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The Art Of Being Right | House M.D.

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House comes up with a precise theory for a patient’s symptoms although everyone thinks he’s wrong, But even after being Right House takes a few extra steps to prove that his theory was right.

Are we talking about brandon gout uric acid crystals in the joints symptoms are pain swelling redness stiffness not one of which dressing on that boy because he doesn’t have gout every day cells die we survive because the remaining cells to buy and replace the losses the colchicine a gout medicine blocks mitosis and stop cell division which will result in abdominal

Pain rash nausea fever kidney failure low blood pressure and will also mess with the bone marrow but he doesn’t have gout why would he have gout medication because you guys were right in he didn’t have two conditions at the exact same time first he got a cough now because he’s an idiot he went to a doctor in order to justify charging $200 that doctor fell he

Should actually do something oops he wrote a prescription 7,000 people die each year from pharmacy screw-ups uh nearly as many as died from doctor screw-ups but still not something they use in their promotional materials the pharmacist gave him gout medicine instead of cough medicine and the only thing it wouldn’t do do absolutely nothing to relieve his cough

Occam’s razor the simplest explanation is almost always somebody screwed up but once he checked into this hospital he was completely in our control our food our pills our everything so even if you’re right no more gout medication you need either continue to deteriorate or he would have gotten better but he got better and then he got worse it doesn’t fit doesn’t

Make sense okay two people screwed up not as simple as one but he’s resting i watch her house i’m your son’s physician oh you’re the one we haven’t met yet you’re the one he hasn’t met how can you treat someone without meeting them it’s easy if you don’t give a crap about him that’s a good thing if emotions made you act rationally when they wouldn’t be called

Emotions right that’s why we have this nice division of labor you hold his hand i get him better if i start tucking him in at night well that’s not fair to you guys and if you start prescribing medicine well that’s not fair to me so what i want to know is who stepped on my side of the mat who cared enough to get stupid enough to give him his cough medicine when we

Checked him dr. foreman tuesday he’s getting better wednesday he’s getting sick again somebody gave him his cough medicine wednesday come on nobody’s gonna be mad i just want to know who tried to kill the kid dr. house maybe we shouldn’t leave throat was sore page dr. ahkam he’s gonna want to hear about this i’m sorry he was coughing and i just wanted to help me

She would dear where are the pills he took the last of him before he was switched into that room all gone it was just coffee dicin no it wasn’t where’s the bottle we need to know exactly what you put in this bottle we think of as colchicine a gout medication a prescription said cough miss and that’s what i just spent the family is prepared to waive liability all

Right we just need to know what it was what does it was cough medicine refill it he’s gonna be okay you don’t know that does brandon like that quality in you you’re a little negative things don’t always work out for the past it doesn’t hurt to hope they do no not unless that makes you figure you can do whatever you want like if people cough medicine this is cough

Medication it’s random was supposed to get a small round in yellow can you tell this man will the pills in your son’s medicine bottle actually looked like they were a small round in yellow exactly like this it was where the pills that brandon was taking hey i’m just pharmacist but i know what kaufman tusen looks like doctor was so perfect it was beautiful beauty

Often seduces us on the road to truth and triteness kicks us in the nads so true this doesn’t bother you that you were wrong i try to work through the pain i was not wrong everything i said was true fit was elegant so reality was wrong reality is almost always wrong cough medicine it’s something aggravate the condition it’s all over the place must be in his blood

What if it is his blood lymphoma unless you’ve got something better well we foolishly ruled out lymphoma because his ct scan showed no i’ve not that the cbc showed a normal different smear bone marrows show to screw the tests do an exploratory laparotomy and find out what’s in there he has no blood pressure no immune system and no kidneys surgery will kill him

Yeah you’re right let’s stick with the wrong pill theory that’s the scheduling for surgery brian’s not ready for surgery okay well let’s leave it a couple of weeks he should be feeling better by then oh wait wait this time doc he crashed wing prep he’s also experiencing pain in his fingers i think some bug may have gotten in the clean room i think we should double

His dosage of gcs after temporary boost his white blood cell count pena’s fingers right i again hey how y’all doing interesting fact every seven years it’s a whole new you inspiring metaphor huh dr. house this is a clean room yeah i read the sign it sells a different organs reproduce at different rates so you know kidney every three years and stomach lining every

Week this is why colchicine poisoning causes all these symptoms but once we went to the pharmacy we saw the pills colchicine does its damage in a very specific order first of all there’s the pain in the abdomen the rash the fever isn’t know what you got first then the kidneys go which is exactly what happened to brandon right screws up your bone marrow and then

Neuropathy painful tingling in the fingers and toes what do you suppose happens after that hair loss the bad news is your special boy is doing drugs no he’s not ecstasy no ties with dan and mike you know what they cut that stuff with apparently called you see unless you ingested the culture scene through your contact lens solution or a skin cream or some other

Drug you’re lying about i don’t know how it happened i don’t care how it happened it happened start brandon lovely start brandon on fab fragments get him some tylenol for the hair i pull out and get some air in here make a note should never doubt myself i think he’ll remember you know wouldn’t hurt you to be wrong every now and then what you don’t care about these

People the culture scene interferes with the ability of the heart muscle to contract pumping blood lowering your blood pressure the antibodies were giving you should neutralize colchicine allowing your heart to be that’s normal rate and well you know i know big weekend it’s not for me i’m fully stocked cuddy guys are doing inventory nope price all that kids

Case the gout medicine od yeah the fact that i know it’s a gout medicine od that seems to indicate the case has already solved well you’d be wrong what about the fact that the kid is now i believe the technical term is not sick you know how many forms the colchicine there are in the market stop neither do i that’s a lot pills powders liquids iv fluids somewhere

At a party and his coffee up his nose in his ear this kid had some so you’re not happy with your ecstasy theory say use it twice people lie yeah you’re gonna lied you know what i’m not interested not curious no because i’m well-adjusted right i suppose i could have some of those cough pills huh okay right yes should invite dr. house only come nobody will send a

Gift i’ll make sure it’s a good one so letter on the back of these pills your old pills didn’t have a letter on them no brown and yellow but no letter well these will help your cough hey mister number

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The Art Of Being Right | House M.D. By House M.D.