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The Anabolic Doc Answers: Are There Comparable Safe Alternatives To Steroids?

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Foreign i was never going to be a man’s physique didn’t have much of an offseason i like his physique better i’m always very energetic i would have to put me as one of the greatest mr olympia was one by the back so you know you mentioned that steroids basically are miracles for muscle growth right that’s a fact essentially you said it now i think other safer

Alternatives to steroids that are whether it’s a supplement whether it’s some kind of a herbal thing that that are safe to use and gives you not the same effect but something at least a ten ten percent of it or something like that all right that’s a great question so what let’s open the let’s open the toolbox can we take a look let’s take a look you know we go

From left to right right so what do we got in there we got you know androgenic substances right so testosterone boosters right longfellow jack tribulus all that i don’t know them all guys please i’m humble i’m an i’m a steroid research guy so you got testosterone boosters they do work they they work i mean some of this it’s variable and it’s it’s variable right you

Get a little effect and then let’s start going over then we move over from that this is apart from creatine creatine works amino acid complexes work come on vlad this stuff supplements some supplements really do work there’s no question okay so we have supplements and then and this is apart from diet and exercise organically i mean just supplements yeah correct

Correct diet exercise supplements behavior you know genetics training you know meditation you know high intensity interval training you know working out with you know the likes of dorian yates where he did with the one rep max you know all these training regimens which are incredibly scientific and functional for some people depending on who they are and where

They are in their career so then you have you have supplements so supplements work and then you have boosters which i just talked about which those work a little bit now sarms okay so now we’re in disarms sums would not be a safer option no no so so sarms i have a lot of experience with osterin legandrol rad140 then everyone always throws in mk which mk’s not

A concern it’s a secretary but they these are bought on peptide sites and they’re all mixed in together it’s all googly goop right it’s all kind of mixed in so these are peptides but they’re really of course they’re general peptides they’re just peds now sarms work but we don’t have data and forgive me i’m a science guy so i need data so we don’t have data it’s

Very it’s inconsistent dad there’s some studies on this stuff so those things work vlad oh they work but they cause severe prop they the brain doesn’t and if it’s this is like like versus the the the interview i was with with my colleague at harvard dr beshane in new york times oh my god five years ago where he he tested 50 psarms and it turned out that more you

Might have seen the article new york times google doc anabolic doc new york times sarms you’ll see my article and with him and it was half of them were bunkus they weren’t even what it was supposed to because it’s not regular and i don’t want regulation guys i don’t want regulation it’s not i’m not some governmental proponent here so those drugs work if you’re

Getting real legandro which you might real rad real austrian combine and then there’s a bunch of other ones and you you use them they work man but are they better or worse than anavar testosterone dianabol and the question is it depends on who you are and what you do there’s there’s quite so those are not safe alternatives those are steroids essentially but you

Asked for all these other agents so then we go into the world of steroids now i’m going to give you something i know you you guys this is we are looking to hear if you just if if a man says you know what i want to just get a little edge and i want to do something i understand i’m going to be on testosterone for life is it is it i’m not saying this should be done

Is it ethical to give i don’t do this in practice because i don’t want to it’s unethical potentially it’s man per man but what about a man just taking a little bit of testosterone you’ll get gains off it you’ll get will you be a top professional bodybuilder no but can you can you get some really nice gains and can you feel great but they’re going to be complications

Even with a little use you’re saying are you kidding me vlad no names mentioned this is my 20th year right so i’ve had not not bodybuilders i’ve had power lifters come to me no names mentioned that we’re doing steroids top power lifters right no one seems to give it about these guys 600 pound bencher mid fives raw 220 242 class seven eight hundred pound squatter

And deadlifters they’re on some steroids listen they come to me they’re in their 20s maybe 26 27. doc i gotta tap out take me away i can’t take it i’m scared i’m having some complications a lot of it’s usually sexual on and off so i take them in check the levels they’re low because they’re off maybe six months maybe a year maybe less and they’re suffering so this

Is 15 years ago so okay brother we give them we give this man and a few others some testosterone they they go you know i got to change my gym why are you changing your gym i i’m gonna be so weak i i i can’t i can’t go bc where i’m going um i can’t go back to this gym this day two day i get chills this day today this one particular man and there are a few others

But they’re very rare he is stronger than he’s ever been he competes in the top of the world and he’s on trt now does he give little baby doses of anavar on training days he has then he said you know i don’t even think i even need that i swear to you this man’s genetics are so good he’s so healthy he’s just on trt i swear and that’s the whole argument so is mike

O’hearn is he actually just on trt or is he completely naughty i mean this is the whole thing so that’s my take guys to to help men understand and get their head around i want to get a little something doc it’s up to you sir but if you don’t stay completely naughty it’s a light switch on or off but if you do a little testosterone and you feel great you’re gonna

Be on it forever if you don’t like that don’t do it if you don’t like the hair loss the gyno the you have to watch the heart the red blood cells the prostate this is what i do this is my day job so but can you live a phenomenal life and be strong but balanced because you’re not going to be the strong well this guy is the strongest guy in the world one of them but

It’s not his day job he has it it’s an he’s because men power lifters don’t make money even the top guys don’t make money you

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The Anabolic Doc Answers: Are There Comparable Safe Alternatives To Steroids? By Generation Iron Fitness \u0026 Bodybuilding Network