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The DANGER Of TRT Causing High Estrogen La Dr. Eric Berg

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Did you realize that testosterone replacement therapy can potentially increase your estrogen i mean that sounds crazy here you are trying to increase your testosterone and it backfires and you end up with too much of the opposing hormone estrogen sup guys derek for today we are going to be reacting to dr eric berg talk about testosterone therapy

Spiking estrogen and um i guess his stance on i don’t know if it’s his stance on trt or if it’s just like making it seem like it’s bad or good or what like anyway let’s get into it did you realize that testosterone replacement therapy can potentially increase your estrogen i mean that sounds crazy here you are trying to increase your testosterone and it backfires

And you end up with too much of the opposing hormone estrogen um i don’t know if he is saying it backfires like as a means of like he actually thinks that or if he thinks that we the audience think that because we assume estrogen is bad like it doesn’t backfire because you would think that if you actually medically needed trt you would also need it for the

Downstream production of estrogen so if you are testosterone deficient you’re probably estrogen deficient too unless you are really overweight or something like that anyway like yeah you testosterone raises estrogen but you also the whole point and part of the actual application of testosterone is to create estrogen like that’s one of the downstream mechanisms

That regulates a myriad of very important physiologic functions in the body so no it doesn’t backfire it’s exactly what it’s supposed to do here’s what you need to know the majority of estrogen in men comes from their own estrogen extra testosterone acts as a precursor for more estradiol so it’s not extra because you’re replacing what you should otherwise produce

So it’s a physiologic amount it’s not extra because you are going to be shut down if you’re using exogenous trt so it’s not extra testosterone it is the amount you should have followed by the amount of estrogen you should also have dictated by aromatase enzyme activity in target tissues so anyways continue especially if you are overweight okay yeah if you’re

Overweight um the more fat you have the more aromatase equals the more aromatization into estrogen you could have which if you were natural that would provide negative feedback to your hpta which would otherwise cause you to have lower testosterone production because you’re reaching a physiologic amount of estrogen faster or you know easier than the guy who is

Leaner who would otherwise produce more tea because he doesn’t have as much aromatase activity producing as much estrogen but if you’re on trt is that really relevant like yeah you’re going to produce more estradiol um if you’re overweight regardless actually so yes that is correct so your fat cells make an enzyme called aromatase aromatase causes testosterone

To be converted to estrogen so this is one of the side effects of testosterone replacement therapy so when he says this is one of the side effects it’s not a side effect it’s actually an expected effect and it’s an expected benefit that’s the whole point if testosterone didn’t aromatize into estradiol we’d be we’d have to use exogenous estradiol tablets or

Injections or a patch or whatever so it’s not a side effect it’s exactly the downstream cascade of hormone metabolism that’s exactly what you’re trying to get you get excessive breast tissue and there’s quite a few other symptoms involving excess amounts of estrogen and so the symptoms of testosterone thinning hair okay so if you have high estrogen you might

Hold fat in trouble spots a bit easier he’s basically implying you’re gonna get like man titties if you have too much estrogen it’s like if you don’t have it all comes down to inhibitory inputs versus stimulatory input so if you have a greater amount of estrogenicity in the body relative to endogenicity yeah you can develop gynecomastia but that is something that

Should be self-regulating in somebody who has a proper intake of micronutrients macronutrients good exercise sleep hygiene is lean enough etc this is not something that should happen as a result of therapeutic replacement in somebody who is an otherwise healthy individual and has good metabolism of sex hormones that would balance itself you don’t just because

You have even if you had a high e2 on a piece of paper doesn’t automatically mean you’re gonna get gyno so and then for him low t symptoms saying thin hair it’s like it’s like bro do you even understand what androgenic alopecia is it’s literally caused by androgens androgenic alopecia as in caused by androgens like testosterone and dht so no low low t is not

The causing of thin hair there’s a reason why all women in old age have their hair and even if they don’t it’s typically the women who are menopausal and have low hormones to begin with but it’s how many girls have hair in their 50s and 60s and good heads of hair how many dudes have it like none what’s the reason for that androgens that’s the bottom line at the

