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The Dangers of Invokana & SGLT2 Inhibitors

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Attorney Trevor Rockstad describes the link between Invokana and it’s devestating side effects–kidney damage, heart attack and ketoacidosis.

Welcome and thanks for joining us i’m here with attorney trevor rock stead with the law firm davis & crump and today we’re talking about a drug called invokana you may have seen commercials for it and other drugs like it on television but there’s apparently some danger associated with it and we wanted to find out a little bit more about it so trevor what

Is invokana and what’s it all about what’s it prescribed to do thanks bill invokana is actually a member of a class of drugs called sodium-glucose cotransport or two inhibitors there’s several others in this class but invokana which is made by johnson & johnson was the first one approved by the fda and it has the widest market share in this particular class

Of drugs in buchanan’s used to treat type 2 diabetes that’s what it’s approved for by the fda however we do have evidence that it’s been used off-label to treat type 1 diabetes which is not an indication that has been given to that drug by the fda certainly people with diabetes need treatment of some kind so what’s the danger associated with invokana well

Though there’s several different injuries that are associated with invokana the primary injury that we’re pursuing right now is ketoacidosis which is a very serious condition that’s caused by this drug which can lead to coma and death and we’re also looking at cases involving kidney failure and cardiovascular events including heart attack and stroke how do we

Know that invokana is associated with those injuries well there have been clinical trials related to these these drugs this class of drugs including invokana and we see evidence of the causal association between the drug and these conditions for example the cardiovascular event profile one of johnson & johnson’s own trials showed a hazard ratio of 6 9 for

Cardiovascular events which means that somebody taking invokana had a 690 percent higher likelihood of developing a cardiovascular event than somebody who took placebo which to me bill is is shocking this is one of the just one of a class of drugs that is used to treat diabetes but why this particular drug you mentioned that it has a huge market share it does

And you know as we see in in these cases all too frequently its profit motivated johnson & johnson spent millions of dollars promoting this drug print advertisement and television advertisement internet advertisement and they were really hoping for a blockbuster drug they got out early they wanted to develop this new drug that would be the next great thing

For diabetes patients unfortunately it’s got tons of risks associated with it so johnson & johnson a manufacturer knows about the risk associated with invokana have they done anything about it have they warned anybody well for years after the drug was put on the market bill they they didn’t warn anybody about these events and these risks which is is really

Truly that’s the sad part of this case fortunately for patients and for physicians in december of 2015 the fda required johnson & johnson to put a new warning on the label for invokana warning about ketoacidosis however the cardiovascular event that hazard ratio has not been listed in the label there is no warning about those events as of as of today’s date

So trevor for people who have used invokana and may have sustained this type of injury or illness that you’re talking about what is their recourse well the attorneys that davis and crump are investigating and pursuing lawsuits against these manufacturers for putting this dangerous drug on the market and we encourage anyone who sees this to contact us so that we

Can fight for them and make sure that there’s just obtain from these manufacturers and let me be clear that invokana is still on the market and is still being prescribed that’s correct bill it is we’re talking with attorney trevor rock stead with the law firm davis & crump about the dangers of invokana

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The Dangers of Invokana & SGLT2 Inhibitors By Davis \u0026 Crump P.C. Attorneys At Law