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The HIDDEN Cause of Stomach Bloating (quick ways to fix)

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It’s easy to think the biggest cause of bloating is going to be just a complete gut dysbiosis right like my bacteria in my gut is just out of whack the bigger cause of bloating when it comes down to just intestinal bloating and just gastrointestinal distress is usually a lack of hydrochloric acid it’s kind of funny because we don’t think of that as being an issue

And just adding acid into the equation doesn’t really solve the problem you see when we’re slowing down how we break down food we’re slowing down how quickly it absorbs and when it hangs out in the gut for a longer period of time that’s when you can start running into issues right that’s when you can potentially run into what’s called a small intestinal bacterial

Overgrowth because you have things that are ultimately left undigested that allow bacteria to ferment and cross feed on which isn’t always a bad thing having a you know a good plethora of bacteria in your gut is not a bad thing but when it’s in the wrong place like your small intestine that’s called sibo small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and that triggers

Some bloating there but outside of the sibo in and of itself in a more chronic situation we look at just gastrointestinal distress like you get up in the morning you have a nice flat stomach you feel like everything’s hunky-dory and great and then as the day goes on you you feel like you’ve got fat like what happened like what did it what happened today it’s a

Amazing what that can do to your mood too just how you look and how you feel and the interesting thing with bloating compared to actual fat accumulation is bloating puts pressure on the nerves so when you have bloating occurring in the abdomen it’s putting pressure on these nerves and that is literally uncomfortable but it’s also constantly reminding you that

The bloating is there okay if you have subcutaneous fat tissue that’s developed you’re not really having that press on nerves okay so you could be for lack of a better way of saying it blissfully unaware that you have body fat on your abdomen whereas when you’re bloated you’re walking around feeling uncomfortable constantly having this like cerebral reminder

That you’re bloated and your stomach is distended so let’s talk about how to fix it because one of the biggest issues is a mineral deficiency believe it or not okay zinc plays a huge role in hydrochloric acid when we are deficient in zinc it is easy to become deficient in hydrochlor i shouldn’t say deficient but have lesser amounts of hydrochloric acid this

Is very very very important now b vitamins play a huge role too but b vitamins it’s difficult because b vitamins will come and go within our diet and they will come and go within our system because they are so water soluble they excrete very fast so if i were to consume a b vitamin like supplement within a couple hours my urine would be bright yellow and that’s

Gone right so it’s very difficult to talk about a b deficiency you should just be consistently getting b vitamins in through your diet but zinc is one of those that is a little bit easier to manipulate because those levels aren’t going to fluctuate quite as much so a zinc supplement or consuming things like shellfish or consuming things like good nuts that have

A high amount of zinc can play a big role because think about it like this once you become deficient in zinc and hydrochloric acid or we’ll just refer to it as hcl if hcl is lower lower concentration then that means when you do eat foods that have think it’s harder to digest so you get bloated but you’re also not able to extract the nutrients extract the zinc

Extract the vitamins out of that food which therefore triggers this vicious circle right so then you’re stuck in this situation where you have low zinc levels low hydrochloric acid so you’re absorbing less zinc so lower hydrochloric acid absorbing less zinc so you need to have a pattern interrupt with that so getting some zinc in is unbelievably imperative not

To mention for a lot of other things too now i want to come back and talk about h pylori in just a second because i feel like that’s a very important one to talk about but one of the things that we don’t always think about is stress and how it plays a tremendous role in our digestion okay if you have an acute stressor like something quick a quick shock to the

System where you’re stressed out it might affect your digestion a little bit but if you’re chronically stressed it really can play a big role what happens is when you kick into that sympathetic nervous system when you’re stressed out all the blood flow all the energy is going to your brain and to your limbs okay fight or flight response it is a natural response

To slow down digestion and again this will happen in a short-term acute setting if you got startled by a lion but if you’re consistently stressed out you’re consistently reducing that digestive ability which explains why you get so bloated so easily and this is something that can carry on for a while because once you slow down that process it takes a while to

Build it up so yes the zinc piece but getting a grip on the stress might be the biggest thing in just that’s out there if you ask me in terms of digestion one of the things i’ve been drinking lately that i think is really cool is this organifi gold chocolate i’ve always been a fan of having chocolate at night i think this stuff helps i really do think this

Stuff plays a role with considering what it has in it it’s really cool okay so organifi chocolate gold is a chocolate drink it only has a couple grams of carbs it doesn’t it’s not like one of these crazy like super sugary chocolate beverages okay but you can drink it at night helps promote kind of a calm relaxed feeling in and of itself just because coco can do

That but also has a rishi mushroom in it which is a daptogenic mushroom so rishi mushroom is associated mainly with kind of balance and being able to feel that potential calm so i’m a big fan of adaptogen the big fan of rishi in that case not to mention it has turkey tail which i’ve been a big fan of when it comes down to immune support that’s personally that’s

