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The Best Alternatives to Metformin/Glucophage (Fewer Side Effects!)

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Metformin (Glucophage) can help with insulin resistance and weight loss but they come with a lot of side effects… Here are the best natural alternatives that have been shown to be as effective but without the diarrhoea, nausea and fatigue that come with metformin. 𝗖𝗟𝗜𝗖𝗞 𝗧𝗢 𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗗 𝗠𝗢𝗥𝗘 ↓

About the best alternatives to metformin   prescribed to people who are dealing with   conditions relating to insulin resistance this  includes pre-diabetes type 2 diabetes and pcos   but a lot of people who are prescribed metformin  are not told about the long list of side effects   that affect 75 percent of people some of the

Most  common are diarrhea fatigue and nausea but beyond   that it also depletes vitamin b12 vitamin b9 and  other nutrients and these nutrient deficiencies   can lead to more serious consequences now the  point of this video is not to scare you off of   metformin but rather to inform you that there  are natural alternatives

That have been shown   side effects so in today’s video we’re going   hey guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new  here my name is kait i’m a certified health and   nutrition coach i post videos twice a week here  on youtube talking all things insulin resistance   weight loss sleep and more so if you’re ready to 

Take control of your metabolic health make sure to   click that subscribe button and you can also find  me on tick tock and instagram where i share new   posts every single day now it should go without  saying but i just want to make it very clear   that you should never stop taking your prescribed  medication without talking

To your doctor first   and i also want to mention that insulin resistance  pre-diabetes type 2 diabetes pcos all of these   conditions are reversible yes metformin and the  alternatives we’re going to talk about today   they can help in this process but if you’re not  making the necessary diet and lifestyle changes  

These things are only going to help to manage the  condition and they’re not going to help you to   reverse it now i have tons of other videos on my  channel about reversing insulin resistance and the   associated conditions i’m gonna link that up above  for you guys and you can check it out afterwards   but before we get into the

Alternatives let’s  quickly summarize what metformin is and what   it does metformin which is also sold as glucophage  is an oral prescription drug that improves how our   bodies respond to insulin and regular viewers of  my channel will know and i kind of also mentioned   it at the start of this video insulin resistance 

Is the cause for pre-diabetes type 2 diabetes pcos   insulin is the hormone that shuttles sugar from  our blood to various cells throughout the body   stop responding to insulin correctly and this   eventually leads to high blood sugar and a type  2 diabetes diagnosis metformin helps your cells   to accept the glucose

Once again so there isn’t  as much floating around in your bloodstream   for women with pcos metformin is also effective  because the symptoms that define pcos which are   an irregular period high testosterone and ovarian  cysts they are all caused by high insulin levels   alternatives which are about to talk about  

Metformin also known as glucophage and the first   one is berberine a natural compound that comes  from certain plants some of these plants include   european barberry goldenseal oregano grape and  most well-known turmeric so if you’ve heard about   the benefits of turmeric for blood sugar it’s  because of the berberine but other

Than getting   it from these foods berberine can also be isolated  into a supplement a 2012 review that looked at 14   studies found that berberine was just as effective  as metformin for the treatment of type 2 diabetes   and there is a lot of other research on berberine  which is found the same now it should be noted  

That berberine has been shown to have fewer side  effects than metformin but for some people it does   still cause some some people experience digestive  distress and headaches those are the main two so   if you’ve tried berberine and you’ve experienced  side effects then it might be worthwhile to give   the second alternative a

Try and that alternative  is inositol inositol is a nutrient that is found   in certain foods like citrus fruit but the body  can also synthesize it and because the body can   synthesize it it’s considered a non-essential  nutrient aka we don’t have to get it through diet   an example of an essential nutrient is vitamin b12 

For example but since our bodies can make inositol   lot of people do not synthesize it well   and there are also certain things in our modern  environment that can deplete us of it which is why   supplementing it can be beneficial so once again  inositol helps to improve insulin sensitivity   improves our cells ability

To accept glucose   energy more efficiently there have been studies   pcos who saw improvements in blood sugar and   other symptoms when supplementing inositol now  if you’re wanting to try berberine or inositol   my absolute favorite brand that i recommend is  so well health they have berberine capsules which  

Are combined with chromium and cinnamon which can  also help with insulin sensitivity and their get   so synced capsules include two types of inositol  magnesium vitamin b9 and vitamin d3 again all of   these can help to play a role in regulating blood  sugar and insulin i will link both of these in the   description box down below

And i do have a promo  code for 10 off which i will put down there as   well but anyways guys that’s all i have for you  today so let me know in the comment section down   below what your experience has been with metformin  or glucophage did you experience a lot of side   effects did you get good results let me know down 

Below thank you again for watching this video and   if you did enjoy it you might also enjoy my video  on the most common side effects of metformin i’m   going to link it right here if you want to catch  up on my most recent upload you can find it here   and if you want to check out my coaching programs  including my 7 day insulin

Resistance master class   which comes with a 7 day meal plan you can find  it here thanks guys i’ll see you next time bye

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The Best Alternatives to Metformin/Glucophage (Fewer Side Effects!) By Health Coach Kait