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The 2022 No Menthol Sunday Toolkit Reveal

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– Order materials and learn more about Wisconsin’s 2022 No Menthol Sunday celebration.

No menthol sunday is uh the center for black health and equities national faith-based observance day it’s a time where we try to get faith leaders from all over the country to have those tough conversations about the role of menthol in their communities and we rely heavily on coalitions and on states like wisconsin to really blow it out of the water i of course

Just as someone who has been at the first stage i was it was this whole observance day started off with del monte jefferson our executive director and myself in a parking lot and he said we need to have a no menthol sunday day just like world no tobacco day and let’s go make it happen and i didn’t know what we were going to do as a first step but as a first

Step we built this toolkit that we’re going to show you today that was back in 2015 and since then partners like all those who are here on the panel have really taken the concepts and those materials to another level and i love love love to see it um i’m excited and proud to say that last year we had about 37 states involved we want to see every single state do

It the way wisconsin does it um but when you look online and to see the kind of media that we’re getting we are reaching hundreds of thousands of people with this message so just know that your work is never in vain even if you don’t see that traction the way that you want to see it right away we have a couple of goals with no menthol sunday and i want to share

Those with you really quickly before we go into the parts of the toolkit number one with no menthol sunday we love to make sure that we are promoting culturally competent cessation tools and materials that resonate with black audiences at the center for black health inequity you know this event is all about um working with the black church and those people who

Are believers of whatever faith it’s an interfaith um an interfaith effort but definitely using um those leaders and those trusted voices in inside those um spaces is really really necessary for helping those who want to quit to quit and guiding them in places where they will get the message the next thing we want to do always is what has this panel has done so

Beautifully is to keep every single generation in remembrance of the evils of the tobacco industry and their lies and the way they try to snatch our real legitimate issues and twist it to their own benefit we want to make sure that young people are not duped and not confused about who the tobacco industry is when they see it take other forms like vaping and the

And the like and then thirdly we love that no menthol sunday is a real way to encourage advocacy because within people’s faith-based spaces they um there’s already a level of trust and and many faith-based organizations have already established credibility with their communities this is a place where people can learn a little bit about no menthol about menthol and

Um in its role in our community and move straight into action and so we like to be able to equip people with what you’ll see in the toolkit today so that they can just get started in your faith-based community especially in the traditional black church you already have a place you already have volunteers you already have a table or a bulletin board or something

You may have a social media platform or two so we encourage um especially a lot of churches that even have access to am radio stations so we encourage you to take the poetry you heard today and place it take the imagery that’s available in the toolkit and stick it somewhere make sure that these images and these messages get out to our community because just like

We shared earlier many smokers even in our own families or people who don’t smoke who just love a smoker our people don’t always understand what’s happening on the political on the political front they don’t understand the tactics of the tobacco industry they don’t know how the tobacco industry has infiltrated and marketed us and so a lot of times what we think

Was just a personal choice no menthol sunday is the time where we get to tell people the truth um so that they can be motivated to take action so we love to see that we want to encourage you all to do that when you are working with your communities i want to make sure that you involve sister harriet nem okay you know who that is that is maybe the retired nurse in

Your church she’s probably an elder she usually wears a big hat or a white coat you know who she is and she always has the ear of the pastor okay we want to make sure that she’s involved because she’s not afraid to talk about hard issues and she already knows a lot about how to fight right the next group you want to make sure stays involved is going to be what we

Call the woke ones you know the woke ones these are your college students your high school students are always mad and angry about something put this information in their hands okay because they are not afraid to challenge and make a whole lot of noise all over the digital internet and the interwebs okay so let’s let them go into action make sure you involve your

Young people and then thirdly i suspect a lot of people here on this call are a part of what we like to call mr or miss coalition builder right those folks who know how to pull together multiple churches multiple denominations you’ve got the state um tobacco control department in your in your in your backyard who’s already has deliverables you can use no menthol

Sunday as a way to reach some of those tobacco control deliverables that you may already have we know that you already know who the um the non-profits are in your community so work with your coalitions get together think about how you want to observe no menthol sunday make it your own um that’s really all i have to share with you today i want to just emphasize our

Theme for the year which is bold awareness okay we want you guys to be brass okay the tobacco industry has always been that way so we’ve got to be that way too we are in the fight to the finish like has already been said it looks like we’re about to see some real movement this year but whether or not that comes we are going to keep fighting and we are going to

