next year i have like i don’t have time for that and nor do i want to live my life like that but i do want to understand how my liver responds to food so for example i’m wearing right now the freestyle leaving it uh glucose sensor which is this one basically

Freestyle leaving it so it has about a 30 deviation so usually you need a finger pricking as well but it’s just to get an idea so let’s say for example like give you it gives you a ballpark figure exactly like right now if i scan myself right let’s say i ate right let me scare myself from so people can see how it works my blood is around 99 right so we’d like to

Try to keep the time the range between 70 to no more than 120 even when you eat right if you go over 140 clinically shown that you cause an inflammatory response in your body an insulin spike which we all know that stores fat is not good for you so we try to tell our patients hey we don’t care what you eat go try your twinkie and see if that works out as soon as

They have the twinkie and their sugar shoot up to 200 i think you’re gonna know really fast hey i might need to avoid this food or maybe eat a little bit yeah so for example an objective measurement that helps control like it doesn’t lie right numbers don’t lie exactly so if i like cheesecake and i go and i ate the whole cheesecake again i tell you don’t go over

140 uh nanograms per deciliter and all of us i mean milligrams per deciliter and all of a sudden i eat the cheesecake and i go up to 160. next time i go let me eat half i ate half you know i go to 140 the whole thing oh i’m still high let me go out again next time let me eat a quarter oh now i’m in that 120 range and the interesting is i can eat my food my cheat

Meal but i’m not causing too much of a super physiological inflammatory damage to my body which is what we want we want people to wear this just like two months just have an idea of what you’re eating and i promise you’re gonna notice really fast what foods cause a spike and what foods don’t which ones don’t protein complex carbohydrates like cruciferous vegetables

Fats things of that nature and even even like even even how you combine foods right because you know the worst thing that you could do for example when you’re breaking a fast is to eat sugars and and you know and fats together so there’s been enormous data and also we’ve tried it with this when you eat the protein first and then you add on carbs your insulin spike

Is less and also this is where my forming comes in we’ve done it without performance and with metformin and metformin does not allow it improves that sensitivity to across a certain threshold which is which is ideally what you want to use it for that does not mean for all you people watching right that does not mean that you are going to eat merformin and then

Eat whatever you want that’s not what this is about this is not about a cheat this is about to help you and aid you in this process right just like supplements it’s not like you your supplements oh i got all my vitamins that’s why they’re called supplements they’re supplementing your diet but you cannot replace food and lifestyle so and you know also for your for

Your for your listeners we’ve also been uh really uh getting into another medication that i think is available in europe is called cemagletide yeah so you know the samaglotype basically uh delays gastric emptying right so it slows down the speed ratio which your food traverses through to the gi tract so the net effect of that without bothering you with the sirens

Or boring you with the science the net effect of that is that uh you get the feeling of satiety really really fast into eating like three four five by 10 you’re super full um you remain uh full for a long time and also it suppresses your hunger but it doesn’t suppress it in the world by improving the leptin so it’s like you don’t have to even think about it right

It makes it so easy and it’s not like phentermine where you’re all like shaky or dry mouth and it wrecked all these functions it’s amazing it also reduces inflammation in a lot of your organs so we we have used it to incredible results when combined with obviously a proper hrt protocol or trt protocol and obviously you know you also got to talk about diet but it

Makes again we have been under the exposure of the food industry we’ve had which has developed we still we unconsciously certain addictions to certain foods so you know the average patient that we’ve had on this medication has lost 33 pounds roughly but which that’s the the study like one of the strong studies show that the average person loses around 33 pounds

Right and and we’ve seen that we’ve seen that in our practice but more the what i think is the coolest and by the way him and i have both tried uh somali i’m i’m still magnetized and it’s been eight weeks i love it i don’t have to think about overeating right it pumps the brakes i’m not morbidly obese i don’t have diabetes but it’s the same theory that we use with

Testosterone right micro doses of this stuff um and what i’ve seen what it has taught me and what i have heard as a feedback this the the sort of pattern of feedback that i’ve received from semaglite is man it has really changed my associations to food so it recalibrates not only how you think about food but that sort of euphoric experience because let’s face

It for some people food is a social thing it’s not nutrition it’s social it’s a it’s uh entertainment it’s pleasure right and that comes from these taste profiles that we’ve been talking about so with some adult eye it’s like sometimes you think about food and you’re like it’s just you’re not turned on by it right so it changes some of the associations that for

Example someone who’s 50 pounds overweight it’s very difficult for them to drop weight because when food is presented they get all these you know their brain lights up like an addict right so some magletite helps in mace immensely with this so kind of sociosomatic kind of attachment to food and we’ve used such a great success so i definitely uh for your watchers

It’s a good thing to research and and and since it’s available in europe we strongly recommend it oh yeah so let’s get into the sorry can we completely but it kind of you know relates because that’s what it’s used for a lot as well so regards to um the the side effects or the uh affecting the athletic performance so it’s apparently found that it reduces uh

Testosterone coq10 b12 and to chris’s turn um what was it what’s the other one and it you can suffer from lactic acid oh lower mitochondria it reduces your home uh mitochondria function so unless you’re a competitive athlete that you know like a fraction of a second can cost you a knockout the the finals of the game right understands of a race understand lay

Off the metformin because it could impact performance i’ve personally experienced it myself so it’s just one of those choices do you want longevity or are you a professional athlete and are you willing to do whatever it takes to be number one right so yes could it slow you down unless you’re a competitive professional that’s making millions of millions and millions

Of dollars i wouldn’t worry about it yeah so to kind of echo that the mere mortal you know if you’re taking your proper supplements and you’re on testosterone therapy you’re not going to feel the difference yeah it’s very like you have to be so the difference is so minimal that you have to be released you have to literally be a professional athlete or you have

To train like a beast to understand damn i feel i slowed down my re i you know i did two reps like literally people who actually jot down i did two reps less my time is slower yes you’ll find a little bit but unless again you’re making millions it doesn’t matter let’s face it i mean if you’re on testosterone therapy you should be taking b12 anyways if you’re

Interested you should be taking coq10 anyways right so you know you’re you know taking midforming or adding midfireman is only a valuable thing right but be cautious about adding it with coq10 b12 and these mark i mean these other substrates in order to prevent any problems and the lactic acidosis that’s usually for a diabetic patient that’s taking like i think

It’s like four or five thousand milligrams a day and we’re we’re talking about 500 to no more than 1500 milligrams yeah you know um so that’s about it with that consider becoming a channel member for exclusive features like loyalty badges early access to new videos funny stuff like rough cuts and bloopers members only photos and status updates on the community

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