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The Jewish khazars White men conspired and orchestrated Anderson Silva to fail his second drug test

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Description Anderson Silva second drug test was a joke in trouble for so called steroids which are from pain killers, sleep aid and insomnia medicines.

Just a second update on the innocent silver blood drug testing for words um now he had a second blog drug test and if they say it shows positive awards then when they took it again it was found negative so they say he must’ve took son by orally steroids by mouth which i find all this fishing now the steroids so-called steroids that was found in his blood it was

A it’s a painkiller remember his leg was broken now in foreign countries he drug companies we don’t know what’s in their ingredients anacin silver does not work for the drug company so he doesn’t know what’s in the ingredients so if a doctor give him a painkiller drug that contains something similar to steroids that is not a enhancement morning just for pain for

The leg it’s not innocent silver’s fault but we dare are many steroids there steroids for asthma there are stairways for injuries and the stairways for enhancement with strength not all steroids are the same the stairways for i’m asthma does not increase your strength nor the one for a painkiller the pain killer wears out and a certain time frame it doesn’t last a

Long time if he had took steroids for an enhancement it would have been through his blood in a long time there’s no way in a short period it would have shown negative when they tested it again for it to show negative and show you something’s wrong with somebody in the testing facility remember dinner right most of his followers of the usc and co-founders or bigwigs

The majority of fans or caucasians now you put a black man in there and win a title what’s going to happen black people cannot come in this country and just become champions for a long time and if you lose that title you’re going to do everything everything in their power to keep it from you i find the second drug testin not legit the first one it’s up for debate

Whether or not you believe it or not but the second one no it’s for a painkiller painkiller cause dizziness drowsiness sleekness and weakness and confusion why the hell would he take that to fight diaz amino des is fast if his leg wasn’t he’ll then he shouldn’t be in the ring because i’m pretty sure ufc have their doctors there to check the leg is ready to go in

The ring and if the leg was a heel then there i could get sued for russian and innocent silver into the ring so i find all this kind of fishing now they want to overturn his win for da cha i don’t think so many x ufc fighters that in a life were caught with steroids but they winds will never overturn they kept day titles we know forrest griffin admit to use a pe d

And he was exempt from that drug testing he kept his wins now they should have never said that because it showed negative he must took something orally in the mouth i never heard of a needle voids in the mouth that must be painful i don’t know what they try to put here some type of spin on this deal over exaggerate it on the second blood drug test it was for pain

Killer is for the injured leg that’s all in the maker to over-exaggerate on everything and that was wrong to what it did to end in system was named they literally destroyed that man’s name now with jsp retired she did on the right time because he knew what was going on fire an innocent silver goes she should have retired long time ago to avoid all this mess but no

He want to stay there just to make the extra money it’s foolishness when he did on his part and then what happened is that you see when you’re like i said when you’re black and you’re good and you never had a failure and a steroid test before and you lose that title to something like a white guy in this country there to make sure you have a hard time getting that

Title back if you had that time for very very very long time now i justjust and it’s a silver to get a good lawyer and i could just dana white not to be slack full on this mess because dana white usually don’t help out his fighters when they get in trouble he just used to tell me let them handle it no let me know innocent listen if you listen to this on anybody

Knows innocent silver you handle this get a good lawyer and clean it up clean up your name and i suggest you go to that facility that jp j ps joy st. pierre gsp i’m well i’m at the same sorry gsp go to the facility that gsp goes to to get a blood drug testing before your match for now on they seem to do a better job at it so like i said you get a lawyer clear out

Your name dana your company is on the line you better fix this now because it looks very bad now i don’t know we’re going going on and dana white’s head but he needs to clear this up because something’s wrong now like i said the second drug test i don’t believe it’s legit it’s a pain killer man come on like i said if he i took that painkiller during a match ideas

He would have been dizzy confusion had confusion tiredness and sleepiness and like i said before you do a fight match the ufc have their own physical facility they will see if you pass a test to see are you able to fight if he wasn’t able to fight then dana white wouldn’t put on the ufc draw card but like i said they’re dipa type of steroids and not all can enhance

Strength so they over doin esto steroid thing with innocent silverdome because this is not right he needs to get a lawyer and that’s my recommendation to him aspirin is light man whether he knows or not um hope this man gets claire and for now on be careful what you put in your body just be careful and actually doctor what’s in that agree dient for now on is be

Natural this to all fighter just be natural that’s all shalom

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The Jewish khazars White men conspired and orchestrated Anderson Silva to fail his second drug test By What they don’t tell you ?