End of the day i’m not saying you should inhibit them i’m just saying at the end of the day the cause is in fact the androgen so no low t does not cause thin hair maybe on your body it might but on your actual head low t and downstream dihydrotestosterone five alpha reduction is what causes thin hair unfortunately that’s just the cards we’ve been dealt as males

Unfortunately decrease actual body hair starting with loss of hair on the lower legs erectile dysfunction decrease libido decrease muscle mass having blood sugar issues yeah so this is all accurate um it’s not guaranteed you’re gonna get these but yeah if you’re low t you’re very likely to encounter this and this is actually interesting tie back to the thomas

De lauer video i did recently where i kind of analyzed his most recent blood test with him on the channel as well as when i did his previous blood work analysis you’ll note that he was like bordering on hypogonadism clinically on a piece of paper based on his total and free test levels and his glucose levels were pushing over a hundred so i theorized that if he

Intervened with exogenous trt he might actually be able to bring that number to a more reasonable level and i guess we’ll see in the future if he implements that or not and obviously that is partially going to be contributed to via his ketogenic diet model but at the end of the day like i think that the low androgens is contributing to that being a bit higher

Than it otherwise should be because he is um walking around at least based on his last two blood tests at you know like like borderline like actual the equivalent free test levels of a like low t like 70 year old man essentially so obviously that is going to have a negative impact on your glucose levels at the end of the day and could otherwise be rectified

Potentially by intervening with exogenous trt these are all symptoms of low t but the question is what is underneath this whole thing so you’re trying to increase it but what’s really causing low testosterone well one big cause would be a deficiency in zinc zinc is one of the best trace minerals to increase testosterone if you’re zinc deficient you can even

Develop a condition called hypogonadism where your donors actually shrink and it’s very easy nowadays to be deficient in zinc okay so as far as uh zinc and being deficient it’s like typically i see guys who are like copper deficient over top of zinc and it’s kind of the opposite but i mean i guess it’s entirely possible especially for people who aren’t having

Uh meat and stuff like that i don’t know like it’s one of the things that most people have a multi-vitamin most people get enough zinc i guess if you if yeah if you don’t get enough you’re not going to get uh adequate testosterone production that could be a downstream consequence one thing i would recommend to make this a lot easier on yourself without having

To second guess what the is going on go to a site called c-r-o-n-o-m-e-t-e-r dot com it’s like myfitnesspal except that actually shows your micronutrient imbalances and deficiencies and you actually see you plug in your diet and you can see laid out your macro micronutrient intake and you can actually see if you’re deficient in any vitamins

Or minerals specifically including zinc so you would know if you were deficient at least based on rdas and you can kind of you know own in on it and like make adjustments accordingly but it actually gives a good way to break down your diet model and show if it’s actually healthy or not so you know just don’t just assume you’re zinc deficient like actually plug

Your diet and see if you are um i’m gonna put some videos down below if you’re new to my channel because it’s very important to understand why you might be deficient in zinc if that’s the cause fenugreek is another natural herb that can help increase testosterone tribulus is another one as well but in summary when we’re dealing with low levels of testosterone

Zinc is a really good natural remedy that can help you thanks for watching if you’re deficient which you may not be if you actually have a good diet so pounding yourself with zinc supplements does not necessarily rectify the problem so i don’t know what this video was even uh doing i don’t know like testosterone therapy spikes estrogen he’s making like from what

I what i gather he is implying that testosterone replacement therapy can cause excessive amounts of estrogen that would otherwise be unhealthy and you should otherwise look to naturally boost your testosterone through natural means like zinc fenugreek and tribulus so i don’t like dr berg has a wide widely spanning channel that covers an array of different health

Things but you can tell when he gets into endocrine parameters he’s in over his head so for me like the way he outlines estrogen like it’s bad and it should otherwise dissuade you from using trt because it can cause this unwanted issue it’s like i don’t really know if he understands how important sufficient estrogen levels are like they’re needed for libido for

Vasodilation for cardiovascular health brain health bone health and it’s like there’s a reason why in women cardiovascular disease risk spikes through the roof after menopause like you can actually see once they hit menopause boom goes through the roof it isn’t a coincidence that the majority of women who develop heart disease have it occur after their estrogen

