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The doctor perscribed MethyLPREDNISolone and Cefdinir

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Hey everyone val here and i just want to going on steve and i spent last saturday friday saturday sunday up in pennsylvania at his dad’s house his dad and mom’s house is that had his 80th birthday party that a lot of families come in from as far away as california and had a nice party for him a nice reception had a lovely time with the family fireworks i have video

That that i recorded while i was up there some parts of it not all of it but i want to share that with you and i’ll share that probably in a couple of days as soon as i get it all spliced together i know i haven’t been uploading videos as much as i normally do i try to put out a video at least five days a week but the summer’s been very busy for us and i don’t like

To get you know a week behind and comments i like to enter comments and as quickly as i can so i i’m slowing down on the number of videos i’m putting out right now until the summer’s over we just had a really busy busy summer so far which is good it’s all good so i do have a few little health issues going on i have developed an inner ear infection or something

That is causing me quite a bit of pain i went to the doctor and they put me on some steroids this i don’t even know how to pronounce it but it meza something or other anyway this is a steroid i know that there’s mixed reviews on this product my sister took one pill and had really bad reaction to it so far i’ve been taking it for two days i still have pain in my

Ear but i’ve had no really adverse reactions to this i haven’t had any itching or breaking out or my sister said her face just turned beet red when she took it and my boss says that she had taken at one time and it really messed up her head as far as her thinking and stuff and and everything but so far i’ve taken it for two days i’ve taken the correct dosage and

I haven’t had any reactions to it at all they’ve also put me on a fifth fifth in er i don’t know how to pronounce that either csd i nir and i take two of those a day so that should hopefully the the interior is really bad he’s banned me from diving or going on an airplane or doing anything that will change elevation and pressure in my inner ear so i’m until i see

Him in a week and a half if it doesn’t clear up then he’s going to send me to a specialist but i have diving trip plans for two weeks it’s actually a week and a half away now so hopefully he can clear me by next wednesday so we can go diving on sunday the solid sunday it’s not i’m going to have to cancel that that dive so which i don’t really want to do i need to

Get my practice dives in because steve and eydie have booked another cruise we’ve booked a cruise in february to western caribbean where we’re going to be going to greg caymans cozumel another mexico port which i don’t remember now and belize so and we’re going to be doing some diving down there so we do i do want to get some practice size in this summer and as

Far into the fall as we can so that we feel we’re comfortable when we go diving down in the western caribbean looking forward to that i do have a couple videos and i’m attacked by a couple of people and i haven’t done those videos yet like i said my time has been really limited i will get to those i promise i’m still trying to get to my walking i did hurt my back

Yesterday yesterday morning also on top of this i pulled a muscle in my back so i didn’t walk last night i spent the night with heat on my back trying to get this muscle to feel better because i don’t like losing i’m from work and i did work yesterday and felt terrible yesterday with my ears and my back and everything going on so i need to get my walking and i need

To get back onto my program with the walking so i can do my fitness updates for everybody and to keep myself on track i need to get some of the weight off i still have a few pounds on from the crews and i just really need to get that back off and get back on the weight-loss journey because i’d still like to take off another 10 to 20 pounds if i could can’t let my

Sister beat me she’s my sister in new york as she’s down to like 149 pounds and i’ve got a long way to go to get there so i know i probably will never get under 150 if i even get close to 150 but i’m going to give it a shot i’m was sitting at 183 point 4 this morning when i weighed myself so i really want to get it back down i would think i was at 178 or 179 before

The cruise and with all these little mini vacations and stuff were taken i’m just i’m not getting that way back off so i need to get serious and get back onto the treadmill and we did good last week i mean i did good last week on the treadmill but this week i had a double on monday night which was a 12-hour shift i didn’t get home till 9 o’clock at night that’s

Treadmills out and then last night with my back and my ear just not feeling well i just sat all night did some knitting and had some heat on my back so just trying to do a little update let you know what’s going on you will see the video on the pennsylvania we give in a couple of days probably going to get out of the treadmill tonight my back my back is doing a

Little bit better this morning i’m going to try not to put too much pressure on it today and and you why is it every time you hurt your back which i don’t do it very often but when i do then i always tend to drop stuff and i have to try to bend over and that’s the worst feeling is if your lower back hurts to try to bend over to pick anything up just add a little

Little rant but i think that’s it that’s about it for the update got a couple of videos that i need to put together i’m a bad done with all the crews videos i think i’ve got all the footage i still have a little bit of footage from seattle from the aquarium and places that we went into in seattle that i can upload but i’m going to try to get back into the vlogging

And other things that i haven’t been able to do just timewise and things we’re doing so i will be back with you get some more videos uploaded i don’t think we have any more trips planned in the very near future within the next few weeks anyway i think their next big trip is in september we’re going to spend the week of labor day in new york with my mom and my sisters

And my brother and probably do a little fishing and whatever else we could come up with to do up there i was hoping to get a dive in up there but i’m not sure if that’s going to happen or not so we’ll just work on that and see what else we we have for you this summer so thanks for watching and hope you and got you know enjoyed the update a good death talk with

Everybody again and i’m really enjoying watching your videos i’m still watching your videos when i can remember to leave me a comment on my videos so i remember to go over and look at your videos also because i do enjoy watching your videos and i like to know that you’d stop by i like to read the comments and i do respond to all of them so stop leave me a comment

So so that i can respond back to you and check out your channel and i hope everybody’s having a great week it’s hot here it’s going to be a hundred degrees on friday and saturday i think they said 101 degrees which is hot so we probably won’t be doing anything outside we’ll be doing all inside stuff so i had still have a photo album to put together from alaska i

Got all that on my table on my work day haven’t even started that yet but got all the stuff together so lots of stuff coming up that i can share with you all so have a great week and i’m going to go take my medicine get ready for my workday and i will talk to you all later have a good one

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The doctor perscribed MethyLPREDNISolone and Cefdinir By Valerie Reese