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The CHEAPEST Drum Heads on Amazon

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Drums Heads can be expensive, so how good is this set from Amazon that costs only $37??

I really don’t know what to expect we got one two three four and five of the cheapest drum heads 37 is what these cost almost a dollar less than the cheapest snare on amazon i opened back in the day we get a 12 13 14 16 and a 22. i know what you’re thinking these look very pin stripey you can buy a set of pinstripes in the same sizes for a hundred and twenty seven

Dollars or you can pay 71 less and buy these chinese knockoffs they claim to be perfect for a rock r b and pop we’ll see about that professional 12 13 14 16 22 p-e-t drum head so pet is a type of plastic polyethylene terraflate or something like that most water bottles are made of p-e-t but most modern drum heads are made of mylar and the brand is live1122 it

Looks like they sell fossils as well massage therapy stone legos cordless vacuums stick hockey table rod gear sets and even easter eggs features resist beat wear dry weather and moist deliver ultra strong tension with extraordinary consistency and durability show a perfect blend of depth sustain and attack versatile greater tuning range are these heads one ply or

Two ply unilateral i think something was a little bit lost in translation great heads good price looks and sounds great awesome head the fit was perfect tuning was super easy and i had an emotionally rough day and took it out on two pairs of drumsticks i think we can all relate to that and not even a single tip dent in the skins means a cheap pinstripe versus real

Pinstripe video but i did want to see how these held up the pinstripe has some marks some of those were there before though and the amazon head same thing they’re a little bit marked up i really want to know if these are two ply heads they seem kind of thick and a little bit heavy ah it is a two-ply so next question is this a single ply head with a big clear dot

In the center of it so this actually is like a two-ply head but you can see the haze around the edge and that is like the sticky adhesive used to glue down the outer ring and then the inner ply is loose just like a regular two ply head so this is built essentially like a pinstripe i say essentially because most name brand drum set heads are manufactured using resin

To secure the plastic head to the metal hoop that’s the head that’s the hoop and that stuff in the middle is the glue budget heads on the other hand like the amazons are crimped onto the hoop the head is wrapped around a steel ring then rolled into a tight burrito with the hoop now don’t get this confused with the remo crimp lock heads because that’s just a name

Trademarked by remo that crimps over the resin so it doesn’t pull out under higher tension that are mainly used in the world of marching that’s right i’m sacrificing this kit which i just spent a lot of time dialing in its tuning foreign like a beginner drum set which is typically 12 13 16 22 and a 14 inch snare but instead of a 13 inch time i have a 13 inch snare

And instead of a 14 inch snare i have a 14 inch floor tom let’s start with the snare drum i think we can bring that up a little bit more now let’s move on to the toms i actually have a confession to make in the beginning of the video i said this i really don’t know what to expect but really i kind of do know what to expect i’m like 99 sure that these drum heads

Are the exact same ones that come on those estar drum sets and donner drum sets they look the exact same even down to the unevenness of the glue and the black pinstripe they feel the exact same so they probably sound the exact same foreign yeah they’re thick and punchy very much like the donner heads but remember they’re perfect for rock r b and pop foreign

A check tuned low they’re very punchy and have very little sustain so perfect for a rock track so let’s tune these up a little bit and try some r b or well not exactly i couldn’t really find a good track a lot of it will just like kick snare hat kind of stuff so instead this is like a soul or motown kind of thing because i wanted to play the toms more foreign

Foreign the snare works best tuned low i think this is a thick two-ply head so lots of built-in muffling the bass drum tuned more open and boomy sounded halfway decent and the toms cranked up sounded great so that is a check now let’s retune again and play some pop foreign foreign up a little bit and added some more muffling i also brought up this there

But i probably could have cranked it up some more and the toms were tuned in between the rock and soul tuning but i’ll give this a check yes mayonnaise is an instrument if you’re curious these heads aren’t the best by any means but a full set of batter heads for 37 dollars is insane if you’re just starting out or are on a budget or if you’re having an emotionally

Rough day and need something to take it out on then check out these heads

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The CHEAPEST Drum Heads on Amazon By rdavidr