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The Effect of Cetirizine and Loratadine on the Photosynthetic Process of Chlorophyta

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JYEM Science Research Submission

Good afternoon my name is chloe allen jackson i’m zoe henderson and i’m melissa lewis and the research study that we’re doing together is the effect of satirising and our editing on the photosynthetic process of chlorophyta have you ever gone to your pharmaceutical cabinet and hopes to find some medicine just from to be expired how do you dispose of them most people

Without thinking about it just flush the medicine down toilet although this may seem like the easiest way to get rid of them is actually one of the most harmful ways throughout aquatic organisms and humans in 2018 approximately 24 million people were diagnosed with seasonal allergies according to the problem for this research is the satirism already or

More widely known as rotate mclaren have a positive or negative effect on chlorophyta it was hypothesized that if cetera than loretta dean are exposed to chlorophyta then there will be a negative effect on the photosynthetic process and growth ceterisian quickly released symptoms and is typically a well tolerated pharmaceutical according to zen edol bolsitirizing

And luratidine are popular peripheral h1 antihistamines that are widely associated with allergies and inflammation it has been said that loradidine is a well tolerated and very effective antihistamine according to cliffs old at all ceterisine is a fast-acting pharmaceutical while eraditine is a long-lasting pharmacy our project is based on coral fighter or better

Known as green algae the aim of this study is to evaluate whether citizen loratadine or more commonly known as zyrtec and claridin have a positive or negative effect on the growth rate of chlorophyta green algae is a group of aquatic organisms that are able to conduct photosynthesis people need to care about algae because they are not only essential to bodies of

Water but they are also a source of food for certain aquatic animals chlorophyta can also help prevent disease in humans like lung cancer for an example it also produces 70 to 80 of oxygen in the atmosphere in the first picture 400 milliliters of alcohol and 20 milliliters of chlorophyta was combined to grow the chlorophyta in the second picture the algae was

Placed under a fume hood to be cultured to ensure that it was exposed to constant light in the third picture concentrations of each antihistamine was created by using a 10 concentration solution in the fourth picture different concentrations of antihistamines were pipetted into 45 test tubes contained with 5 milliliters of chlorophyta all these pictures were taken

By a student researcher these graphs represent the averages of our concentration absorbances these two graphs represent the behavior of three distinct antihistamines that were investigated and evaluated during this research study the graphs are a spectrophotometric representation of the activity related to chlorophyll a in each compound over time the absorbance at

430 was captured and recorded at five different intervals and concentrations some of the data lies within acceptable range however data is inconsistent in some cases no clear trend and chlorophyll absorbance of the pharmaceutical aims were observed therefore this data was inconclusive it is currently unclear if the hypothesis was supported or not the limitations

In the study which often caused the inclusivity of these results the main limitations include time constraints and technological challenges which resulted in data collection on two different modes of the spectrophotometers for future research it is suggested that we should one investigate various ways to test the effects of pharmaceuticals on photosynthesis two

Arrange test studies to different types of pharmaceuticals that are not allergy or antihistamine three study the photosynthetic process of very various algae exposed to pharmaceuticals for examining primary ingredients in the pharmaceuticals to identify the mechanisms behind observed effects on the algae these are the references that were used during the study thank you for your time

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The Effect of Cetirizine and Loratadine on the Photosynthetic Process of Chlorophyta By Zoe Henderson