Like my own anecdotal experience but in this particular case i love that it has turmeric in it that’s where the name gold comes into play so turmeric and ginger okay ginger is fun something that i find really supports digestion okay so i’m looking at like the bigger more holistic piece here if you ask me okay we have the stress response which we can potentially

Mitigate a little bit with the rishi but then when we look at the effects of ginger and how it’s been documented to potentially have some effects in supporting digestion then that works really well too from a bloating side of things perhaps that’s something that could help us out there again you know not saying it’s a magic box box or a magic powder or anything

Like that but it’s full of 100 usda or organic ingredients that might be pretty beneficial for that so turmeric is something that’s been documented to help with the occasional aches and pains like maybe from exercise so anything that kind of helps you get that rest and recovery that you need so i went ahead and i put a link down below that’ll save you 20 off of

Your organifi order so you can use the organified gold chocolate or you could use the organified gold if you don’t want the chocolate one the organified gold still has the turmeric still has the ginger still has the adaptogenic mushrooms which again i think people need to really learn a lot more about i think the adaptogenic mushrooms are huge anyway so that link

Down below will save you a few bucks definitely recommend you try it out if you’re someone that’s trying to get a grip on bloating i think just kind of getting to the root cause or the root issues might be a better solution than trying to have little quick fixes with enzymes and things like that here and there so give them a shot use that link down below in the

Description so now let’s talk about h pylori for a second h pylori is a specific strain of of bacteria that we’re starting to see people talk about a lot more right we’re seeing i know people that go and get gut microbiome tests and they say oh my gosh my h pylori levels are 500 600 really high well it’s a simple explanation i mean that is just an overage of a

Bacteria that produces gas that can trigger bloating but one of the things that we don’t always look at with h pylori is how it affects hydrochloric acid okay so h pylori can increase this enzyme called ureas and what urease does is it does not decrease your hydrochloric acid what urease does is it neutralizes your hydrochloric acid makes it less potent so even

If your body is doing everything that it can to produce the right amount of hydrochloric acid you’re running into the situation where it’s more neutralized in that particular case one of the most common things that people have been doing that seem to be working at least on social media and kind of anecdotal situations is reducing starches reducing carbohydrate

Consumption going relatively low fodmap okay the carbohydrates aren’t a bad thing but what happens is when you have this overgrowth of specific strains of bacteria carbohydrates generally act as a pretty heavy fuel for things like that quicker digesting carbohydrates so going lower slower glycemic lower glycemic slower digesting rather that could help you out a

Little bit with that but also remember that in terms of water retention in terms of bloating that occurs there too insulin plays a role too so if your carbohydrate levels are consistently high and your insulin levels are high the kidneys are going to retain more water naturally it’s sort of this response that they have when insulin levels are low they expel more

Water okay so we really pay attention to that whole link there another thing you really want to be paying attention to is an adequate level of hydration we don’t always consider it but hydration plays a role in the ability of the gut to actually move things gut motility in the first place so if you’re adequately hydrated even if your gut bacteria is a little bit

Off at least things are still moving a little bit more seamlessly you just don’t want to drink a bunch of water with a meal because that can trigger bloating as well with bloating and kind of this whole link with hydrochloric acid and everything like that it’s still important to mention the small intestinal bacterial overgrowth piece which i’ve talked about in

Other videos but i think one of the most common things that we are seeing is that small intestinal bacterial overgrowth seems to make it really difficult when people consume carbs not maybe sounding like okay this video thomas is just talking about a way to reduce carbohydrates look at i don’t care if you consume carbohydrates i just look at the research and

When we see sibo we see that carbohydrate absorption decreases okay it has to do with the fact that there are less enzymes available because it’s altering that biome there to a point where you’re not breaking down the carbohydrates basically reducing some of the amylase reducing some of the enzymes available to break down carbohydrates which means from a blood

Sugar perspective those carbohydrates aren’t spiking your blood sugar which is great but you are getting more bloated that’s why people with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth if they eat things like bread or if they eat things even like a potato a lot of times like really really bloated out of result of that so they usually recommend with sibo that they go

Lower fodmap right so we want fermentable oligosaccharides and everything like that where we’re trying to reduce that going a low fodmap diet but i do think that simply reducing the starches can play a tremendous role but overall it’s more of a lifestyle piece right the bloating comes much more of a result of mineral deficiencies from not getting an adequate diet

In and not getting the adequate nutrition in that way but also just the overall stress response that we’re dealing with on a daily basis okay so if we get a grip on those kinds of things you can usually get a grip on your bloating so start looking at yourself in the morning look at yourself in the evening if you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and you find

That you’re more bloated in the evening yeah probably time to do something and make a change at least with your lifestyle so as always keep it locked in here on my channel and i’ll see you tomorrow

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The HIDDEN Cause of Stomach Bloating (quick ways to fix) By Thomas DeLauer