Production plummets into the ground and in addition to that neurodegenerative disease guess when that happens it’s when estrogen plummets into the ground so if you don’t have a sufficient amount of estrogen relative to androgen levels in the body cardio and neurotoxicity levels are going to be significantly higher than they would be if you had a healthy endogenous

Estradiol level that is produced via this aromatization process so no trt if you are low t the trt is needed to get to the physiologic amount of testosterone but downstream that conversion to estrogen is actually what leads to the cardio protection the neuro protection the things you actually need is largely dictated by the estrogen so if you’re deficient in

Tests as well as estrogen you have some major consequences as a result of that so to kind of like paint estrogen in such a bad light it’s kind of like i don’t know like i don’t think he really understands it like let me show you an example here i referenced this a while ago on the difference between therapeutic replacement of trt with and without estrogen so

Let’s just say we inhibit the aromatization process what exactly happens to neurotoxicity levels in the body so let’s look at this so um let’s see at uh neuroprotective effects of testosterone at physiological dosages without arimidex so in this chart here we can see at physiologic dosages without an aromatase inhibitor present testosterone has shown to have a

Neural protective effect so we can see here the nmda toxicity at a physiologic level without an aromatase inhibitor inhibitor but suddenly when you introduce anastrozole which is another name for arimidex a very commonly known aromatase inhibitor look how much percentage nmda toxicity spikes up now when we look at 10 times the amount of tests we can see that

Percentage of nmda toxicity is still below baseline it’s still neuroprotective however when you introduce an aromatase inhibitor all of a sudden neurotoxicity values skyrocket now when you get into supraphysiological doses of testosterone yes it’s going to be neurotoxic at any dose above and beyond that in a dose-dependent manner however notice that there is

Still an increased exacerbated neurotoxicity when you inhibit aromatase so there is a physiologic amount of estradiol that is needed to mediate the neuroprotective actions in the brain that otherwise are downstream from testosterone so if you have if you’re inhibiting aromatase or you’re just or you just have too low of estrogen via whatever that’s bad for

You like plain and simple it’s cardiotoxic it’s neurotoxic this is literally the role of testosterone in the body it has a myriad of different functions but one of them downstream in a neural protective context is literally to prevent the progression of neurodegenerative disease and this is what it does at a physiological replacement amount obviously when you

Get into bodybuilder territory dosages you know you’re going to have excessive amounts of androgens or a neurotoxic but that physiologic amount that is actual therapeutic replacement that you’re supposed to be producing otherwise leads to a downstream aromatization into a therapeutic amount of estradiol that otherwise results in neural protection that you’re

Not going to get if you inhibit the aromatization process or if you do anything else to prevent your estrogen from doing what it’s supposed to do so dr berg needs to stay in his lane in my opinion because it is um like he covers it in layman’s terms which is cool to try and like educate his audience but he doesn’t know the benefits of any of the he’s talking

About he paints it in a light like it is bad when he doesn’t actually understand like you would be in a compromised position if he were low t and trying to tell a guy who actually has like primary hypogonadism like bro just use more zinc and fenugreek it’s like it’s probably not going to resolve the problem if he’s otherwise optimizing his lifestyle diet to begin

With so you know max out your natural potential go fix your diet go on chronometer max out your micro macro nutrient intake get your minerals and balance them out get enough sleep make sure your sleep metrics are on point get exposure to light in the morning you know follow your circadian rhythm blah blah blah but at the end of the day if you actually need trt

Which some people justifiably do walking around with low t is not going to be good because it keeps your estrogen where like at a lower amount like you need that estrogen to provide these benefits i outlined so take from that way you will thank you guys for watching please like subscribe check out my blog more if you want more deep dives into

Testosterone replacement therapy pharmacology endocrinology etc if you want to support the channel you can check out anything i’m associated with in the video description down below including my trt clinic if you are interested in seeing if trt is justified for you based on your current hormonal status or just get an expert to kind of analyze your hormone panel

As well as other biomarkers and assess for any imbalances or deficiencies or any problematic areas that you might have i highly recommend you check it out and it’s all telemedicine from the comfort of your own home through skype facetime zoom very convenient way the future in my opinion check it out anything else i’m associated with the video description below

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