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The Benefits of Magnesium

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Now you may know that taking magnesium can help with sleep or muscle tension but you may not realize the full range of health benefits of the mineral steve warren from health 2000 is here to tell us all about it mornings to morning mouth so let’s talk about magnesium how important is magnesium well magnesium is essential to all cells and is needed in over 300

Biological functions from supporting nerve health to also supporting normal heart health magnesium is vital for the nervous system as well as for supporting restful sleeping it may also help in the absorption of other minerals such as calcium so you can see that in many cases minerals and vitamins support each other in the body so you recommend this product that’s

Available at house mm absolutely what i love about light house magnesium max is that it’s a combination of different forms of magnesium the different forms are a combination of well absorbed magnesium to help build and maintain levels and well utilized magnesium’s which aid in biological functions magnesium max also contains cofactors to aid the absorption plus if

That’s not enough it’s also a simple one-a-day formula i love light house as it has a great reputation throughout health two thousand and one is the most trusted supplement brands in new zealand so don’t we get enough magnesium go with a healthy diet no generally not these days a high percentage of the population is deficient in magnesium this can come from stress

Busy lifestyles in the high proportion of nutrient deficient foods that we’re consuming on a daily base basis now we can add more green leafy veggies almonds etc but if we’re deficient the amount of these foods we will have to consume would be unadvisable as with many challenges it’s important to look at the reason for the deficiency rather than just the deficiency

Itself so what are some of the signs in that we may not be getting enough magnesium a lot of people ask this question now we can break this down into a couple of areas firstly muscular the twitching muscles you get when you go to bed at night or a muscle tension twitching eye or just being unable to physically relax another symptom has to do with sleep having poor

Sleep cycles then ongoing fatigue and being unable to stay asleep during the night are all signs that your magnesium levels could be low finally and of a system feeling stressed all the time or a little on edge can again be symptomatic of lower magnesium levels so who should consider taking lighthouse magnesium max well anyone who is deficient in magnesium the

Great thing is there are no contraindications or interactions with other medications or supplements magnesium is a is great for those that consume a lot of carbonated beverages eat a lot of high sugar foods those that stress a lot those on certain medications that can reduce their uptake of magnesium and those who drink a lot of alcohol now as i mentioned before

Those who lead busy lifestyles tend to have a lot of stress in their daily life so could benefit from a magnesium supplement so what’s unique then about this product well the unique factor for light house magnesium max is its high level dosage of 250 milligrams of elemental magnesium this is a great daily dosage that supports the majority of magnesium users but

If you have any questions about whether this product is right for you you can talk to the expert to help mm that was enlightening to you thank you so much great advice and stu has lifehouse magnesium max for everyone in the audience today and it is available at half 2000 just ask their friendly staff to point you in the right direction you

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