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The calculation of Ascorbic Acid 1

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The calculation of Ascorbic Acid Renewed one is a correct formated.

After practical world we come back saddam he attracted something dr. data relate to me speculation and also try to understand what chemical reaction involve is lisa practical work there are two reaction here this is the question to travel today that means pretty sweet question this which we everyone has been that is true is a party for work so we didn’t use iodide

Okay you see i am dutch reusable titration solution so are we talking is the opportune moment is the tension started from here and we are tipped attraction out of it so already great here we are in potassium iodate i got and also user name is but from here is potassium iodide which is 0 0 3 no right 0 sorry to tear and also we did i mean potassium iodate that is

Solution initially we are in here as 5 milliliter parent and this is 36 no individual hydrochloric acid is acidic condition so this is very massive we did as one time primarily as well and same time with it are you one milliliter starch indicator which is a 5% solution so just try the corneal memory and what’s the exact one each one yeah this is a hydrochloric

Acid so we start 32 of the original chocolate so easily is the first equation the first reaction is hydrochloric acid hydrochloric acid that means you have you can’t writing to such yeah mm yeah yeah it sure is asset so awesome even equal actually is only i the i own freedom in the solution so make an acidic condition so as a reason to make a nice atmosphere city

And they’ll be put into this our social we did 100 milliliter water and we established petition okay movies i am not talking to the system so the reaction started once we stopped them mainly this one is try to reduce the aisle date between 2 3 rd that moment i mean we can see currently yet the restaurant within petition started still green color but same time we

Remember use this is what we are doing as public asset in the spinach solution fast formula we wrote down that is a scoping a set formula molecule that’s a second that’s the second reaction so this one we already show you so that is a molecule formula is having a say once this match i mean they will change this compound the regionís see of us copy will in a way

We cover let me see we came to is what you so the reaction mainly is here one moon ascorbic acid reacting with one no ld and that means one more potassium i thought react with reacting with acetic and i update come to three more i feel so in a way we have to ask so next we are going to have a talk at most so far yes we started to do okay we are going to cover it

With the mobile of potassium iodide which we use the politician i do the experiment is this my experiment and you have done yours a white my experiment i use three samples of three samples and in the position muscle right eight one two three and i use this we’d better mean money average is white point seven eight millimeter amide officially used you have a date

You have used right each state so the combination will be right now mode equal to concentration times volume so here concentration we use iodide is three zero zero zero three known and this is known the volume because one five seven eight millimeter we this is the educational solution here this is zero zero zero we use yes i need convert this region to region

Okay so you need just here that is peter okay so this is because the no the no is oscar 10,000 milliliter that’s equal to 1 liter contained molecules this is the whole definition i want you to okay please solution the solution someone use may be 0 0 0 to 0 0 0 1 and brings up what one of our averages so what we we in our practice work we use the same concentration

Solution no other i didn’t supply you with a different concentration yeah i see that your average yeah is 1.7 militate yeah we you’ve changed it to meters alright and you talked about you in here it’s up to us you can use zero five milliliter but you need to change it to – vince’s must change it to liter so how’s the mobile here is master in nature to count the

Manga and that is the same level so immediately gives you zero copy this if you just come back up so thanks monkey one two three so one two one two three so zero zero zero zero five you need a change from zero five millimeter just remember okay because if you want one no idea you have to go back to repeat it about the mouth no concept why i should that you’re a

2-liter so remember so time hungry just tie you carranza and then change its leaders instead of change not exactly my intentions matters because we only use willing to sweat we have the possibility to be so are you are as different okay having to use the various okay i know we use a hundred is water it’s like a huge bar over here

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The calculation of Ascorbic Acid 1 By Gefei Wu