Stick it out and i don’t want us to shrink back thinking that the federal level the fda is just going to take it away i want us to stay on our grind and stay in the ring michael will you please share the pieces of the toolkit thank you so much for troya appreciate that and what would we be doing if we send you into a fight without tools so what i’m going to do is

Walk through the tool kit that latoya talked about and i’m going to show you a number of resources that are available for you regardless of where you are we have some things that are available locally for wisconsinites and then we also have things that can be used nationally throughout the country regardless of your location and what organization you’re serving so

For this i’m going to share my screen with you and at the end i’m going to tell you exactly how you can go about getting the tools and the resources that you need to begin doing the work so latoya talked about the toolkit this is the national toolkit that has a number of resources and links inside of it which is going to give you access to all the things that you

Need to download some of the things inside of the toolkit are going to include our planning tools so we have a 10 day at a glance if you’re someone who’s working within an organization and community and you’re wondering like how do i really take action and how do i support this initiative this is something that you can use to kind of help plan activities up until

The day of no myth on sunday which is going to be on may 15th um you’re more than welcome to take this mix and match do it the way that works for you and your community but this is just a little tool to help you get some ideas about how you can proceed and use the items that we provide in the toolkit we also have a order form that i’m going to be sharing with you

At the end of my presentation here so if you’re in wisconsin and you want to put together some activities and you’re going to be leading groups of people within your community with the no menthol initiative and you want to wear the t-shirt to represent we have a way for you to be able to order t-shirts a lot of you who are here inside of the webinar have already

Registered and provided us with your size so we’ll make sure that you get that so this is going to be something that’s available as our thank you for supporting our work the next thing that we’re going to have is also signage and posters so we have lawn signs that are printed up that you can place in front of your organization or in front of your home that’s going to

Allow people to scan that qr code and take them to the national no menthol sunday website so that they can read more about the campaign and get access to the resources in addition to that we have social media graphics and that’s something that is already available on our website which will also make available to everyone again who registered um so that you can start

Spreading the word and raising some awareness about nominal sunday there we go um you’ve already heard from shai one of our spoken word artists we also have ashimu who’s going to be joining us as well but we have these brochures that we have printed out but are also available digitally so with the digital version there’s a link inside where you can actually download

The audio recording of the reciting the poems you can use this in a number of different ways especially if you have access to um online website or maybe you’re doing some social media activity use these and your reels use this on your videos you can use this on the radio station if you need to be able to submit that for an ad we have a number of different ways

For you to use the audio files as well as the brochures that are part of the kit all right retailer engagement this is a huge one so we talked about um you know who is responsible for what and you know where do we focus our efforts one of the things that we’ve been able to do very well in the state of wisconsin is focus on retailer engagement not chastising

Them for selling tobacco products but educating them about their problem and the initiatives and then giving them tools that they can use to be able to figure out like how can i support this work and how can i take a role in this so our retail engagement our toolkit for that is going to be available for those who want to go to their local retailers start that

Conversation we have a number of retailers in this in the city of milwaukee in milwaukee county who are going to be hanging no menthol sunday posters and who have agreed to not sell menthol products on the menthol sunday we also have the palm cards we talked about the tip from former smoker these are printed on palm cards that you can hand out at events you can

Use within your organization you can also post them at social media content again we have posters that can be hung up in retailers but can be also hung up inside of your organization just to bring some awareness and some education to people who see them we have things for youth kids young adults uh adults um this is something that we are very proud of every year

People love love love the coloring book every year we feature a different artist for the coloring book this year is a artist out of the city of milwaukee named shami who has designed the coloring pages that you’ll see inside of the coloring book we have printed copies of these so if you want to bring these to your organization distribute them and get people together

To have a coloring party that’s something that you’ll be able to do we’ll be able to get those provided to you and then in addition to that for those of you who are located in the city of milwaukee we already have a date secured so shiny has agreed to uh take it to the next level and not just draw the pictures that are inside the coloring book but she’s also going

To host a coloring party which is something that she’s been doing for the past couple of years within the city of milwaukee this is going to be done at the quality of life center uh in the milwaukee on may 14th at noon so if you’re in the city and you want to bring family and friends or help promote um this is the event that you can do that for in addition to the

Coloring party there’s going to be a lot of other activities going on there’ll be vaccinations going on for those who need it there’ll be food provided so it’ll be a nice family-friendly day feel free to join us for that and we’ll make sure we make it nice and easy for you to share that information when the time comes to start setting up the registration

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The 2022 No Menthol Sunday Toolkit Reveal By Jump at the Sun Consultants